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Logs reflection


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Logs reflection

  1. 1. As an Early Childhood Educator it is very important to know andapply our knowledge on positive guidance strategies to the children.ECE should implement and practice the different guidancestrategies to the workplace like school, daycare or at home. Weshould apply problem-solving approach in guiding the children andunderstanding the child’s development in order to guide themeffectively.As an Early Childhood Educator it is very important to care and lovethe children by giving them our support and affection to their needs.Applying our knowledge on the different theorist that most influencedus like Piaget, Vygotsky, Bandura, Erikson, Dewey, Maslow andothers will help us set up the environment suitable for the child’s agelevel. As ECE’s we will be able to motivate the children and developtheir interest in learning more and opening new ideas. Helping thechildren to understand by using verbal and visual aids is oneobjective of a good teacher.Our goal as an ECE’s is to guide and support the children to growphysically, mentally and emotionally healthy as we are consideredthe second parents of the children while they are under our care. Asa citizen it is our duty and responsibility to guide the children in theright path in their growing stages in life. As global citizen it isimportant to give unconditional love and care to the childrenbecause they are the future of our country.