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Portfolio - 2008


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This is my portfolio of past work, conceptual projects and freelance design. Updated January 2008.

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Portfolio - 2008

  1. 1. portfolio.indd 1 1/29/08 1:16:00 AM
  2. 2. This project tested my ability to brand my concept as well as design it. I created a space that acted as a gallery and as an oxygen bar. While you were hooked up to oxygen, you could fully “absorb” the digitally-projected art. This innovative space was designed for the Church Street Community Centre named , “405 Church” . For furniture choices, I wanted to be sure to include orb-like furniture, so I featured designs from Eero Aarnio’s work and feature Keith Haring, an important artist to the Gay community. portfolio.indd 2 1/29/08 1:16:06 AM
  3. 3. 405church st. This was a group project I worked on to come up with a community center for the Gay and Lesbian Community, here in Toronto. In a team, we created a centre that housed a variety of This retail design project is devised based on the 405 retail outlets. The centre Church Street Multi-Cultural Centre. It has a lively and boasted a recycling flexible interior street with kiosk vendors and temporary depot, pet-specific performance space. The centre has a high-end clothing considerations and tons boutique, a café and restaurant, spa, home decor store of outdoor lounging and children’s apparel retailer. This is a unique centre, abs space. within an even more distinctly artistic community, so it is My specialization was an only fitting that the centre’s gallery space illustrate this. Oxygen Bar turned Art Gallery. oxygen gallery portfolio.indd 3 1/29/08 1:16:24 AM
  4. 4. This is a concept for an office plan I was designing while on exchange in Hong Kong. I chose to incorporate shipping containers into my design and literally “crash” them into the existing glass facade. I chose shipping containers, to honour the importance of the shipping industry in Hong Kong and how many containers occupy their ports. I designed a live-work scenario to have people not work from home, but live at work. Each employee would occupy a container as their apartment and then use the public shared areas for the rest of their activities. portfolio.indd 4 1/29/08 1:17:16 AM
  5. 5. These are the cad plans and sections for a corporate office in Hong Kong. Hong Kong, having the densest living in the world, I wanted to focus on opening up space and really allowing employees to enjoy their work atmosphere and be able to incorporate exercise and socializing into their workday. This concept is futuristic, in the sense that society is not quite ready to “live” at their places of work but, soon, this may be the reality. This concept also saves energy in that the space is being lit and heated for people to occupy 24 hours a day. portfolio.indd 5 1/29/08 1:17:23 AM
  6. 6. Jacques Helleu: L’oeil de CHANEL for over a decade Gilles Bensimon: from divorce to a questionable ELLE WIN A D I G I TA L S L R C a n o n E O S -1 D s M a r k I I beyond the images...what is the real stor y? beyond the images...what is the real stor y? beyond the images...what is the real stor y? the point. the point. the point. by gettyimages© by gettyimages © by gettyimages © ANGELO CAVALLI LIFE ADJUSTS TO IN BURMA: BAGAN the surrealist photography of MONASTERIES These are three magazine Matthias Clamer covers I designed for a ficti- tious monthly edition maga- zine. called “the point” The . BYRAN MULLINIX concept was to get photog- chows down raphers talking about their motivations and inspirations for their photography. kristin kreuk Pabo refugee Camp ‘Just because I don’t do bad Suspending Beauty’s ‘t wo million people in Uganda have been things, doesn’t mean I don’t Disbelief displaced and are living in ex treme poverty, have bad thoughts’ with the situation continuing to worsen’ “A photograph does not speak” photographed by w. toda photographed by Marco Di Lauro images by Eryk Fitkau april06 may06 US $ 11.85 £ 6.35 US $ 11.85 £ 6.35 US $ 11.85 £ 6.35 portfolio.indd 6 1/29/08 1:17:36 AM
