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Yoga for kids


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Published in: Education
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Yoga for kids

  1. 1. Yoga for KidsYoga is good for physical health. Doing yoga regularly will improve children’s physical healthand concentration levels. Examples from nature such as tree, butterfly, frog, cow and cat posesare developmentally appropriate for preschoolers and it is safe and fun for them.Procedures:BreathingBreathing in and out of the nose in yoga helps to charge energy. Cross your legs and sit straight.Bring both your hands in front of your chest and join the palms in a “Namaste” or prayerposition. Inhale and exhale through your nose.Tree PoseStand straight on the ground. Your feet should be joined. Arms should be straight and should fallon the sides. Lift your right foot off the ground. Bend your knee and place the sole of the rightfoot on your inner left thigh. Bring both your hands in front of your chest and join the palms in a"Namaste" or prayer position. Now, slowly raise your arms in the same position above yourhead. Stretch your arms on the sides. Hold on in this position for about half a minute. You maystretch it to a minute at a later stage. Keep the breathing normal. Lower your arms as well asyour right leg and come back in the original position as mentioned in step 1. Repeat the sameyoga pose on the other leg.Frog PoseSquat low. Place the hands on the ground, resting the triceps on top of the kneecaps. Then, tipforward, and lift the feet from the ground and into position similar to a balanced frog stand. Keepthe position for 30 seconds. Straighten the elbows; lift the legs, tip forward, and then try to pressup slowly into a handstand.Cow and Cat PoseDrop onto your knees and stretch your handouts outward by bending. Lift your chest and dropyou belly and look forward, this is the cow pose. Say “mooo” as you are doing it. By droppingyour belly, looking down and rounding your spine say “meow.” This is the cat pose.Butterfly PoseSit on the floor and place the soles of your feet together. Hold on to your feet or ankles, and letyour knees drop toward the floor. Sit up with a tall spine. Imagine that you are a butterfly withbeautiful wings stretching out from your spine and with long antennae reaching out from yourhead. Flutter your legs like butterflies wings are fluttering.
  2. 2. ConclusionChildren can learn calming techniques through yoga and release their stress. They can learnthrough music, play, and stories. Children can practice yoga by imitating nature and animals. Ifyoga is done consistently, it will be good for the development of the child.QuestionsDo you know how to make a forest through tree pose?Sources:
  3. 3. TREE POSE