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IBM collaborates with government leaders to transform services, improve outcomes of social programs, facilitate global trade, protect borders and enhance public safety.

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IBM zEnterprise: Government

  1. 1. George Mattathil -5/5/2011IBM zEnterprise Systembusiness value for the government industrySmarter systems for a smarter planet™Posting reference 727 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM is helping government organizations address priority needsand goals. CHANGING DEMOGRAPHICS Aging populations are increasing the overall demand for services and raising pension and healthcare costs. EVOLVING SOCIETAL RELATIONSHIPS Today, governments are expected to deliver results and value through secure, private services that are available anywhere at any time. ACCELERATING GLOBALIZATION Countries and societies are becoming more economically interdependent across social, political and cultural boundaries. EXPANDING IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY The adoption of the Internet is remaking the landscapes of business, healthcare and government. IBM’s Government Industry Value Proposition IBM collaborates with government leaders to transform services, improve outcomes of social programs, facilitate global trade, protect borders and enhance public safety. The overall IBM Government Industry Value Proposition is enhanced with the introduction of the new IBM zEnterprise™ System.2 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. The concepts of building a smarter planet™ and smartergovernment are enabled by a smart infrastructure that isinstrumented, interconnected and intelligent. Instrumented  Real-time situational awareness for military effectiveness  Management of critical equipment used in transportation, water distribution and waste disposal to prevent outages and accidents  Sensors that enable management of energy use  Digital video surveillance to protect public buildings and the transportation infrastructure, and to protect citizens in public areas Interconnected  Anywhere anytime access for citizens  Dynamic information support to improve effectiveness of mobile government employees  Critical cross-agency information sharing for key decisions  Collaboration across governments and with extended community Intelligent  Fusion and real-time analysis of information for public safety  Assessment of trends for city planning and policy development  Evaluating outcomes of social services to improve the economic welfare of citizens and the community  Fraud detection to ensure government funds are properly used Government priorities and goals can be fulfilled by a smarter infrastructure integrated on the new IBM zEnterprise™ System.3 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. Strategic government business priorities and IT alignment 1 Government BUSINESS IMPERATIVES IMPROVE CITIZEN AND STRENGTHEN NATIONAL MANAGE RESOURCES BUSINESS SERVICES SECURITY & PUBLIC SAFETY EFFECTIVELY  Governmentwide portals  Customs modernization  Performance management  Combined service locations  Immigration and border mgmt  Revenue management  Integrated case management  Network-centric operations  Cost efficiency  Public safety solutions  Intelligent transportation  Water management 2 Supporting Government IT IMPERATIVES Integrated View of Government Business Analytics Citizen Relationship Trusted Identity Improving Citizen Access and Analysis of Critical Response Time Intelligence Information 3 DESIRED OUTCOMES of high priority Government industry IT initiatives Connecting people to  Enabling defense and law  Leveraging business programs based on individual enforcement teams intelligence and planning to needs to achieve situational improve insight and elevate Achieving sustainable awareness, increased speed performance outcomes while reducing of command and combat  Manage integrated operational costs superiority transportation systems Eliminating overpayments  Analysis of data from  Smart metering to reduce and fraud multiple legacy databases water and energy usage4 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. Government imperatives supported by NEW zEnterprise advantages Improve Citizen and Strengthen National Manage Resources Business Services Security and Public Safety Effectively Operational advantage  Large-scale consolidation to help reduce cost of energy, facilities and software licenses by up to 90 percent  Deliver 35 to 65 percent performance improvement over IBM System z10™ Business advantage  Turn information into insightwith up to 10x improvement in performance for complex queries  Create a business-aligned infrastructure capable of processingbillions of instructions per second Organizational advantage  Integrate and centralize management to reduce laboroverhead by up to40 percent  Up to 100 percent resource increase available to deliver new innovation5 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. Built on best-in-class systems and software technologiesUnifies IT for more predictable service delivery government agencies need Three new innovations of IBM zEnterprise™ System IBM zEnterprise 196 (z196) zEnterprise Unified zEnterprise BladeCenter Resource Manager Extension (zBX)  Optimized to host large-scale  Unifies management of  Selected IBM POWER7 blades database, transaction, and resources, extending IBM and IBM System x Blades* for mission-critical applications System z qualities of service tens of thousands of AIX and  The most efficient platform end-to-end across workloads Linux applications for large-scale Linux  Provides platform, hardware  High-performance optimizers consolidation and workload management and appliances to accelerate  Capable of massive scale-up time to insight and reduce cost  New easy-to-use z/OS V1.12  Dedicated high-performance * All statements regarding IBM future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice, private network6 and represents goals and objectives only. © 2010 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Extending IBM System z® qualities of service to makeClouds ready for government organizations Security VirtualizationIndustry-leading security at the Centralized management of core of an integrated virtual servers across a infrastructure heterogeneous pool Identifies potential fraud in near More than 100,000 virtual servers in real time a single IBM zEnterprise™ System Availability EfficiencyResiliency management and Economies of scale for labor, fewer points of failure software and environmental costs Centralized management of Helps reduce labor, energy, and heterogeneous workloads development costs, by up to 70 aligned to business priorities percent, 90 percent, and 20 percent, respectively (IBM Internal Study based on Oracle SW with Nehalem 4 core running 25% utilization) Scalability Ability to help meet massive demands from users and data Process up to a trillion instructions per second with a single zEnterprise System7 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. Government Internet tax applicationChallenges and issues Not able to respond quickly for need of new function. High cost of staff required to maintain multi-tier application The Future with IBM zEnterprise™ System Database on IBM DB2® z/OS® with Application Serving on p7 Blades in IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter® Extension, utilizing IBM WebSphere® DataPower for web service enablementOperational Advantage Improved network speed (10 GB network in zNext versus 1 GB network in data center, equal to a Organizational Advantage 10x increase) Everything is pre-tested and pre- Horizontal workload management view for one configured for mission-critical specific application across many platforms applications, which is a large benefit. (Linux® on Intel®, IBM AIX®, IBM z/OS®)8 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Summary: A new dimension in computing for government institutionsManagement Multi-platform  One of the world’s fastest and most integration integration scalable enterprise systems with virtually unrivalled reliability, security and manageability  One of the industry’s most efficient platforms for large-scale data center simplification and consolidation  A “System of Systems,” integrating IBM’s leading technologies to help dramatically improve productivity of Stack integration today’s multi-architecture data centers and tomorrow’s private clouds9 © 2010 IBM Corporation Posting reference 727