  7. 7. This is a reflected ceiling plan for an office building level. I researched extensively to solve lighting capacities and convenient switch locations for users. Ceiling solutions were also customized to suit each section of the office. I specified luminaires and bulbs for aesthetic and for functionality. portfolio.indd 7 1/29/08 1:17:51 AM
  8. 8. This is a book cover re- design that I did for the book “he’s just not that into you” I chose to dull down . the glitz of the original book and make the message even clearer for women who were in need for this advice! portfolio.indd 8 1/29/08 1:17:57 AM
  9. 9. These are layouts I have created for the Ryerson School of Interior Design Student Council. These designs were printed and used for school promotion and fund raising. portfolio.indd 9 1/29/08 1:18:51 AM
  10. 10. casalife 1/15/07 3:20:48 PM C M Y CM MY CY CMY K This was a graphic and conceptual project, planning and styling an exhibit booth for a furniture company looking to educate shoppers about design. The booth was the winner of the “best exhibitor booth” at the Metro Home Show in Toronto, January 2006. portfolio.indd 10 1/29/08 1:19:10 AM
  11. 11. This was a project of branding and company universityresearch g r r esearch roup ese rc hgro r chg c hgrou h hgroup hg image. I was approached to improve the logo and overall look of the company for a young research and consulting firm. The University Research Group’s researchgroup esearchgr oup rchgr universityresearchgroup former logo and brand image did not reflect their enthusiasm and professionalism for their work. I wanted to achieve rc rc h g r a graphic that would help universityresearchgroup potential clients trust this up and coming company. universityresearchg r researchgroup esear c h grou r ch g hgroup hgro portfolio.indd 11 1/29/08 1:19:24 AM
  12. 12. FINANCIAL SECTION DEAR STOCKHOLDERS, In this Annual Report, a comprehensive strategic review has been written by our Chief Executive Officer,William Lauder. I am personally very pleased with the growth strategy that he has outlined for our Company. There is little that I can add to his plan,which is well under way as you read this. My goal is to call attention to a few global trends and market forces that offer context and per- spective to this excellent plan. In the past 12 months, I have visited over 15 markets throughout the world, all of which are in various stages of development.The most compelling trend I see is the power of our brands in all countries, from the most mature and well-developed to those that are just emerging. For exam- ple: M.A.C has just launched with great success in both China and India; Crème de la Mer has gotten off to a wonderful start in China; Estée Lauder is about to launch in Vietnam, following a successful Clinique launch in that same market; Jo Malone is a great success in Australia, and Aveda has celebrated its first anniversary in Japan. Travel has become the number one consumer luxury in the world. Hundreds of millions of travel- ers now swarm through the world’s newly constructed airline terminals, as well as cruise ships, and resorts. The Estée Lauder Companies is brilliantly positioned to sell our products to those travelers, no matter where they are.Our Travel Retail Division creates products strictly for this channel, which provides a source of growth for us as well as a potent way for consumers to sample our products. I am also seeing the growing importance of “showcase markets”,where both local consumers 2005 and visitors are flooding the stores. Hong Kong expects 12 million visitors from Mainland China, and Macau will be close behind with 10 million visitors.Dubai,where there are counters in all of the major stores as well as in the international airport, anticipates 21 million visitors in 2006 from Europe, the Middle East and India. Even Las Vegas, which continues to grow dramatically, will receive an estimated 41 million visitors from throughout the world. Our Company is using these showcase markets not only for sales and profit generation, but as windows to a new and eager consumer base.The strategies that William Lauder has outlined, coupled with the few trends that I have just mentioned, should provide growth well into the next decade. LETTER FROM THE CHAIRMAN LEONARD A. LAUDER 2 58 FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS 