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Dell Reinvents Itself Through Social Media

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  1. 1. Dell Reinvents ItselfThrough Social MediaSara AlhussainiSuha Sewaralthahab
  2. 2. Dell’s History• Dell was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell In Austin, Texas• Started by selling customized computers directly to consumers• In1996 Dell started their computers through websites• By 2009 the company was growing $61 billion a year
  3. 3. Dell’s History
  4. 4. Challenge with Jeff Jarvis• In 2005, Jeff Jarvis a noted print journalist and blogger, posted a rant on his blog, “ Dell lies, Dell Sucks” – Consumers spilled into the blog and started adding to his statement. – A month later Jeff Jarvis wrote another blog post but this time he directed in to Michael Dell asking him to engage with the consumers more.
  5. 5. Strategy• After Dell hell, the company started to engage with the consumers, listen, and react to their complains.
  6. 6. Strategy• Dell integrated the use of Social Media throughout the organization
  7. 7. Strategy•In 2006 Dell launched a companywide socialmedia marketing campaign to interact with theconsumers, improve costumer service anddrive good action from the customers.
  8. 8. Strategy• Before 2005 dell had strict rules that prohibit the employees to answer the consumer complains online
  9. 9. Strategy• Dell started training its its employees to engage with the consumers on social media.• Then they started employing professionals on this field to cover the understand and cover all the platforms that would help engage with the consumers.
  10. 10. Social Media Marketing Goals • Building the Dell Brand: 1. The most important thing about social media brand building is that • the consumers help build the brand unlike traditional brands when the company builds the brand without the engagement of the consumer. 2. Consumers discussions of Social platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Google+, and all the Social Media platforms help define whether a brand is good or bad.
  11. 11. Social Media Marketing Goals • Brand awareness: – New product or service: • Insure that all the people know about the brand whether they need the brand or not. Even if they don’t use the brand if they need this category one day they should be aware of the existence of this particular brand. – Already established product or service:
  12. 12. Social Media Marketing Goals • Brand Perception – Make online relationships with leaders in the industry • As a result, increase sale over the long run
  13. 13. Social Technographics Ladder