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Smarter Software for Smarter Governments


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Smarter Software for Smarter Governments

  1. 1. Smarter Software forSmarter GovernmentsAshish CowlagiWW Offering Leader,Government Industry Framework © 2009 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. On a smarter planet,everyone is connectedto everything.As a result, we’re all facing- An explosion of data- A hyper-connected society- Increasingly demanding customers- The push for relentless innovation © 2009 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. To provide sustainable economic growth and enhanced quality of lifeLeveraging information Anticipating problems toto make better decisions resolve them proactively Planning and Management Human InfrastructureCoordinating resources Enables leaders to better serveand processes to citizens and businesses in a rapidlyoperate effectively changing world © 2009 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. How is IBM software helping deliver better business outcomes? Massive investments, leading innovations IBM changed the mix of the business IBM investment has shifted the company toward software • More than US$8 billion in acquisitions and US$9 billion in research and development (R&D) from 2007–2009 42% • US$20 billion in future acquisitions • 53 software acquisitions since 2001 25% 40% • 40 innovation centers, 80 R&D labs, 33,000 developers, more than 30,000 IBM Business 40% 37% 42% Partners • Focus on software solutions and business process transformation 35% 23% 16% • More than 2,500 government agencies around the world have selected business 2000 2006 2009 analytics solutions from IBM Software Services Hardware/financing Segment pretax Income4 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. As the world’s largest business software company, IBM is helping organizations of all sizes tackle their most important business challenges* Information Business integration and analytics and optimization Product and service People innovation Risk, security Business infrastructure and and compliance services5 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. By providing clients with an incredibly rich set of capabilitiesNeed Capabilities Need CapabilitiesTurn  Business Analytics Deliver  Mobile Developmentinformation  Data Management enterprise and Connectivityinto insights  Big Data mobility  Mobile Management and Security  Data Warehousing  Enterprise Content Management  Information Integration Accelerate  Application Lifecycle Management and Governance product and  Complex and Embedded Systems service  Enterprise ModernizationDeepen  Social Collaboration innovationengagement  Unified Communicationswith  Web Experiencecustomers,  Commercepartners and  Enterprise Marketing Optimize IT and  Cloud and IT Optimizationemployees Management business  Asset and Facilities Management  Smarter City Operations infrastructure  Enterprise Endpoint ManagementEnable the  Business Process Management Manage risk,  Identity and Access Managementagile business  Connectivity, Integration security and  Data Protection and SOA compliance  Application Security  Application Infrastructure  Infrastructure Protection  Security Intelligence and Compliance Analytics © 2009 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Enable the agile business:Improve business agility, optimize performance and reduce costs with aflexible IT infrastructure, automating and interconnecting improvedbusiness processes with applications and information. Business Process Management Application Connectivity, Integration Infrastructure and SOA © 2009 IBM Corporation Full list of capabilities
  8. 8. Deliver enterprise mobility:Enable, manage and secure access to collaboration, business.processes, and applications by mobile devices Mobile Management and Security Mobile Development and Connectivity © 2009 IBM Corporation Full list of capabilities
  9. 9. Deliver enterprise mobility:WimbledonThe All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Clubneeded to enhance the Wimbledon experiencefor its fans at the venue. 30% Increase in Wimbledon appThey improved the Wimbledon mobile downloads and 50% growthapplication, guiding users to events using GPS in multiple page views.mapping and allowing users to watch real-timetennis on any court, from anywhere in the venue. IBM capabilitiesThe result was a 30% increase in Wimbledon Application Infrastructureapp downloads and 50% growth in multiple Connectivity, Integration and SOApage views. Data Management Mobile Development and Connectivity Web Experience © 2009 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. Turn information into insights:Improve decision-making, identify and understand trendsto reduce risk by accessing and analyzing enterprise data. Business Analytics Enterprise Content Management Data Warehousing Big Data Data Management Information Integration and Governance © 2009 IBM Corporation Full list of capabilities
