Product Portfolio for Pulp and Paper Industry - Project Sales Corp


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Product Portfolio for Pulp and Paper Industry - Project Sales Corp

  1. 1. Product Portfolio for Pulp and Paper Industry Project Sales Corp Visakhapatnam
  2. 2. Solutions to your maintenance problems !!• At Project Sales Corp, we understand the unique demands of pulp and paper processing industry. We have the most extensive range of maintenance products for the paper industry that can: – extend machine life – reduce equipment downtime – lengthen maintenance intervals – increase production – reduce energy consumption
  3. 3. The Product Categories• Cleaners and • Specialty Products Degreasers • Specialty Lubricants• Sealants • Metal Filled Epoxies• Thread Repair • Insulation Products Products • Top-End Hand Tools• Corrosion Control • Turbine Sealants and Products Gasketing Products• NDT products • Maintenance• Jointing Compounds Aerosols
  4. 4. The Brands
  5. 5. Applications• No matter how demanding an application, how extreme the temperatures, or how corrosive the environment, Project Sales Corp has a product tough enough for the job. This brochure can help you select the appropriate products from our portfolio for the various applications, including those found in: – Agitators - Cutting Applications - Pumps – Bearings - Flanges - Threaded Joints – Belts -Turbines - Valves – Chains - Gear Boxes - Corrosion Protection – Conveyors - Motors - Release applications
  6. 6. Wood Yard & Chip Preparation• Conveyors – Special greases and coatings for chip conveyors and jack ladders in dusty environments, silicone release agents for guide rails.• Chains – Special lubricants for chains operating under high loads, dusty environments subjected to premature wear.• Threaded Connections – Anti-seize compounds and thread pastes; thread repair kits; torque wrenches, and hand tools.• Belts – Belt Dressing compounds, and release agents.• Motors – Specialty Greases for Motors and RTV sealants
  7. 7. Pulp Mill Operations• Valves: Special greases for bleaching process valves, water and non-aggressive chemical valves, O rings etc. Dry coatings for easy twisting of valve stems.• Pumps: O ring and seal dressing compounds for supplementary sealing effect.• Agitators Mechanical Seals: Lubricants and sealants resistant to harsh chemicals• Agitator Motor Bearings, Pulping Process Bearings, bearings in bleaching areas – General purpose and Special greases for sleeve roller and bush bearings• Belts – Compounds to prolong belt drive and eliminate squeal in all kinds of V-belts.
  8. 8. Paper Mill Operations• Stock Preparation Wet End Operations – Gear Boxes: Open Gear Greases, Enclosed Gear 00 consistency greases, mineral and synthetic oils, sealants for gear box flanges, gear additives. – Pumps: Sealants and greases for pump bearings, corrosion protection products. – Valves: Dry coatings for valve stems, valve packing greases, corrosion protection coatings – Flanges: Flange sealants, torque wrenches, thread repair kits, etc – Motors: Motor Bearing greases for water ingress and high speeds.
  9. 9. Paper Processing Machines• Dry End Operations – Oven Dryer Fan Bearings: Special Lubricants and Greases for water, moisture and steam resistance – Guillotine Blades: Dry anti-friction coating to extend blade life, sharpening and replacement intervals on cutters, slitters, flying and static knives – Gear Boxes: Additives, mineral and synthetic oils, flange sealants
  10. 10. Threaded Connections• Disassembly: High quality penetrating oils for loosening rusted and seized connections.• Pre-assembly: Molykote 1000 Thread Pastes to prevent seizures on all threaded connections, Ultra-pure anti-seizes to prevent seizures and corrosion of special alloy bolts.• Tightening and Loosening Operations: Snap-On torque wrenches, sockets and ratchets for precise applications.• Damaged Female Threads: Recoil Thread Repair Kits
  11. 11. Captive Power - Turbines• Parting Plane Flanges: Stag B Jointing Compounds• Pedestal Bearing Parting Planes: Hylomar Universal Blue or Golden Hermetite non- hardening oil resistant sealants• Parting Plane Bolts: Molykote anti-seize compounds• Thread Repair Compounds: Stainless steel and Inconel Thread Repair Kits and inserts
  12. 12. Our Contact Details• Project Sales Corp, 28 Founta Plaza, Suryabagh, Visakhapatnam 530020, AP.• Call: 0891 2564393; 5566482• Fax: 0891 2590482• Mobile: 09885149412• Email: