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G322casestudy skyfall


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G322casestudy skyfall

  1. 1. Film IndustryCase Study
  2. 2. Case Study – Skyfall (2012)• G322 Key Media Concepts (TV Drama)• Section B: Institutions and Audiences1. AUDIENCE – UK/US film aimed at a global audience – censorship inChina.2. PRODUCTION – Big Budget ($200million +) – Problems with production -produced by Eon Films (Independent UK/US film company that financesall the Bond Films) & MGM.3. DISTRIBUTION – MGM & Columbia Pictures (both owned by Sony)4. MARKETING – Product placement, PR Stunts, Synergy.5. EXHIBITION – IMAX release – saturation6. DIGITAL – First use of HD-DV on a Bond film – easy CGI -
  3. 3. Case Study – Skyfall• PRODUCTION• Production of Skyfall was suspended throughout 2010because of MGMs financial troubles.• With big budgets comes big risks – can you think of a filmthat’s underachieved recently?• Pre-production resumed following MGMs exit frombankruptcy on 21 December 2010.• MGM and Columbia Pictures announced that the UKrelease date would be 26 October 2012, two weeks aheadof the US release date, scheduled for 9 November 2012.• The films budget was estimated to be $200 million.• Skyfall was part of year-long celebrations of the 50thanniversary of Dr. No and the Bond film series.
  4. 4. Case Study – Skyfall (2012)• PRODUCTION• Filming was scheduled to take up 133 days (ittook 128).• Filming began on 7 November 2011 in andaround London, including the National Gallery,Smithfield, Vauxhall Bridge and foreignlocations including Istanbul in Turkey, Japanand China. Why is China important?
  5. 5. The latest James Bond film, Skyfall, has finally opened in China after a two-month delay, with some key scenes removed by Chinese censors. A scene inwhich Bond kills a security guard in Shanghai has been cut, as have referencesto prostitution in Macau. Subtitles have also been changed to hide referencesto torture by the Chinese security forces., the European market wassubdued in 2012 compared withother major international cinemamarkets, with reports of box officegains of 5.9% in the USA and 33%in China (making China the world#2 territory after the USA)…Case Study – Skyfall in China
  6. 6. Case Study – Skyfall (2012)• PRODUCTION• Compared to Quantum of Solace (whichproved the most widely travelled Bond film todate; the crew charted six countries in justunder five months) Skyfall with three quartersof the budget only went to 3 locations roundthe world.• Why the cutbacks?
  7. 7. Release Schedule for Skyfall 2011/122011 20122011 2012Oct 23rdSkyfall Premiere inRoyal Albert HallNov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep OctOctMay 21st1st Skyfall trailerreleasedNov 3rdFilm name, cast anddirector announcedOct 1stAdele confirmed as thetheme song artistJul 27thDaniel Craig appears alongsidethe Queen for Olympic Gamesopening ceremonyNov 7thProduction beginsSep 17thOfficial UK Skyfallposter revealedOct 26-28thOpening weekendof SkyfallJul 31st2nd Skyfall trailerreleased
  8. 8. Case Study - Skyfall• PRODUCTION – SHOW ME THE MONEY…• “The windfall will benefit three players in theBond universe: producers MGM; producersand rightsholders Barbara Broccoli, 52, andMichael G. Wilson, 70; and distributor SonyPictures. In a complicated deal that washeavily negotiated with Sony after MGMemerged from bankruptcy in 2010, MGM andBroccoli and Wilson will jointly collect 75 percent of the movies profits.”
  9. 9. Case Study - Skyfall• PRODUCTION & DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY• SKYFALL the first BOND movie to be shotdigitally, as well as Sam Mendes’ first digitalexperience, it is the first production anywhereto make use of ALEXA Studio cameras
  10. 10. Case Study - Skyfall• PRODUCTION• SKYFALL the first BOND movie to be shotdigitally, as well as Sam Mendes’ first digitalexperience, it is the first production anywhereto make use of ALEXA Studio cameras
  11. 11. Case Study - Skyfall• EXHIBITION & DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY• The decision to make SKYFALL the first in thefranchise to be released in IMAX has alreadyproved hugely successful - it took $3.5 millionin 79 locations over 15 territories, averaging$45,000 per screen. That represents the bestinternational opening in IMAX history.