  11. 11. Innovative leadership in Alameda County transformed social services  Initial focus – increase effectiveness of social services case workers  Expanded to integrate all key social services departments  Provides better service to clients, avoids overpayments and detects fraud  High value results: Average annual benefit: $24.7M ROI: 631% with payback in 2 months Reducing benefits overpayment, improving appeals litigation, and increasing productivity for 1,200 case workers © 2009 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. Accelerate product and service innovation:Speed time-to-market for innovative products and applications byintegrating people, processes and tools across the life cycle, andencouraging collaborative design, development and testing. Application Lifecycle Enterprise Management Modernization Complex and Embedded Systems © 2009 IBM Corporation Full list of capabilities
  13. 13. Optimize IT and business infrastructure:Enhance business outcomes through automated asset management,aligned business planning, improved service delivery, and enhancedmanagement of enterprise data volumes. Cloud and IT Optimization Asset and Facilities Management Enterprise Endpoint Management © 2009 IBM Corporation Full list of capabilities
  14. 14. Accelerate product and service innovation:Schiphol AirportSchiphol Airport needed to re-architect theirbaggage handling processes in order to handle 50M to 70M Bags handled every yearmore passengers.The ability to trace any bag at any timethroughout the process – has yielded an 40% IBM capabilitiesincrease in overall baggage handling capacity. Application Lifecycle Management Cloud and IT Optimization Asset and Facilities Management © 2009 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. Manage risk, security and compliance: Identity and access management Application security Data protection Infrastructure protection Security intelligence and Compliance analytics © 2009 IBM Corporation Full list of capabilities
  16. 16. Manage Risk, Security, and Compliance: Security Systems Security Intelligence: Information and event management Advanced correlation and deep analytics External threat research Optimized Role based Advanced network analytics Secure app monitoring Data flow analytics Identity governance engineering processes Forensics / data Data governance mining Privileged user Fraud detection controls Secure systems User provisioning Virtualization security Access Access monitoring Application firewall Asset management Proficient management Data loss prevention Source code scanning Endpoint / network Strong security management authentication Centralized Encryption Perimeter security Basic directory Access control Application scanning Anti-virus SecurityIntelligence People Data Applications Infrastructure © 2009 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. Deepen engagement with customers, partners and employees:Communicate and collaborate to share knowledge, anticipateproblems, coordinate resources and increase demand acrossall channels. Smarter City Operations Commerce Web ExperienceEnterprise MarketingManagement Unified Communications Social Collaboration © 2009 IBM Corporation Full list of capabilities
  18. 18. The combination of IBM leadership in Smarter Cities and i2 solutions provideunparalleled capabilities for helping ensure Public Safety IBM Public Safety i2 Command and Control Collaborative Response Unified view across agencies Standard Procedures Situational Awareness  User interfaces designed for tactical Minimize disruptions due to and investigative roles Intelligence Visualization Investigation threats from public safety  Respond to threats in real time Improve response time and  Present critical information minimize life-threatening issues Investigate and Prevent Crime APPS in the field Predict crime occurrences and Crowd Detection Facial Matching Lead Generation  Allows for optimization of optimize resource deployment data capture and entry Perimeter Alerts Activity Reporting Dynamic Alerts  Initiate coordinate response Develop Insights ANALYTICS Content analytics to unlock  Present relationships and aliases unstructured information Trend and Pattern Citizen Social Network Analysis  Associate physical descriptors Predictive analytics to anticipate across all available information Risk and Threat Biometrical Geospatial change  Visualize incidents over time with Predictive analytics for actionable Content Video Temporal Associative mapping and charting insight on risk and threats Analysis of social media data Unlock data DATA Determine baselines then detect Adaptors Adaptors anomalies and threats Local Law Tax Records Call Records Crime Enforcement Information Cameras and Customs and Vehicle Video Systems Borders Registrations IBM Confidential © 2009 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. The combination of IBM leadership in Smarter Cities and Cúram