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Viper Wire Rope Lubricator


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The Viper Wire Rope Lubricator allows for automatic safe lubrication of wire ropes. It provides fast efficient application of wire rope lubricant to the core of the ropes.

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Viper Wire Rope Lubricator

  1. 1. Proudly manufactured and supplied by: Lubrication Engineers Pty Ltd
  2. 2. Agenda o Introduction to the Viper (Viper sales video) o Features & Benefits • Cost savings to users. o How it works o Assembly (Viper assembly video) o What makes Viper unique o Applications (Viper waterway / ship lifter videos)
  3. 3. Description o The Viper Wire Rope Lubricator is a unique method of automatically lubricating wire ropes o Utilizing a high pressure collar it delivers grease into the core of the wire ropes while providing a thin grease film, outer coating o Lubrication with the Viper protects the ropes against corrosion while also providing excellent lubrication of wire strands both internally and externally o The use of the Viper reduces the labour required to lubricate wire ropes by up to 90% o Used in conjunction with a high Quality Coating Grease Rope Lubricant, customers realize significant increases in wire rope life of up to 300%.
  4. 4. Viper Introduction Video
  5. 5. Manual Rope Lubrication Limitations o Labor intensive - use of gloves, brushes or rags o Machinery downtime associated with lubrication of ropes o Extremely messy with significant lubricant wastage o Lube wastage costs money and affects environment o Manual lubrication typically only coats outer wires o HS&E issues • Safety concern for workers due to broken strands • Workers come into close contact with lubricant • Working at heights to lubricate wire ropes • Environmental contamination with lube dripping off ropes • Excessive lubricant usage means more Environmental issues
  6. 6. Manual Lubrication of Wire Ropes
  7. 7. Cost Saving to users! Example: Dredge operator in India o Currently ropes are replaced every 12 months due to corrosion. • Ropes cost $20,000 US • Replacement down time 24 hours at a cost of $15,000 US o If by correctly lubricating the ropes we can increase rope life by 6 months - • This will reduce rope change over rate by 30% or save 30% of the cost of change over. o $20,000 +$15,000=$35,000 x 30% = $10,500.00 saving in only 18 months. • This does not include labour to change the rope or the labour and down time to Manually Lubricate the Ropes.
  8. 8. Viper Features & Benefits o Single Pass Wire Rope Lubrication • Simplifies and speeds up the rope lubricating process o Eliminates Manual Greasing • Safer for staff, reduced lubricant usage, less leakage and mess o Higher Pressure / Higher Flow Grease Pump • Provides grease penetration, displaces moisture from rope core and total coverage, even for large ropes o Fast & Efficient Rope Lubrication • Reduced downtime associated with rope lubrication, which improves equipment availability • Speeds of up to 2,000 metres/hour o Able to Lubricate all Major Rope Sizes • The Viper Mk II can lubricate rope sizes from 8mm (5/16”) to 67mm (2 5/8”) diameter • The new Viper Maxi will lubricate ropes up to 160mm (6 5/16”) diameter
  9. 9. Rope entering Viper Lubricated Rope - No Mess -
  10. 10. How it Works! o Grease is delivered to the Viper Mk II aluminium collar from a high pressure / volume grease pump at up to 5000PSI. o The Collar contains polyurethane seals which seal against the wire rope allowing the grease time to penetrate o Scrapers at each end of the collar help to remove old lubricant while also flattening broken wires and protecting the seals o Grease flow is adjusted via a high pressure control valve on the outlet of the grease pump o Wire ropes are pulled through the collar o Any excess lubricant is collected o Use of a Viper Rope Cleaner (VRC) will remove old lubricant and dirt from the rope, improving the lubrication process
