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An In-Depth look at Pinterest

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  1. 1. An In-Depth Look
  2. 2. What is Pinterest?• “A virtual pinboard where people share and collect the things they love.” – Pinterest creators• Social media site built on the idea of sharing images and content• Images = Pins• Virtual Bulletin Board= Pinboard• Friends = Followers• Pinterest lingo: Pinning-verb; Pinteresting & Pintastic-adjectives
  3. 3. Key Facts & Stats• User base grew from 1.6 million visitors in September 2011 to 11.1 million visitors in February 2012.• Became the fastest site to reach 10 million users.• In February 2012 , it was announced that Pinterest drives more traffic to retail sites than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined, and Pinterest drives more traffic to blogs than Twitter.• When it comes to engagement, Pinterest is second only to Facebook — its users spend, on average, 89 minutes per month on the social network. > + +
  4. 4. Best Practices
  5. 5. Pinterest Humor
  6. 6. Best Practices for Brands• Avoid Self-Promotion: Sell your culture and people, not just your products.• Cater to the demographic: majority of users are women.• Publicize your presence: Add the Pinterest button to its websites.• Crowdsource: Ask fans to take pictures of themselves with your product and tag you.• Engage with users: welcoming and encouraging comments builds brand engagement• Use Keywords and Hashtags: Generates the likelihood of receiving more views
  7. 7. Best Brand Use of PinterestEach of these brands have embraced the culture and bestpractices to succeed on the image-sharing site.
  8. 8. Best Brand Use of Pinterest Cont’d• Pinterest gave a shout out to The Travel Channel for making use of the interplay between Pinterest and other social media sites. – The Travel Channel reached out to its Facebook Fans by asking them what pinboards it should create.• Bergdorf Goodman also earned a mention from Pinterest. – The department store asked Facebook fans to complete the sentence "In the morning I never forget…" and then displayed the responses on a company pinboard.
  9. 9. Measuring ROI• PinPuff: measures a user’s pinfluence aka the relative measure of your popularity, influence, activity, reach (& celebrity levels if applicable) on Pinterest on the scale of 100.• PinReach: working to empower people and brands with the tools necessary to monitor trends, understand activity, and gauge impact, easily.
  10. 10. Pinterest & Public Relations• Reputation management: PR professionals can create boards dedicated to the brands’ philanthropy and corporate responsibility.• 2-way Communication: Pinterest allows PR professionals to communicate with their audience through comments, likes & repins.• Spotting Trends: Browse Pinterest’s most popular pins to see what images resonate with the most people and use this information to craft similar pins for their brand.
  11. 11. My Analysis• I’ve discussed the background of Pinterest, its popularity, best practices for businesses with examples, ways to measure ROI, and how it helps public relations efforts.• After thorough research, my assessment of Pinterest is that it is a successful social media platform and it is innovative in design and sharing capabilities.• Pinterest is a great tool for businesses to employ and I’m a loyal user myself.
  12. 12. Additional Sources• 26 tips for using Pinterest for Business• Pinterest-Whats the role for businesses• Pinterest for small businesses• 5 Brands engaging like pros on Pinterest• Which brands are winning on Pinterest• Pin Puff• Pin Reach