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DNA for your business... the IBM Industry Models. Join us at the Virtual Financial Services Solutions Symposium (v-FS3) to learn more!

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vFS3 Brochure

  1. 1. Virtual vF S Financial Services Solutions Symposium 3 IBM Industry Models (IAA / IFW) User Group Attend a two-day conference on your schedule! Reveal your company’s DNA CYBERSPACE vFS3, a conference created by users for users, is coming to your work How can the IBM Industry Models uncover your company’s unique DNA? APRil 23 & 30 location April 23 and 30… however, you will be able to access recorded Once revealed, how can you apply this insight to innovatively tackle complex sessions for 90 days following. With the economy restricting travel and business opportunities? The uses are endless, the value is real. See how 2009 training budgets, virtual conferencing lets you still network with peers and un- your peers are making it happen. derstand how to further leverage your investment in the IBM Industry Models. DNA for Your Business Message from Michael Daugherty, President, Industry Models Advisory Group (IMAG) Our future business depends on understanding its core DNA. From DNA springs all life. Change one sequence and go from amoeba to antelope! This profound concept leads to another: virtual conferencing. This year, FS3 is vFS3. In a year of restrained budgets, the benefits of virtual go beyond saving money. A virtual conference means you can double, triple and even quadruple attendance without blowing your budget. Can’t find another attendee you want to chat with? No problem – search for colleagues based on numerous attributes and meet them in the online networking lounge. Evolve We hope to see each other face-to-face in April 2010 in Boston; but, ‘til then, think about participating in live presentations with peers and virtually discussing key concepts with your teams in any venue that has network connectivity. Join this virtual exploration of your business DNA – the IBM Industry Models. See if your friends, colleagues and bosses don’t evolve to higher life-forms with what they learn! IBM Industry Models: Why attend? Three good reasons... To bridge the business-to-IT gap through model-driven approaches Integrated process, service and data models used by Support decision making and regulatory compliance through enterprise information. Accelerate business transformation through component business and representing the collective knowledge of more modeling, business process re-engineering and simulation. Evolve business models and IT solutions in tandem. Tie business analysts, IT architects, integrators and than 400 Financial Services companies worldwide. developers together through a common vocabulary. Through structured business knowledge and a common To evolve your business: enable innovation language, they facilitate a single enterprise view and Shift IT investment from maintenance of legacy systems to new capabilities. Deploy enterprise-wide reusable components across traditional boundaries. Improve decision provide a roadmap for the deployment of Financial making and achieve better customer insight through an enterprise-wide data manage- ment infrastructure. Services solutions supporting Banking, Financial To manage enterprise transformation Markets and Insurance. Govern data and SOA through reference models. Provide specialized points of view to simplify complexity. Bring together process, service and data definitions for greater consistency. The symposium is an opportunity to learn from, and network with, your industry peers Supported by IBM InfoSphere™ Software To learn moreand to influence model development. or to register go to: http://events.unisfair.com/rt/vfs3~2009
  2. 2. Virtual vF S Financial Services Solutions Symposium 3 IBM Industry Models (IAA / IFW) User Group Virtues of virtual More attendees / global reach – No Symposium highlights Who should attend? geographical limitations; virtual events attract on average 5 times more attendees! Real life stories of business evolution using Model DNA – There For business and IT professionals ranging from senior planners and is no better way to understand the value of business models than strategists to designers and developers of process, services and data Extended learning opportunities – by hearing how others have used the models. Go from theoretical to solutions. Access anything you missed for 90 practical by seeing how others have done it. days following the event...listen to or Strategic planners – learn how to apply the IBM Industry Models download presentations, view demos, Network with peers and experts from around the world – Locate and as a powerful communication mechanism to translate high-priority etc. chat with people who share a common interest no matter where they business requirements into a flexible, extensible solution suited to the are in the world or in the virtual venue! You can actually “see” where volatile economic environment. Convenient – Overcome travel everyone is! restrictions making it impossible to Business architects / process improvement practitioners – learn attend events Business balance – Recognizing the critical partnership how models can be used to understand, improve and standardize between business and IT, presentations will highlight how your business processes. Accessible to busy executives – Tune in business value was achieved. as desired without devoting 3 days away Business analysts – learn about contemporary requirements from the office. Keynote speakers – Recognized industry experts sharing gathering methods and techniques; how your peers are using the IBM valuable insights. Industry Models to accelerate requirements gathering with a common Expand the user community – Global business language. participation lays the foundation for a Exhibit area – Explore tools and solutions from IBM and IBM Solutions Exhibit worldwide user community directory and Business Partners. Solution / application architects & designers – learn how to apply wiki the Industry Process, Services and Data Models using model-driven Technical breakouts – Sharing tips and techniques relative to tooling to create solutions that meet your business users’ changing More effective networking – Unlike model-driven development. direction and need for flexibility. a crowded ballroom, you can “see” all participants and search by name, What’s new? – Latest development details and future plans. Business intelligence / data warehouse architects – learn best company, interest. etc. practices leveraging the IBM Industry Models for your mission-critical Orientation sessions – A foundational overview of the IBM Industry data warehouse projects. Lower costs – $250 conference fee Models and how they are used in a practical setting. (versus the yearly $995) and obviously Governance – learn how to establish and execute model-driven no travel costs! Access to experts – Pose your “what if,” “how do I” and “what governance processes and ways to measure success. happens when” questions to IBM Industry Model experts. Green – Drastically reduced carbon footprint To learn more or to register go to: http://events.unisfair.com/rt/vfs3~2009 Supported by IBM InfoSphere™ Software