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Dvd menu presentation


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Dvd menu presentation

  1. 1. Use Of Motion Graphicsand Compositing inDVD MenusRaymond Arandia
  2. 2. • Builds Suspense into the movieDVD menus can bring the audience into the movie. Creatingsuspense and excitement. It• Gives the user a number of options.• The DVD menu is important as it gives the user the chance to navigate through the many options that the DVD offers. Such scene selection, play movie, language, extras/bonus.• Gives a feel of the movieThe DVD menu gives the audience a first impression and feel ofthe film. It introduces the mood of the film and generally whatthe to expect of the film.Why are DVD MenusImportant?
  3. 3. Motion GraphicsDVD menus without motion graphics can be dull andboring . Motion graphics can build excitement in a DVDMenu as animation, movement, or video footage is used. Itis more eye appealing than still images and text. It is used toattract the audience with movement rather than beingstationary.How are DVD Menusenhanced by motiongraphics/compositing?
  4. 4. Compositing Compositing in DVD menu creates movement and layers. This is much more interesting than something still. Also it gives a slight 3D effect as the images are layered. This enhances the DVD menu as it gives the audience a kind of surreal look to it.How are DVD Menusenhanced by motiongraphics/compositing?
  5. 5. • Colour• Typography• Graphics• Movement• Visual EffectsWhat design choicesmust be considered?
  6. 6. The appropriate colour should be used in a DVD menu tosuit the genre, theme and mood of the film. For e.g. a horrorfilm should have dark colours(red, black, grey etc.) and acomedy film for children may have bright vibrantcolours(blue, yellow, pink etc.).Colour
  7. 7. The correct size and font should be considered whendesigning typography for a DVD menu. Choosing the rightfont is important as it must relate to the theme and mood. Astandard or custom font may be used. Whether an effectshould be used such as shadow, the shape of the text( zig –zagged, straight etc.) colour outlines, or glows.Typography
  8. 8. The graphics in a DVD menu must be considered. Such asif there will be any in the foreground or background of theDVD menu in the form of a 2D or 3D object, backgrounddesign, typography etc. The colour, size and placing of thegraphics are important factors that must considered so thatit can relate the theme and genre.Graphics
  9. 9. The type of movement that the multi-media, motiongraphics and typography should be considered. Whether itshould be moving fast or slow, if it will be looped, timingsetc. Movement is key in a DVD menu as it keeps theaudiences interested and creates an excitement and suspenseof the film.Movement
  10. 10. Visual effects can greatly enhance a DVD menu. Varioustypes of animation or compositing may be used. The choiceis down to the genre and theme. Visual effects such asparticle effects, 3D images, flares etc. Visual effects is aparticular design choice that must be considered as it does agreat job of creating excitement.Visual Effects
  11. 11. • Finding Nemo• Sin City• Silent Hill• Rush Hour 3Key/Pivotal DVD Menus
  12. 12. Finding Nemo
  13. 13. Motion Graphics and Compositing is used effectively in the DVDMenu of Finding Nemo. There is a clear composition between themoving background and the Menu options and title. The coloursused in DVD Menu are well done as they reflect the theme, genreand target audience. The typography for the title is custom madethat is suited to the theme of the sea it is a blue colour with awhite glare effect, the text in the menu options is also in a similarfont and colour to the title. Another feature is the movement ofthe camera and the animated coral reef in the background. It isshown in a point of view shot from over the water going underwhich is used to draw the audience into the scene. The coral reefin the background makes a slow, calm side to side movement.Finding Nemo DVD Menu
  14. 14. Sin City
  15. 15. The DVD Menu for Sin City uses a lot of motion graphics andcompositing. They use a mixture of multi-media and animation.Firstly few colours are used in (red, black and white) that do aperfect job of reflecting on the crime thriller genre. Thetypography uses a comic type font in black and white(also reflecton genre) for the options. The title uses the original font andcolour used in the graphic novel. A lot of compositing is used forthe graphics and animations for e.g. the images on the comicpages. A lot of fast paced movement is used with the camera andanimations. For e.g. the camera gives a journey through the scenesand characters and objects flying through the scene such as theanimated bullets. The use of multi-media being the live videofootage of the movie is used well as it comes to life bytransitioning from animation to live footage. Overall the motiongraphics and compositing bring the characters and scenery fromthe comic book to life.Sin City DVD Menu
  16. 16. Silent Hill
  17. 17. Being a horror film, the Silent Hill film is targeted at adults and itspurpose is to scare. The DVD menu uses some motion graphics andcompositing to enhance its elements of fear and terror. For instance thecolours used in the DVD menu are black and green. These colours aredark and give a mysterious vibe to it. The typography is cleverly doneas it uses a stencil based font like chalk and charcoal. It is quite faded insome areas of the letters. The colour of white for the title and black forthe options is used to clearly differentiate from one another. Thegraphics used in the DVD menu are still images that are used in thebackground on the right and left side. Which consist of half a face andan outline of a person. Again the mysterious vibe is given as from theimages. The movement in the DVD Menu is mainly slow paced comingfrom the animated black barbed wires that move slowly in a straightline. These barbed wires are composited in and are placed all of thescreen from the foreground to the background. The last thing that isused is live video footage of the film that loops in the centre of thebackground.Silent Hill DVD Menu
  18. 18. Rush Hour 3
  19. 19. Rush hour is a action/comedy film that uses few motiongraphics and compositing elements in the DVD menu. TheDVD menu uses sepia colours. A bright red and orange ismainly used with a tint of green in some areas of scenes.The typography is very plain and is in a basic white. Alsothe title of the film does not appear. The main excitement inthe DVD menu is the use of multi-media. Live videofootage is used and lopped and some still images.Compositing is used in the still images and text. The text isalways in front of everything else. The red glaring lightsthat underline the text is the only visual effect that is presentthroughout the whole DVD menu.Rush Hour DVD Menu