Software core solutions propel social program innovation IBM Cúram Outcome ManagementPractice leaders in social Statistical Analysis Identification Provisioning Personal outcome plansservices transformation Service Transformation Planning Results built on best practices Social Program Management Content Management Rules EligibilityAnalytics and tools for Rapid implementation Advanced Analytics Evidence Calculationsbusiness optimization with dynamic calculation Workforce Optimization Verification Payments Universal Access to Benefits and Services Application and data Integration Portal Screening Assessment Enrollment Simple screening for integration Data Warehouse Risk Life Events Triage complex programs IBM Confidential © 2009 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. IBM Software Group – Acquisition snapshot Information on Demand Next Generation CollaborationKnowledgeX (1998) Complex Venetica (2004) Access/ FileNet (2006) Business Exeros (2009) Data Lotus (1995) Collaboration PureEdge (2005) Secure xml e-data mining Integrate unstructured info process and content mgmt relationship discovery and productivity formsIW Manager (1998) Query through SQL query DataMirror (2007) Real- SPSS (2009) Predictive Databeam (1998) Real BowStreet (2005) Developmentmanager SRD (2005) Identity time data integration analytics time and distance learning tools for portalsInformix (2001) Distributed resolution Princeton Softech Guardium (2009) Ubique (1998) Instant Web Dialogs (2007) OnlineUnix DBs Ascential (2005) Enterprise (2007) Database archiving Real-time enterprise database messaging and chat meeting and collaborationTarian (2002) Record data integration monitoring and protection Net Integration Technologies How do we and test data management ONEstone (1999)management DWL (2005) Customer data Cognos (2008) BI and Initiate (2010) Data integrity Workflow (2008) Small business serverCrossAccess (2003) Info integration and mgmt performance mgmt platform software Pathware (1999) Web solutionsaccess to mainframe DBs iPhrase (2005) Adaptive Solid Information Tech Netezza (2010) High- based e-learning Outblaze Ltd. (2009) Hosted,Green Pasture (2003) info delivery and discovery (2008) Real-time, all-the-time performance analytics in data Aptrix (2003) Web content multilingual e-mail serviceCompound document mgmt warehousing appliance management LAS (2006) Multi-cultural info accessTrigo (2004) Product info mgmt name recognition Software Lifecycle Rembo (2006) • make this easier toAlphablox (2004) BI analytics Unicorn (2006) Enterprise Service Management Management Automatically install or upgradeand alerts metadata mgmt OS on multiple systems Rational (2002) Team- Watchfire (2007) Security Tivoli (1996) Centralized Access360 (2002) MRO (2006) Asset and based, end-to-end and compliance testing systems mgmt Identity mgmt Business Process development tools services mgmt Telelogic (2008) Unison (1997) Job Think Dynamics Flexibility Information Lab (2003) ISS (2006) Internet Security Development SW for complex (2003) Automated serverObject Tech. (1996)Object technologyOpenOrders (2000) Order implement ? AptSoft (2008) Business event processing InfoDyne (2008) High- Development tool technology Systemcorp (2004) Project portfolio mgmt embedded systems Ounce Labs (2009) Application security and scheduling DBMX (1997) Distributed DB mgmt provisioning Candle Corp (2004) Dascom (1999) Security Systems Mgmt & Monitoring Systems (software and services) DORANA (2006) Software asset mgmt compliancemanagement speed platforms and data BuildForge (2006) access control Cyanea (2004) Web Vallent (2006) NetworkCrossWorlds (2002) feed connectors Product development SANergy (1999) Storage performance mgmt and performance monitoring and • reduce Time-to-Value ?Business process Integration ILOG (2008) Business documentation monitoring service mgmt for wireless mgmtHolosofx (2002) Business rules, visualization Solving Industry Accessible Software Isogon (2005) IT asset Consul (2006) Complianceprocess modeling and Lombardi (2010) Software Solutions mgmt and security audit Challenges (2000) Mainframe systemsmonitoring Business process Collation (2005) Appl.- Encentuate (2008) Identity mgmtGluecode (2005) Open management Coremetrics (2010) Unica (2010) Marketing centric views of cross-tier IT and access managementsource Java application Cast Iron Systems Web analytics for marketing automation Metamerge (2002) infrastructure Directory integration softwareinfrastructure (2010) Cloud application DataCap (2010) PSS Systems (2010) Micromuse (2005) Advanced capture Legal information governance TrelliSoft (2002) Storage Network mgmt FilesX (2008) ContinuousDataPower (2005) Secure integration and SaaS data protection/recovery technology Clarity Systems (2010) mgmtapplication-level messaging CIMs Labs (2006)and xml processing Sterling Commerce Financial perfomance mgmt Intelliden (2010) Network Track resource usage managementWebify (2006) Industry- (2010) Cross-channel and Open Pages (2010) across virtualized technologyspecific SOA software B2B solutions environments Big Fix, Inc. (2010) High- Business analytics for risk performance enterprise systems mgmt and security management 20 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  21. 21. These business challenges are interdependent—and IBM software can address them holistically Information Business People Product and Business Risk, security and analytics integration and service infrastructure and and compliance optimization innovation services IBM software is optimized to work together in integrated solutions and architected on open standards that allow it to work with other software and hardware.21 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  22. 22. IBM solutions are built on a core set of software capabilities*22 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  23. 23. With increasing experience, best practice patterns become visible 2006 2008 2010 Experienced: Emergency Management Identified:  What data is most important? Repeatable  What analytics provide value? Patterns  Which groups to coordinate? Enhanced: Tax and Revenue Metropolitan Transportation Government Best Practice Examples:Foundation for Management and Roads Industry  Architectures: Fraud detection Reuse and Framework  Analytics: Traffic prediction Integration Social Services Integrated Urban and Social Infrastructure Integrates IBM  Data models: Crime information Security and Partner  Adapters: NIEM standard Safety and Security solutions © 2009 IBM Corporation
  24. 24. Industry Frameworks deliver the full power of IBM Software IBM Software Strategic Business Drivers Specific Business Problem Models and tools Industry Solutions Process model IBM and flows Software Information Industry models Solution products Design templates Re-usable code Industry Frameworks assets Industry standards Built on IBM Common services middlewareServers, storage, communication networks and associated services © 2009 IBM Corporation
  25. 25. The Government Industry Framework supports solutions and projectsacross six business Domains Implement Transport InformationReduce fraud, waste and error with a single Management systems to provide journeyview of the taxpayer. Improve operational optimization and performance reporting.efficiency with effective workflow and case Build multi-modal transportation systems tomanagement. Enhance the taxpayer collectively optimize capacity, reduceexperience with multi-channel access congestion, and improve convenience Tax and Metropolitan Revenue Transportation Management and Roads Improving teaching effectiveness and studentOptimize citizen-centered outcomes by usingexperiences by putting the Social advanced analytics tocitizen first by organizing Services Education measure and predictinformation around the citizen and Social performanceand their needs. Improve security Leveraging these insights tobenefits delivery and ensuring build holistic earlythe proper use of resources intervention programs to drive desired outcomes Integrated Safety and Urban security Infrastructure Create sustainable cities with effective Enable law enforcement organizations to management of resources across city achieve situational awareness, increase systems. Implement water management, speed of command and ensure safety of it’s smarter buildings and green solutions to citizens and protect the nations borders optimize resource usage and manage environmental impact. © 2009 IBM Corporation
  26. 26. GIF Conceptual Architecture – Industry Solution Products Domain Specific IBM and Business Partner Solutions Metropolitan Tax and Revenue Social Services & Integrated Urban Education Safety and Security Transportation & Management Social Security Infrastructure Roads Government Industry Framework Government Industry Solution Products I2 – CopLink I2 - Enterprise I2 – Analyst Fraud Intelligent Water Intelligent Curam Notebook Management * Mgt. Transport Mgt. IOC –Emergency (in progress) Mgt. Interfaces and Industry Standards, Data, Templates and Reference Delivery guides, & Development Tools Adapters Rules and Process Models Portlets Architectures tools Operations Center Foundation Maximo Single View, ECM, Business Analytics Government Customer Care and Insight Foundation  IOC Government SOA Foundation © 2009 IBM Corporation