  12. 12. • MARKETING• Around $75,000,000 was spent on marketingSkyfall.Case Study - Skyfall
  13. 13. • MARKETING – SYNERGY• “The new film raises the bar for onscreen productplacement, from 007s Tom Ford-tailored suits, OmegaSeamaster watch and Sony Xperia phone, as well asoff-screen alliances ranging from Coke Zero to perfumeretailers... His new tipple of choice, Heineken, hasproved an ongoing sticking point with fans, particularlyafter a big-budget ad that actually roped Daniel Craiginto the action. However, with the Dutch beer havingstumped up over £28m for the privilege of seeingBond sip from a green bottle in an early scene – coollycovering almost a quarter of the films estimatedproduction budget in the process… ”Case Study - Skyfall
  14. 14. Case Study - SkyfallSynergy – OceanRoyale Aftershave
  15. 15. VisitBritain, the official tourism and destination partner of SKYFALL, has launched its firstfilm tourism ad. The Bond is GREAT Britain ad is out in cinemas around the worldreminding people that there is no better time for them to come to Britain and explorethe home of James Bond.Synergy –VisitBritian
  16. 16. Publicity –Coke Zero
  17. 17. Synergy–Coke Zero Zero 7
  18. 18. Case Study - Skyfall• SOUNDTRACK - SYNERGY• The soundtrack album was released on 29October 2012 in the UK and on 6 November2012 in the US.• In October 2012, British singer-songwriterAdele confirmed that she had written andrecorded the films theme song with herregular songwriter, Paul Epworth.• She posted the cover for the Skyfall sheetmusic on Twitter.
  19. 19.
  20. 20. • .Marketing - Posters
  21. 21. SKYFALL AUDIENCE & TWITTERWho was talking about Skyfall?• It’s interesting to note that even though theconversation was male-driven throughout thecampaign (2/3 of all mentions) the female audiencehad it’s most prominent appearance on the releaseweek.6158RT3565RT2431RT1621RT1297RT3565RT3079RT2107RT1459RT1297RTMost retweeted Skyfall mentions:• All the most retweeted tweets since November 2011(right) were posted in October 2012. Adele took top spotfor most retweeted when she announced the release ofthe official theme song.• The official James Bond account (@007) also appearsin the top 10.•Fake/parody accounts receive lots of attention onTwitter – such as the Queen’s fake profile and FelixBaumgartner (Red Bull space jumper).• X factor boy band Union J appear twice, with Jedwardalso featuring.020406080100Title Trailer Adele ReleaseMaleFemale
  22. 22. SKYFALL AUDIENCE & TWITTER1,637,385 total ‘Skyfall’ mentions on Twitter globally over the 12 months before release, with volumegradually building around each major announcement - peaking at 129,384 mentions on Friday 26thOctober, when the film was released.November 3rd 2011:When the new title was announced as Skyfall, there were3,298 mentions commenting on the ‘name’ or ‘title’ of thefilm . There were mixed reviews on the title, with majoritypositive sentiment overall.Gender distribution: Male – 81%, Female – 19%May 21st 2012The release of the first Skyfall trailer generated 54,752 mentionsand positive buzz around the up coming film with. Most of theconversation included references to how ‘amazing’ and‘awesome’ the trailer looks.Gender distribution: Male – 71%, Female – 29%October 26-28th 2012The record breaking opening weekend has generated the mostbuzz so far - a huge 311,485 mentions (1/5 of all activity). Mostof the conversation referenced ‘excitement’ about seeing thefilm and about how ‘great’ the movie is. Social activity peakedon Friday 26th October with 129,384 mentions.Gender distribution: Male – 63%, Female – 37%October 5th 2012The official release of Adele’s Skyfall theme song generatedthe second highest peak within the last 12 months with103,948 mentions about ‘Skyfall’. This shows she has a hugeinternational following, more so even than in the UK perhaps.Gender distribution: Male – 62%, Female – 38%