Launching Salesforce Communities: Flipping the Switch and Making them Work


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In this webinar, we’ll go over basics of activating a Customer Community, customizing it, and inviting your first Community Members. But building a healthy community is about more than just “flipping the switch,” we’ll also share key lessons learned from the team that launched the Power Of Us HUB, the online community for Foundation customers.

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Launching Salesforce Communities: Flipping the Switch and Making them Work

  1. 1. Launching Salesforce Communities: Flipping the switch and Making them Work /Salesforce.comFoundation @SFDCFoundation Alicia Schmidt Director of Customer Communities Marc Baizman Customer Success Director, Nonprofits
  2. 2. Agenda • What is Salesforce Communities? • Different Kinds of Communities • Communities Licensing • Example Communities • Before you flip the switch… • Flipping the Switch and Customization • It’s on…Now what? • Resources
  3. 3. What is Salesforce Communities?
  4. 4. Communities are branded spaces for your employees, clients, students, board members, and partners to connect online. You can create and customize communities to meet your organization’s needs.
  5. 5. Different Kinds of Communities • “Support” Community – participants of your programs can connect with organization staff and with each other • “Event-specific” Community – your fundraising team, including external people, can collaborate on event planning and management for a high-profile gala or protest. • “Board” Community – your executive board can use the community to track all meetings, documents, and decisions. •  YOUR Community can be used for whatever you want!
  6. 6. A little history…
  7. 7. Communities Licensing • Anyone who logs into your community must have a license! • Different types of licenses allow different levels of access • License grid: id=users_license_types_communities.htm&language=en_US • Contact your Account Executive for more information
  8. 8. Examples of Communities
  9. 9. IAVA’s community connections help veterans come home •  Created a rewards program that connects returning vets with rewards, free employment, education, and community-building opportunities in just 6 weeks •  Capacity to serve vets increased five-fold with the program •  Track and engage members, automate internal operations, and measure key metrics to demonstrate impact to supporters “We’re building community among the people who served our country with help from Salesforce.” - Paul Rieckhoff, Founder and CEO
  10. 10. •  Used Communities to insert an extended, customized social layer directly into the student experience •  Allowed for customized learning plans and critical student management capabilities •  Created supportive student community for networking between fellow students and faculty •  Have ability to create personal profiles across academic and personal interests Argosy Launches Social Platform into Student Online Experience “The power of Communities cannot be overstated.” - Tracy Zimmerman, VP of Student Experience and Innovation
  11. 11. Foundation collaborates with our customers to have more impact •  Created an online community where 10,000 nonprofit/higher ed Salesforce users get answers, find resources, share best practices, and connect with experts •  Integrated customer service and other organizational apps to make it easier for nonprofits to work  with the Foundation and for the Foundation to deliver service at scale “The Power of Us HUB has been a game changer in how we deliver support and service to the more than 22,000 nonprofits that are using Salesforce.”- Suzanne DiBianca, President / CEO Foundation
  12. 12. Boston Partners in Education – Board Community
  13. 13. Before you flip the switch
  14. 14. Map your community strategy1 Invest resources2 5 Steps to an Engaged Community Build community with community3 Engage hearts & minds4 5 Measure, learn and repeat
  15. 15. Map your community strategy: answer the why • What problem are you trying to solve? 1 • Why would you come to our community?
  16. 16. Map your community strategy: find the sweet spot1 organizational goals stakeholder needs and/or wants
  17. 17. Ex: The HUB “sweet spot”1 mission impact: customer success at scale one place to access to nonprofit specific answers, best practices, and experts. HUB
  18. 18. The Power of Us Hub is an online community of customers, partners and Foundation staffers that will transform the way we collaborate to be more successful in powering ALL of our missions.
  19. 19. be transparent be able to be responsive in real-time be able to trust front- line staff understand what success looks like Map your community strategy: set expectations1 Is your organization prepared to . . .
