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Ill manors production, distribution, exhibition

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Ill manors production, distribution, exhibition

  1. 1. Production. Distribution, Exhibition ILL MANORSBased on research done by Year 12 Media Studies students.
  2. 2. ILL MANORS The genre is a British crime drama film.It was written and directed by Ben Drew, also known as artist Plan B.Stars Rik Ahmed and Natalie Press, who are relatively unknown stars.The film focuses on eight core characters, and their circles of violence, as they struggle to survive on the streets. Each story weaves into one another, painting an ultra-realistic gritty picture of the world which is on the brink of self-destruction. Each story is also represented by a different rap song.
  3. 3. The production company for Ill Manors The main production company for the film ‘Ill Manors’ was BBC Films. The company has existed for13 years.It produces or co-produces British films and other films such as Streetdance 3, Fish Tank, Match Point and An Education. The average budget for films funded through BBCFilms is around £4 Million per film. BBC films make films in different genres from dance to romance.
  4. 4. Production: Funding• The script for Ill Manors was partly based on actual events and stories Drew heard when he was young, such as a woman prostituting herself in order to repay a drug dealer.• The film had been in development for three years prior to filming, however Drew struggled to secure finance for his film.• Ill Manors was greenlit for production in 2009 as part of the Film London Microwave scheme.
  5. 5. FILM LONDON MICROWAVE• Microwave is Film London’s micro-budget feature film-making scheme.• Aimed at commissioning the next generation of film- making talent in the capital, Microwave has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2006.• In partnership with BBC Films and supported by Skillset, the UK Film Council (check as disbanded 2011) and the Mayor of London, this unique training- through-production scheme offers fledgling talent an avenue into feature production.
  6. 6. FILM LONDON MICROWAVE• So far, seven films have been completed through Film London Microwave with all of them achieving theatrical distribution in the UK.• The films have they made are ‘Mum and Dad’, ‘Shifty’, ‘Freestyle’, ‘The British Guide to showing off’, ‘Strawberry Fields’, ‘Ill Manors’ and ‘Borrowed Time’• A further four films are currently in development to shoot 2013/2014.
  7. 7. Production• The production budget was £100,000• The locations the film used were Forest Gate and Manor Park London, East London.• The director was Ben Drew aka Plan B• Plan B wrote the music for the soundtrack, which serves as a narration for the film, and was released as a CD.
  8. 8. Production• Filming began September 2010 at 3 Mills Studios, London and filming lasted for four weeks on location in London, England.• Editing of the film began in December 2010, however post-production of the film was delayed due to Plan B performing.
  9. 9. Pressure to raise finance• In order to raise funds for the completion of the films post-production, the distribution rights to Ill Manors were sold to Revolver Entertainment in April 2011.• BBC Films did not have the benefit of vertical integration like Sony and financing was a pressure.
  10. 10. How was the film advertised?• Posters were first advertised on 8 May. Then it was advertised in Empire magazine’s website. Following this there was the premier.• There where around 8 different posters for the film.• The trailer was released May 2012:
  11. 11. Distribution• The premiere was on the 30th May 2012. In London, Leicester square.• This screening was also attended by several British recording artists such as Alesha Dixon, Alexandra Burke, Professor Green, Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32, Example and Ed Sheeran.• Reviews and interviews:••
  12. 12. Exhibition• The film was given a wide release to 191 cinemas in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland by Revolver Entertainment on 6 June 2012.• Ill Manors was released in the Netherlands on 30 August 2012 and was also screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Festival do Rio in September 2012.• Ill Manors was released on DVD on October 8, 2012, and will contain footage that was not broadcast at cinemas.
  13. 13. CD’s MerchandiseRelease: 23/07/2012 DVD’s Blu-Ray DVD:Sold: 37,455 copies Release: Release: October 8th 2012 October 8th 2012 Caspa remix of Single.
  14. 14. Distribution digitally: Internet Campaigns• Plan B’s album release of Ill Manors used multiple interesting digital marketing techniques.• The campaign combines both traditional and digital media and was kicked off by the release of a ‘tweet-to-unlock’ campaign that was promoted via digital media and physical posters than included the hashtag #illmanorsalbum.
  15. 15. Distribution:Advertising• ALL YOUTH MARKETS WERE TARGETTED........• Radio: On BBC Radio 1Xtra, 1& 2.• TV advertisement: Channel 4 & E4.• Youtube - Urban English music videos e.g. SB.TV• PLUS• Newspapers: The Telegraph & The Guardian
  16. 16. Exhibition: how well did it do at the box office?• It made 2 and a half times its budget in the opening weekend in the UK: £256,288 at box office compared to £100,000 budget• The UK total Box office sales were 453,570. (4 and a half times its budget)
  17. 17. Exhibition• Relative to its budget, Ill Manors has made more far.• By 8 Nov, 2 weeks after its release, Skyfall has only made 3 times its budget, bringing in $500 million dollars worldwide -its budget was $150-$200M. But thats only a few weeks after Skyfall’s release.• These figures don’t take account of DVD and Blue Ray sales.

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