02 CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE 06 C.E.O.’S MESSAGE 08 CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER’S REVIEW 34 BOARD OF DIRECTORS TH 35 OFFICERS ROW 36 FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS ES G AL 38 OPERATION OVERVIEW DS 41 CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS PTE CONTENTS RRU OF EARNINGS NTE 46 MANAGEMENT’S DISCUSSION NI AND ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL FU EO This was a financial report CONDITION AND RESULTS OF TA G OPERATIONS ERI AH 56 SELECTED FINANCIAL DATA created for MAC cosmetics SECTION 57 CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF STOCKHOLDERS EQUITY AND as a publication project. COMPREHENSIVE INCOME 58 CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF CASH FLOWS It was challenging to 59 NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 84 MANAGEMENT’S REPORT ON incorporate financial data INTERNAL CONTROL OVER FINANCIAL REPORTING 85 REPORT OF INDEPENDANT 1972 2005 1985 1991 1953 along with the creativity of REGISTERED PUBLIC $100 MILLION $ 6.3 BILLION $ 1 BILLION $ 2 BILLION ACCOUNTANTING FIRM ON INTERNAL CONTROL OVER the company and strong sex FINANCIAL REPORTING 86 REPORT OF INDEPENDANT REGISTERED PUBLIC appeal to their brand image. ACCOUNTING FIRM 39 87 STOCKHOLDER INFORMATION 36 OPERATIONS OVERVIEW continues to be the brand of choice among professional makeup artists. The brand’s artists worked behind the scenes at more than 125 fashion shows in NewYork, London and Milan.” Flawless...protect...optics...translucence...ageless...perfect... are all words that describe the modern role of foundations today as they evolve from products that simply cover to products that provide dual benefits. Clinique’s Perfectly Real foundation has gained loyalty around the world for its skin-matching and balancing technologies,while Prescriptives Custom Blend offers women a perfect match for skin tones. Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup delivers long-lasting wear SELECTED FINANCIAL DATA to women, joining the Estée Lauder brand’s leading collection of nine winning foundations. Clinique continues to maintain its ranking as a worldwide leader in foundation, holding the number-one ranking at European and United States prestige cosmetic counters. Mascaras excelled in the lash-building category this year. Clinique’s High Impact Mascara, Estée Lauder’s Lash XL,M.A.C’s Zoom Lash, Bobbi Brown’s Everything Mascara, Big Flirt Thickening Mascara from Flirt! and Prescriptives’ Beyond Long Maximum Length Mascara all contributed to the Company’s continued leadership in this important category. Lip gloss outshone all other lip categories this year as stila’s Lip Glaze and IT Gloss won favor among young, stylish 19 Hollywood trendsetters for their high-shine shimmer.M.A.C’s Lipglass continues to be the number-one seller for the brand 56 globally. Clinique launched Colour Surge ImpossiblyGlossy in U.S. department stores as it met the desire for high shine, sheer 40 finish from Generations X and Y. portfolio.indd 12 1/29/08 1:19:53 AM
  13. 13. This is a condo dwelling unit for a young urban dweller craving the outdoors and valuing his privacy. This user is unique because he wanted an adaptable space to suit his changing needs, while making the best use of a seemingly awkward floor plan. portfolio.indd 13 1/29/08 1:20:06 AM
  14. 14. These photos and drawings are from various accounts while I designed kitchens for an Italian kitchen manufacturer , Valcucine. With showrooms in Ottawa and Toronto, I gained experience quickly. portfolio.indd 14 1/29/08 1:20:10 AM
  15. 15. portfolio.indd 15 1/29/08 1:20:19 AM
  16. 16. These are drawings and sketches for the lobby of a Northern Ontario hotel complex. Our concept was to breathe life back into to tired city dwellers and give them a fresh look at Canada’s beautiful wilderness. In my design, I have designed the experience so that the user would park underneath the actual building and climb into the center of the space to fully take in their first view of the landscape. portfolio.indd 16 1/29/08 1:20:31 AM