  20. 20. Map your community strategy: set expectations1 Does your organization understand the communities aren’t . . . places to broadcast focused on transactions conducive to controlling divas
  21. 21. Ex: Hey, let’s “re-launch” the HUB!1 #FACEPALM #facepalm
  22. 22. What does matter, more than official team structure, is having a ragtag band of believers. A group of people involved in developing the community (often unofficially) and helping make things happen. A community manager, alone, usually can't get the job done. - Richard Millington, FeverBee How will you gather your band of believers?
  23. 23. Invest resources2 resource why? Community Manager The Community Manager is a cross-functional leader who works inside and outside your organization to make sure the community grows, remains active and brings value. The measure of the community managers success is the activities of the community members. Executive Sponsor The Executive Sponsor helps legitimize the effort and galvanizes the rest of the organization to participate. The measure of the Executive Sponsors success is the engagement and understanding of internal staff. Technical Resource Budget for technical resources, support staff and marketing. Optimizing a community platform is an on-going process, not a one-time event. The measure of Technical Resources success is the ability of members to complete tasks in the community.
  24. 24. Plan to start with what’s important. Features Chatter Knowledge Chatter Questions recognition custom Chatter actions custom Visualforce Etc. Permissions roles user profiles permission sets
  25. 25. Flipping the Switch… (Okay, NOW can I turn it on?!)
  26. 26. Go to Setup – Customize – Communities
  27. 27. Create a New Community
  28. 28. Community Configuration: Overview
  29. 29. Community Configuration: Members
  30. 30. Community Configuration: Tabs & Pages
  31. 31. Community Configuration: Branding
  32. 32. Community Configuration: Login Page
  33. 33. Community Configuration: Emails Default email templates! You can change these! Add your logo and physical address! Who do the emails come from?
  34. 34. Community Configuration: Miscellaneous
  35. 35. It’s on. Now what?
  36. 36. Build Community with Community: start small3
  37. 37. Build Community with Community: work the small • Focus on interactions and relationships. • Focus on active members. • Every member is precious. 3
  38. 38. Engage Hearts & Minds: define your engagement strategy4 What does your engagement pyramid look like? Develop engagement programs to move members up your engagement pyramid. Leading Owning Contributing Endorsing Following Observing =“Community Reputation” + badging
  39. 39. If you’re batting 1000%, you’re playing in the little leagues. - Warren Buffet
  40. 40. MEASURE, Learn and Repeat5 • What is important at your organization? • This will help you determine what to track (what are your Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s) • ALWAYS talk about your community in value-based terms that are relevant to your organization and report results (not community health).
  41. 41. Question Metric Is our outreach successful? # of new visitors per month Is our conversion successful? # of page visitors vs new registered members Are we engaging members beyond “lurking”? % of members who post every month Is my community healthy? logins per active members per month Do we have a critical mass of engaged members? time to first reply on a post Is it intimidating to participate? % of members who post in the first 30 days MEASURE, Learn and Repeat5
  42. 42. MEASURE, Learn and Repeat Go and get these Community dashboards from the AppExchange: Salesforce Communities Analytics (for Communities with Chatter) Salesforce Communities Analytics (for Communities without Chatter) 5
  43. 43. Measure, LEARN and Repeat Are you providing mechanisms for community feedback? 5 surveys case submission focus groups
  44. 44. Community Development Resources • Groundwire’s 10 Rules of Engagement • • FeverBee • • Community Roundtable • • Communities Solution Kit • form/
  45. 45. Community Technical Resources • Community Analytics Dashboard • listingId=a0N3000000B5XHsEAN&tab=g • Communities Licensing Grid • id=users_license_types_communities.htm&language=en_US • Implementing Communities PDF • salesforce_communities_implementation.pdf • Setting up Communities Video • Salesforce_Communities_Setup_video.jsp
  46. 46. Questions?
  47. 47. Your Success Resources •  Get help from the Power of Us HUB online community •  Join your local User Group at •  Contact your Account Executive •  Find more help at
  48. 48. Licensing and Object Access Type of Community Number of Users Partner or Customer Community Plus 300,000 Customer Community 7 million