Gi 04 multimedia elements


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A study of Multimedia elements in media design. This is to be considered with user interface and give a good design impact to user experience

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Gi 04 multimedia elements

  1. 1. Azizah Assattari S.Ds., M.Ds. Graphic Interactive Study of Multimedia Elements
  2. 2. Multimedia elements Typography! Color! Image! Animation! Sound! Video
  3. 3. Multimedia Elements: Text ! ❖ Text should be:! ❖ Appropriate for the target audience. ! ❖ Easy to read.! ❖ Serif typefaces are preferred for printed material. ! ❖ Sans serif typefaces are preferred for on-screen! ❖ display.! ❖ Formatted consistently throughout the presentation.
  4. 4. Multimedia Elements: Graphic (Image & ! ❖ Graphics are an important part of the communication process.! ❖ They can be used to: ! ❖ Highlight information ! ❖ Set a mood or tone ! ❖ Provide examples! ❖ Serve as backgrounds! ❖ The two types of graphic used in multimedia are raster and vector.! ❖ Vector graphics are made up of arcs and lines.! ❖ Raster graphics are made of dots.
  5. 5. Multimedia Elements: Animation ❖ 2-D and 3-D animations are useful in multimedia in the areas of entertainment, education, and training.! ❖ They can be used to create simplified illustrations of a simulation or dramatization.! ❖ They can be much easier to understand because they are less complex than video.! ❖ 2-D animations have smaller file sizes that video files which means quicker loading or downloading of the files.
  6. 6. Multimedia Elements: Sound ❖ Sounds in multimedia presentations could include:! ❖ Music.! ❖ Narrations.! ❖ Sound effects.! ❖ Original recordings.! ❖ Sound waves are vibrations that are created when we speak.! ❖ Sound waves are analog signals because they are continuous, fluctuating waves with no interruptions.
  7. 7. Multimedia Elements: Video ❖ Videos allow the audience to view actual events instead of just reading about or listening to them.! ❖ Sources for videos include web sites and stock film companies.
  8. 8. Multimedia Elements: Video ❖ Videos can be used in:! ❖ CD-ROMS! ❖ Games! ❖ Presentations ! ❖ Video simulations ! ❖ Videoconferences ! ❖ Websites.
  9. 9. Assessment Make a resume of the media Limbo Game and the other media you’ve chosen in group. The resume requires information as followed :
 Typography! Color! Image! Animation! Sound! Video
  10. 10. Assessment Assessment Format :! At least 2 pages A4! (if contained text only, if you put some picture you should do more than that :D)! Timest New Roman! 11 pt! 1.5 space!
  11. 11. Assessment Additional Information :! ! Winning Group add +10! Submitted before 18:00 add +10! ! send it via email to :!! info : +6281221022000!