  17. 17. This was “an innovative retail application” for the underground sidewalk system in Toronto. In doing my research, I realized how much I had to go to the toilet... but there were not many public washrooms in good condition. I then decided to invent an-under escalator application of a stainless steel, self-cleaning pod for users to go pee. The Pee-Pod. portfolio.indd 17 1/29/08 1:20:39 AM
  18. 18. This was a corporate office project set in Tokyo, Japan. To tie in with Japanese culture I wanted to incorporate elements of water and relaxation through the space. The clients were an advertising agency who have a “schmooze” quality about them. portfolio.indd 18 1/29/08 1:20:47 AM
  19. 19. This was a corporate office project set in Tokyo, Japan. To tie in with Japanese culture I wanted to incorporate elements of water and relaxation through the space. The clients were an advertising agency who have a “schmooze” quality about them. portfolio.indd 19 1/29/08 1:20:55 AM
  20. 20. This project was to deconstruct a famous existing building and then re-construct the geometric parts into a structure to exude a mood characteristic. I concentrated on “depressive” and built a suicidal home for my French dwellers. “We’ve got a jumper!” portfolio.indd 20 1/29/08 1:21:06 AM
  21. 21. This project was to deconstruct a famous existing building and then re-construct the geometric parts into a structure to exude a mood characteristic. I concentrated on “depressive” and built a suicidal home for my French dwellers. “We’ve got a jumper!” portfolio.indd 21 1/29/08 1:21:14 AM
  22. 22. This was a furniture design project to create a transformable and transportable table. I designed a table that could be ideal for laptop and storage use. The table was crafted from Baltic birch plywood and was finished with a wood stain and semi- gloss varathane. portfolio.indd 22 1/29/08 1:22:58 AM
  23. 23. This is technical CAD drawing of a stairwell at my university and 3D renderings to further illustrate them. portfolio.indd 23 1/29/08 1:23:12 AM
  24. 24. I designed and crafted salad servers using a gun’s grip as inspiration. I used bass wood and avocado oil to treat the final product. portfolio.indd 24 1/29/08 1:23:30 AM
  25. 25. These are figure sketches I drew while at the Ottawa School of Art. Sketching with a live model was an incredible and valuable experience. portfolio.indd 25 1/29/08 1:24:00 AM
  26. 26. These are pencil and oil pastel drawings that I experimented with while at the Ottawa School of Art. portfolio.indd 26 1/29/08 1:24:16 AM
  27. 27. This is a concept sketch for a “storefront display” for the Ryerson School of Interior Design. My concept was a tunnel of glass to “capture” the viewers or passerby’s into the exhibit. portfolio.indd 27 1/29/08 1:24:41 AM
  28. 28. These are pencil sketches of “trash” were to inspire a later structural design. By drawing sections of known objects, I became inspired by new shapes. portfolio.indd 28 1/29/08 1:25:19 AM
  29. 29. This was an exercise to demonstrate creativity with cardboard attempting to achieve texture. 6 different textures were achieved manipulating corrugated cardboard. portfolio.indd 29 1/29/08 1:25:47 AM
  30. 30. it’s all about the journey This was a concept project for a wellness-space. I chose to design a yoga and mediattion centre that an expe riential journey sauca strived to bring a sanctuary to of new experiences to busy Torontonians. Practising yoga while on a sloped stone floor with salt water cascading down, finding balance through a sandy footing or even mediating in your own sunlight pod. I explored how a busy Bay street person finds balance. r ne BIN sig O de ILY R EM portfolio.indd 30 1/29/08 1:26:09 AM
  31. 31. TAKE ACTION! academy I designed and donated this t-shirt design to Free the Children and their Leaders Today program. The t-shirt was printed on organic cotton and bamboo blend by their Me to We style in-house brand and worn by hundreds of children involved with the non-for- profit organization. portfolio.indd 31 1/29/08 1:26:33 AM
  32. 32. This was my final project for my undergraduate degree, I studied how students learn in rural China. I was inspired by the work of Free the Children and the schools they build from Canadian donations. Can design stretch an international school build with a small budget to a really valuable hub of a farming village? Can design shape a learning experience? portfolio.indd 32 1/29/08 1:26:41 AM
