The distribution of ill manors


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The distribution of ill manors

  1. 1. Distribution campaign Ill Manors
  2. 2. Ancillary markets• It was released on DVD, Blu- Ray, Download and On-Demand from Monday 8th October 2012.
  3. 3. The CD• Plan B‟s album release of iLL Manors used multiple interesting digital marketing techniques. The campaign combines both traditional and digital media and was kicked off by the release of a tweet-to-unlock campaign that was promoted via digital media and physical posters than included the hashtag #illmanorsalbum.• Marketed using TV spots and a website.• Digital was at the heart of the campaign.• The campaign was a mixture of social media , digital and outdoor.• Plan B released this music video as a protest video to create awareness. Plan B himself grew up in a council estate before he became noticed in the music industry therefore he knows how these young people in council estates feel as they are not heard to the public but discriminated as negative people.
  4. 4. CD Soundtrack• Released as a soundtrack to the film of the same name, Plan B‟s “ill MANORS” album went straight to No.1 in the Official UK Album Charts upon release in July 2012.• This is very unusual that a CD soundtrack from a rapper could help publicise the film. It was a massive help to the publicity and advertising strategy - crucial for it to do well.• Skyfall didnt need the CD by Adele to do well as much as Ill Manors did.
  5. 5. Alternative exhibition to box office• It was released in US on Sundance Film Festival and shown at the Greater Manchester film festival - non traditional routes that independent films have to take to create awareness. Skyfall didnt need to do this.
  6. 6. Distribution into cinemas• iLL Manors got a relatively wide release from the independent distributor Revolver (which had its first big success with Kidulthood – the film which helped to begin the current „urban film‟ cycle).• The initial release was successful with over £250,000 taken during the first weekend from 191 cinemas,• But in Week 2 the number of cinemas fell to 83 and the screen average fell by 65% Skyfall’s cinemas didnt fal; nearly as dramatically. Check on the internet NOW!• This is very telling and could be read in several ways. Revolver may have concluded that an initial release to capitalise on the strong profile of Plan B would need to go wide first but that most of the audience would get to see it via DVD and online later. But it also looks like word of mouth was not strong.
  7. 7. Target Audience• Drew has said that his focus was the 15-25 age group.• BUT - In that sense he has done the film no favours by presenting a title which the BBFC deemed worthy of an ‟18′ certificate – certainly for the „bad language‟ as well as the drug scenes and extreme violence.• It may lose under 18 audiences because of this, which would mean the film wouldn‟t make as much money.
  8. 8. Posters, trailers (paid for andcontrollable advertising) and premiere (free but uncontrollable publicity)• Posters were first advertised on 8 May. Then it was advertised in Empire magazine‟s website. Following this there was the premier.• There where around 8 different posters for the film.• The trailer was released May 2012:• The premiere was on the 30th May 2012. In London, Leicester square.• This screening was also attended by several British recording artists such as Alesha Dixon, Alexandra Burke, Professor Green, Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32, Example and Ed Sheeran.• There wasn’t as much money spent on these as Skyfall.
  9. 9. Tv and radio• ALL YOUTH MARKETS WERE TARGETTED........• Radio: On BBC Radio 1Xtra, 1& 2.• PAID FOR RADIO SPOTS WERE USED TO ADVERTISE THE FILM targeting youth markets• TV advertisement: Channel 4 & E4.• PAID FOR TV SPOTS WERE USED TO ADVERTISE THE FILM - on Channel 4 (non digital) and E4 (digital) - youth markets• Skyfall didnt target a niche market.