  11. 11. Viper Kit Components o Viper Mk II High Strength, Cast Aluminium Collar o Viper High Volume Grease Pump o Air Regulator with Pressure Gauge and Air Control Valve o High Pressure Lubricant Delivery Hose with Quick Connect Couplings o High Pressure Lubricant Control Valve o Excess Lubricant Drain Hose o Retaining Ratchet Straps and Shackles o Convenient Carry Strap for the Collar o Robust Aluminium Storage Case o Highly Durable, Wear Resistant Polyurethane Seals (ordered separately) o Aluminium Scrapers (order separately) o Viper Wire Cleaner (order separately) o Viper WRL Coating Grease VCG-0 (order separately)
  12. 12. Viper Mk II WRL Key Components Viper Lube Pump Kit Viper Seals Viper Collar (seals & scrapers in place)
  13. 13. Viper Mk II WRL Package
  14. 14. What makes Viper MK II Unique? o Viper Mk II Collar: • Constructed from high grade, cast aluminium with a robust protective coating. • The Mk II Collar comes complete with all SS hardware. • 32% lighter than the original Viper collar, the Mk II design incorporates in-built handles making it easy to carry and install by 1 person o Viper Grease Pump: • A specifically designed, high flow grease pump matched to the requirements of the Viper Mk II. • Flow rates of 5kg / minute possible at up to 385 bar
  15. 15. What makes Viper MK II Unique? o Special Seal design: • Larger area of contact with the rope than any other lubricator. • Increased rope Dwell time in the collar. • Flexible ribbing to allow for rope diameter imperfections o Interference fit instead of exact fit. • Provides a better in field result where wires are stretched. o Seals work the lubricant into the core of the Wire Rope • Unlike some designs that just rub lubricant onto the surface. o Robust seal construction • Excellent durability, wear resistance and flexibility
  16. 16. o Viper Rope Cleaner (VRC): • The VRC enables the removal of contamination or built up old lubricant from the wire rope prior to lubrication • Improves the effectiveness of the lubrication process. What makes Viper Mk II Unique?
  17. 17. Viper Rope Cleaner (VRC) in action
  18. 18. Specialist Applications • Viper Internal Wiper System o removes excess lubricant within the valleys of the rope while being lubricated with Viper. • Ideal in environment sensitive areas • Ropes that are used in static applications requiring smooth coating with no build up within the valleys • Viper Spreader System o Used for solid strand type cables/ropes that are used in high tension concrete construction Additional information available on request.
  19. 19. Viper WRL Coating Grease VCG-0 compared to another NLGI 0 Wire Rope Lubricant. Viper WRL Coating Grease VCG-0 used with Viper penetrates while able to withstand flinging off. Viper Wire Rope Lubricant
  20. 20. Viper Applications o Crane Wire Ropes • Static overhead cranes • Mobile cranes • Tower cranes • Ship cranes • Wharf Cranes o Marine Applications • Ship deck winches • Ship Cranes • Mooring lines • Dredge cables • Anchor cables • Tug Boat winches • Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) umbilical cables • Dam sluice gate lubrication
  21. 21. o Mining Applications • Mine winder applications • Stacker / Reclaimer boom wires • Bucket Wheel excavator boom wires o Industrial Applications • Overhead cranes • Conveyor cable lubrication • Water ways / sluice gates • Bridges o Wire manufacturers • Internal coating whilst in production • External coating as finished product Viper Applications (cont’d)
  22. 22. o BHPB Iron Ore - Iron ore ship loaders o BHPB Petroleum - Oil and Gas rigs at sea o Woodside Petroleum - Oil and Gas rigs at sea o Alcoa Aluminum - Ship loader o Xstrata Coal – Mine winder cable o Mentrade – OEM - Deck winch manufacturer (25+ units) o Dof Subsea – ROV umbilical wire lubrication o Clough Engineering – ROV umbilical wire lubrication o Cervan Marine – Ship loader o MOL Tankships – Ship Management Company o OSG Ship Management Company – Ship mooring lines o SeaTrucks – Marine pipe laying ship o Acergy – Marine Engineering Company o VSL – Cable manufacturers – Pre-coating of cables to the core o Morrow Equipment – Crane maintenance contractors Existing Viper WRL Customers
  23. 23. Viper Sales & Support o Lubrication Engineers Pty Ltd • Viper website – • Service and support / Distribution enquiries • Phone: +61 2 9636-5655 • Email: Thank You. Questions?