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all as it is done at St Soldier Management and Technical institute

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Ne Wletter Ssmti

  1. 1. St. Soldier Management & Technical Institute,Jalandhar (Approved by AICTE,New Delhi and Affiliated to Punjab Technical University,Jalandhar)Issue #1 NEWSLETTER Jan 2011 PROFILE educationist. St. Soldier Mgmt & Tech. Instt. is situated St. Soldier Educational Society (REGD). in the heart of Jalandhar city with all theSt. Soldier Educational Society has its roots long available modern facilities. The institute isback to the year 1958, when esteemed running MBA, MCA,BBA,BCA,B.Sc. (FT,MEFT,MLT) Courses. Our First BatchSmt.Shanta Chopra, the President of the Society, of MCA Passed out in May 2005 and Maystarted a small school in one room with one 2004 respectively securing all Firstteacher. With her continuous persuasion & divisions and in subsequent batches thereinspiration, St. Soldier Education Society was are more than 80% First divisions as wellconstituted, which started four schools in the year as University positions1996. Now, St. Soldier Educational Society is a SEMINARSvery large educational organization. This societyhas established 26 schools and 18 colleges within In the recent session many knowledgeable seminars were organized by St Soldiera span of 13 years. This Educational Society has Management and Technical Institute,developed into a pioneer educational group in the Jalandhar. Various renowned personalitiesname and style of St. Soldier Group of from various reputed institutes shared theirInstitutions, under the leadership of its worthy valuable view points and enriched theChairman Mr. Anil Chopra. St. Soldier Group of studentsInstitutions is flourishing with leaps and bounds On 18-Aug-10 a presentation was given byunder the able guidance and administration of its Mr Vishwas Kshirsagar <Regional Headrespected Vice-Chairperson Mrs. Sangeeta NIIT> on the topic IT,YOU ANDChopra. This Educational Group tends to imbibe its students the value of self- discipline,decision making, cultural closeness along with On 13-Sep-10 a presentation was given bymoral and ethical values. Mr Harinder Singh <Head JCI Phagwara> on the topic of Social responsibility ofAbout the Institute::The foundation stone of students toward society.St. Soldier Management & Technical Institutewas laid by honorable justice S.P. Kurdukar.Judge of Supreme Court of India on 3 rd October,1998 .It started its working in 1999 under the able andexcellent guidance of Mr. Anil Chopra, Chairmanof St. Soldier educational Society – gifted withrare administrative skills, matchless organizingability and extraordinary brilliance and Dr. (RetdCol) R.K. Khanna- a capable & eminent
  2. 2. On 24-Sep-10 Fiscal Conclave was conducted in On 21-Sep-10 a written objective test waswhich we aim to bring together professionals conducted by NIIT with a motive tofrom various banks and students to discuss the provide scholarships to the students ofrecent trends and emerging issues in the industry. MBA , BBA, BCA,MCA. On 23-Sep-10 an Inter-house Quiz competition was conducted in which students from all the four houses (red,blue,green,yellow) participated. Team of green house stood first while blue house was runner up team. On 5-Oct-10 an Inter-house essay writing competition was conducted among the students of MBA,MCA,BBA,BCA. Students of yellow house stood first while blue house stood second in the competition. Respected Principal Dr Sanjay BahlOn 23-Nov-10 DUCAT visited the college congratulated the winners and presentedcampus and conducted a training workshop on them the winning certificates.PHP & VLSI. On 14-Oct-10 an Inter college Ad madIn a recent FDP (Faculty Development Program) show and Business Plan competition wason the topic “Managing Effectiveness of held at Baba Bhag Singh Management andManagement Educators” by PTU at Jalandhar Technical Institute. A team of 5 students offrom 15-Nov-10 to 19-Nov-10 a team of SSMTI participated in this show andSt.Soldier Management and Technical Institutes brought laurels to the institute.faculty members Ms. Esha Bhalla and Mr.Amrinder Singh participated. Presentations were On 25-Nov-10 an inter-house debategiven by many renowned scholars from all over competition was held in which variousIndia. students from different courses participated. Aarif (MBA III) and Satinderpal (MBA-III) stood first while Tasneef (MBA-III) and Sharanjeet (MBA-III) stood second in the competition. Respected Principal Dr Sanjay Bahl congratulated the winning students and presented medals to the winners. “Successful people dont plan results,they plan beginning and COMPETITIONS right results always follow right beginning ”So have a right beginning”Various competitions were conducted in SSMTIfor the betterment and enhancement of theirstudents.