  33. 33. This was my final project for my undergraduate degree, I studied how students learn in rural China. Can we/should we build learning labs for rice paddy agriculture? Can we build learning centres for international awareness and furthering creativity? y coi n nit co m m u he k research boo t t a design study exploring rural Chinese village-schools Emily Robin 031033335 IRN 800 Final Project portfolio.indd 33 1/29/08 1:26:47 AM
  34. 34. This is a technical drawing set for a condo design. portfolio.indd 34 1/29/08 1:26:56 AM
  35. 35. This is a technical drawing set for a condo design. portfolio.indd 35 1/29/08 1:26:59 AM
  36. 36. 1. Allow events to change you BMD designs are a collaboration of An incomplete Manifesto for 2. Forget about good. ideas through a number of mediums Growth – statements that 3. Process is more important than outcome. exemplify Bruce Mau’s beliefs, such as identity/branding, print, 4. Love your experiments motivations and strategies. It 5. Go deep. signage, graphics, exhibitions, research, also articulates how the BMD 6. Capture accidents. programming and product design. studio works. 7. Study. Drift. Clients come to BMD with ambitions 8. Begin anywhere that the firm can build on and BMD 9. Everyone is a leader. 10. Harvest ideas. approaches these collaborations not 11. Keep moving. Slow down. as accounts, but as ongoing projects. 12. Ask stupid questions. 13. Collaborate. Bruce Mau attended OCAD but did not finish, 14. Avoid software. he has honorary degrees and doctorates in 15. Don’t clean your desk. from various academic institutions. His staff are 16. Think wit your mind. Forget technology. great “thinkers” from all different backgrounds, 17. Make mistakes faster. all ready to tackle the various scopes of proj- 18. Break it, stretch it, bend it, crush it, crack it, fold it. ects Bruce Mau Design advertises. This was an investigative 19. Coffee breaks, cab rides, green rooms. The Bruce Mau napkin sketch that started the Massive Change ring 20. Power to the people. project, mpa report based on these rt co ethos expertise Bruce Mau Design repoBruce Mau Design design houses’ websites. Bruce Mau Design e gativ Both companies are i vest SMC ALSOP SMC ALSOP an in design businesses I SMC ALSOP SMC Alsop is a leading European fiercely admire as their “Healthy irreverence” architectural,master planning,urban design “…It is about the process and could be unfashionable and and multimedia practice. The Group’s core love for design and unpredictable” strategy has been to create an architectural “…architecture of delight & enjoyment” group with the scale and expertise to access value of fun is evident in the most interesting and exciting schemes “to create an architectural group with the scale and expertise all of their works. across a range of sectors and geographical to access the most interesting and exciting schemes across a locations. range of sectors and geographical locations.” Alsop studied at the Architectural Association School of Architecture and set up a practice (Alsop “The Company is committed to architecture of delight & Lyall) with fellow student John Lyall in Ham- mersmith in 1981, subsequently renamed Alsop & and enjoyment, reached through a process that involves Stormer in 1991. Alsop and Stormer divided into the building users, the client and the local community. separate practices in 2000, Alsop forming Alsop Community involvement is seen as a vital ingredient in the ide-management Architects. design process.” Professor Greg Woods SMC Alsop’s buildings are known for their bold and often dramatic incorporation of art. emily robin raubyn rothschild lisa ho investigativereport.indd 5 3/14/07 10:00:06 PM investigativereport.indd 2 3/14/07 9:58:42 PM investigativereport.indd 1 2/1/07 2:10:03 AM portfolio.indd 36 1/29/08 1:27:09 AM
  37. 37. This was a t-shirt design I created for the School of Interior Design Spring T-shirt contest. I felt it was important to highlight that we are a “degree program” of Interior Design and that we are earning our Bachelor, even if few people recognize it. A panel of judges awarded me the winning design and it will start production of it over the next month. portfolio.indd 37 1/29/08 1:27:15 AM