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Multi-Dimensional Learning Space in Science


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Published in: Education
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Multi-Dimensional Learning Space in Science

  1. 1. The Power of a Multi-Dimensional Learning Space: Creating a Learning Community Independent of Time, Space, and Place
  2. 2. What does it mean to be well-educated in the 21 st Century?
  3. 3. How does this influence teaching and learning?
  4. 6. Science happens not just because of people doing experiments, but because they're discussing those experiments. Critiquing, suggesting, sharing ideas and data… building on colleagues' work and creating new knowledge. Christopher Surridge
  5. 7. How do we shift the Science classroom so learning becomes permeable, transparent, and independent of time space and place?
  6. 8. How do we create a community where students connect and engage within the professional & academic conversation of science?
  7. 9. How do we shift the classroom so learners are Prosumers of Knowledge?
  8. 10. How do we deliver content in new ways in order to redistribute and reallocate time?