  3. 3. SPORTS in the college campus among the staff andSt. Soldier Management & Technical students. On this occasion honorable ChiefInstitute,Jalandhar had organized many sports Guest Sh. B M Saxena , Principal in this recent semester. Sanjay Bahl felicitated the students and encouraged them to adapt the path ofOn 18-Sep-10 an Inter house badminton patriotism and bring glory to their country.competition was held among four houses. Manystudents participated in this competition. Teamblue had won the competition. On this occasionhonorable Managing Director Sr. Anoop SinghMultani and Principal Dr.Sanjay Bahlcongratulated the winning team.On 9-Oct-10 an Inter college football competitionwas held in Baba Bhagh Singh Management andTechnical Institute. A team of five students ofSSMTI participated in the competition andbrought laurels to the Institute.On 20-Oct-10 the PTU Selection trials for AllIndia Inter University Athletic Meet 2011 wasorganized by SSMTI in Govt. Sports college On 7-Aug-10 a grand Talent hunt wasJalandhar. Selections were conducted for various organized in the campus. Students from allevents. Total 13 sports-persons from different the courses participated in the show withcolleges of PTU were selected for All India Inter full enthusiasm which made this event aUniversity Athletic Meet 2011 to be held in grand success.Acharya Nagarjuna University, Gunture. “You dont have to fear defeat if you believe it may reveal powers that you didnt know you possessed” “You cannot be a leader and ask other people to follow you unless you know how to follow,too” ENTERTAINMENT On 25-Sep-10 Daughters day wasIn the recent session St Soldier Management and celebrated in the college campus. On thisTechnical Institute had organized various occasion our Honorable vice chairpersonentertainment shows in the college campus Mrs Sangeeta chopra and respected Chiefwhich were the limelights of the whole semester. guest Dr Tajinder Kaur (Dean RegionalSuch entertainment activities has brought an air college GNDU) felicitated the femaleof re-freshness in the campus. student who brought glory to the institute.On 13-Aug-10 Independence Day was celebrated
  4. 4. INDUSTRIAL VISITS ADVENTURE TRIPIn the recent semester St Soldier Management St Soldier Management and Technicaland Technical Institute had organized industrial Institute had organized an Adventure trip tovisits to various reputed companies like Punjab Sanasar from 25-Oct-10 to 4-Nov-10.AKesari, DUCAT, CETEPA,CMC Ltd. These team of 22 students headed by our facultyIndustrial trips were organized to enhance the members Mr Sandeep and Mr Amrinderexposure of the students for their up comingprofessional career. PLACEMENT CORNERSt Soldier Management and Technical Institutehad organized many placement drives in the went for this camp. Students hadcampus for students of MBA,MCA,BBA,BCA. experienced various adventurous activitiesMany reputed companies like World Tele Net in the camp like tracking, rappelling and(India) Pvt Ltd, IBM Daksh visited the campus mount climbing.for the placement of students. An ample numberof students got placed in these placement driveswhich speaks of the high quality knowledgedelivery system and commitment of themanagement for all round development of the “You are born without anything but youstudents. die with your name so that name must not be a word only,it must be a History” “The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people,but real management is developing people through work” St. Soldier Management & Technical Institute Master Gurbanta Singh Marg Kapurthala Road Jalandhar Ph. No. :0181-2470250 Fax : 0181-5054438 Web-site : E-mail: