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  • Hello everyone and thanks for attending our presentation on what social media will do for Northwest Technologies and its brand. My name is Skylar L. Gobert from Fresh Advertising Inc.
  • Out of all of the internet marketing that exist today over 60% of B2B in the IT industry are planning over focusing more attention toward social media marketing.
  • Linkedin provides a great social platform for B2B marketers to network with prospects and clients while supplying expert advice in a professional way on the site. Since Linkedin is perceived as a professional social networking tool B2B has had the greatest return on investment implementing Linkedin in their social media marketing.
  • Overall Cisco promoted their brand and awareness of their new software by allowing viewers to experience the software themselves as they streamed a Jewel concert live. . Intel used social media to create personal dialogue with influencers for further brand awareness.
  • Also by engaging with prospects you will be able to influence prospects early in the buying process towards your products. By having your pulse on what your prospects say about you and their opinions this gives you top level market research about your brand which creates an opportunity for Northwest to create strategies to influence prospects. You can also keep you community up to date with the latest news about your products and services when broadcasting news via social media.
  • By giving your prospects early access to the release of your product and following up with online engagement will result in creating a following as your product is released.
  • Imkt120 u1 ip_sgobert_northwest technologies

    1. 1. Northwest TechnologiesThe Social Media Enlightenment: Do you who’s talking about Northwest Technologies online? By Skylar L. Gobert
    2. 2. Today’s Social Media Agenda• The Birth of Social Media• Emergence of Social Media• Current Landscape of Social Media• Opportunities for Northwest Technologies• Conclusion
    3. 3. The Birth of Social Media and its History• 1978 two guys by the name of Ward Christensen and Randy Suess created the computer bulletin board system to remind friends and associates of events• 1993 College students at Illonios University create the Mosaic, the first browser that allowed the public access to the World Wide Web• 1994 Geocities is launched one of the first known social networking sites• 1997 Google launches• 2003 Facebook launches at Harvard by founder Mark Zuckerberg and LinkedIn is launched• 2005 Youtube begins showing videos• 2006 Twitter is hatches from its shell• 2011 Facebook has over 550 million users• 2011 LinkedIn becomes second most used social networking platform with over 33 million unique users per month.
    4. 4. Current Landscape of B2B using Social MediaAlmost 90% were listening to IT companies are revampingconversations about their their website content inproduct or service or actively anticipation of driving traffic toengaging with prospects. their home page from social media marketing
    5. 5. Current Landscape of B2B using Social Media
    6. 6. Current Landscape of B2B using Social MediaLinkedin provides an excellent social B2B has the greatest ROI forplatform for networking with their company with Linkedin.prospects and clients.
    7. 7. How other IT companies are using Social Media• Cisco launched its new video conferencing software by broadcasting a Jewel concert with its new conferencing software via mobile phones and video stream online.• Resulted 1500 tweets about the event, 197 new Twitter followers, and over 9100 clicks on their Facebook tab about that the highlighted the concert.• Intel used internal team to promote its new cloud computing technology. Internal team using their own personal accounts followed online influencers in IT field and engaged with influencers with what they write about on blog post and other social sites.• This resulted in providing influencers with vital information for the cloud technology as influencers were very open to participating with dialogue with internal team
    8. 8. Opportunities for Northwest Technologies• By engaging in online conversations with prospects Northwest will be able to help and influence prospects towards your brand resulting in increased brand awareness• Unrivaled access to prospect information, their habits, and opinions about your company• Online engagement with current prospects will results in greater customer service towards issues and questions• Keep social community aware and up to date with Northwest company news in real time
    9. 9. Example of Northwest Tech Social Media Campaign for a new product• Northwest comes out with new product.• To promote new product a tweeter, Facebook, and LinkedIn message is sent out alerting followers of the release of new product.• To build anticipation a short video on Youtube is posted to tease followers about new product and benefits showing a silhouette of product.• LinkedIn discussion forum is started to answer any questions about new unreleased product• Countdown on tweeter and facebook on product launch• Product is finally launched with an in depth Youtube video about product guiding viewer to company website. Youtube link is broadcasted over Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.• Customer Service social pages are setup to address issues and other customer related questions.
    10. 10. Conclusion• When Northwest Technology begins to engage with their prospects and clients online they will have a greater influence on prospects buying decisions• Monitoring conversations about your company will result in higher brand awareness• Social Media presents a great platform for addressing customer service related issues resulting in a great brand awareness
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