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Slides granada meeting may 14 2012


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Gruntvig granada meeting may 14 2012

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Slides granada meeting may 14 2012

  1. 1. Grundtvig projectIntegration of senior Europeansthrough fostering of family traditionsGranada meeting - May 14-15th, 2012CENTRO EUROPEO DE LAS MUJERES “MARIANA DE PINEDA”
  2. 2. How to became a MA K E Rwithout go bankrupt !
  3. 3. Out There, there are a lot of low-cost makers
  4. 4. So, you must bea high-cost maker Sutor Mantellassi: stivaletto stringato in coccodrillo intero (4.875 euro)
  5. 5. Out there...there area lot ofthrowawaymass-productionobjects
  6. 6. So, you mustproduce durable and unique objectsHang Drum
  7. 7. In 2006 the Hang Makers stopped shippinginstruments directly and halted sales throughretailers.To obtain a Hang, prospective customers mustsend a letter to request an instrument.In 2007, purchasers were invited to Bern with anappointment time to select an instrument.Since the demand continues to exceed the smallproduction, one must mail or fax a letter to PANArtdirectly.It is NOT possible to obtain a Hang via e-mailrequest or visiting them without their invitation!
  8. 8. Out there...there are a lotof usefulbut uglyobjects
  9. 9. So, you must produce aesthetic value Pleat Box has come about through the first-ever collaboration between Xavier Mañosa, a master ceramicist from Barcelona, and the Mashallah design studio in Berlin with Marset. The idea behind the Pleat Box is that of a sophisticated combination between a digitally-designed crease in a piece of cloth, the silhouette of which is applied to a ceramic base. Examples:
  10. 10. 100.000 objectsper year worth€1,00 each? NO YES (ideally...) 1 object per year worth €100.00,00
  11. 11. Examples:
  12. 12. Examples: Foscarini has managed to develop its collection of models with a strong personality, the fruit of coherence between design and production. Its partnership with grand masters and young talents from the international design circuit, with different types of professional experience and creativity, the central nature of the project and the company’s flexibility, have led to original products that are dictated each time by the features of each single design.
  13. 13. We set out to do, things tocollect, which are good in abroad sense, namely,according to traditionalstandards of labor-intensivemanufactured and thereforesolid and functional, of their function designed to suitthe material and therefore beautiful, from traditional materials(metal, glass, wood, etc.) produced, durable and repairable andtherefore environmentally friendly
  14. 14. Rigth priorities (TO BECAME A MAKER)know yourself (motivation + competence)through apprenticeship...studying is not enough(oh, you must find out a MASTER not a goat)Learn to sellLearn to makeLearn to understand a balance sheetThen TH E ENDHire a worhshopBuy the equipmentBuy raw materialTry to sell your stuff Wrong priorities Hire a worhshopread this: Buy the equipmentPorter M.E., Competitive Advantage:creating and sustaining superior Buy raw materialPerformance, The Free Press, New Learn to make thingsYork, 1985 Try to sell them