  27. 27. Single View of Party Logical Architecture External Interaction Risk Content IBM Business Data Sources Services Management Advanced Business (Compliance, Management COGNOS Optimization &(Watch Lists, Axciom, (Telephony, Portal, Case Kiosk, Presentation Applications Analysis, Systems and & PerformanceExperian, Lexis Nexis, Management D&B, etc.) Services) Scoring, etc.) Applications IBM SPSS Services Message Publish Subscribe Service FTP Mediation Routing Connectivity & Interoperability Quality of Integration Service Information Services Composition (ESB) Transport Initial & Incremental Loads Federated Query Standardization Standardization Persistent Query Search/Retrieve Version Control Initiate/manage Relationships Account Data Delete/Update Add / Update Add / Update Survivorship Add / Update Add/Register Relationship & Validation Add Source System key Get History Matching & Resolution Resolution Address Process Identity Alerts Search … ... Notify Name Party ... Analytical Data Authoritative Source Probabilistic Matching Data Standardization Enterprise Information Compliance and Discovery Digitization of paper Content Integration IBM InfoSphere IBM ECM Data Cleansing Content ingest / Duplicate Suspect Audit and History Data Stewardship Content based Event Detection Relationships IBM InfoSphere Hierarchies & Rule Detection Integration Management Management Data Quality Critical Data Management Processing Information workflow Anonymous Security & IBM Entity Resolution Resolution Visualizer Privacy ETL Identity Master Data Engine Analytic Server & FileNet Management Global Name Solutions IBM Master Server Recognition Content Bridge Analysis and Discovery MDM Services Information Integration Content Management Initial & Incremental Loads (ETL) © 2009 IBM Corporation
  28. 28. Frameworks are evolving with increased asset contentdelivering industry products to enable higher value industry solutions IBM Software IBM Software …are unique, integrated Products, Industry Solution Technology addressing industry use cases and Products solving specific customer problems Repeated patterns are …built on a common Platform of integrated into core IBM Software products for new products efficient delivery and reuse across industries ...leverage both organic and inorganic investments ...use client value delivery models, including cloud offeringsTaking lessons learned and best practices from leading engagements and making those solutions available to the rest of the world © 2009 IBM Corporation
  29. 29. Modular segment (domain) slideIBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities providesintegrated insight… Smarter Operations – across departments and agencies Leverage information with real-time visibility of key data to drive better decisions Anticipate performance to identify, manage and mitigate incidents that impact operations Coordinate resources and processes to respond to situations rapidly and effectively …within a particular service area or …start within a particular service area or managing across many services manage across services © 2009 IBM Corporation
  30. 30. We can help you plan and execute critical aspects ofyour journey Access to a wide Information Proactive Unified threat Optimized environment An integrated variety of relevant integrated with planning and assessment and resources to information and trusted operations decision and response anticipate, prevent and sources information base making respond Coordinating resources and processes to operate effectively Anticipating problems to resolve them proactively Leveraging information to make better decisionsIBM Solution Area: Public Safety Data Management Data Analytics (i2, SPSS) Crime Information Warehouse / Video Analytics Emergency Response Solutions / IOC Real Time Crime Center © 2009 IBM Corporation
  31. 31. We provide deployment choices that offer flexibility and agilityOn Premise: Shared Services: Cloud Delivery: Build on workload optimized  Work together across  Log on to your smarter city platforms multiple cities environment Leverage infrastructure  Share services using  Customize interfaces, readiness services preconfigured systems reports and data inputs “It’s about transforming the way we do business, so we Inspired By can invest that money in front-line service delivery” Chief Superintendent Avon & Somerset Police © 2009 IBM Corporation
  32. 32. Independent audits show significant ROI from framework projects Alameda County Social Services Agency Clark County Family Services increased office productivity, improved case management and Implemented IBM’s Social Services Integrated Reporting compliance that helped identify more federal funding, System to achieve the visibility to avoid overpayments to drive 245% ROI with payback in 9 months and and improve productivity. ROI – 631%; Payback – 2 an annual average benefit of $4,393,259. months; Average Annual Benefit - $24,725,000 DC Water achieves 36 percent reduction in customer Memphis Police predictive analytics software to improve calls through increased preventive maintenance and its overall operations, enabling it to considerably reduce implementation of automated meter readings. crime without a proportional increase in staff while Streamlines processes to increase the number of expanding its coverage area. ROI – 863%; Payback – 2.7 emergency investigations dispatched within 10 months; Average Annual Benefit -$7,205,501 minutes from 49 to 93 percent. 32 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  33. 33. BACKUP © 2009 IBM Corporation
  34. 34. SOA Foundation DB2 CMOD WebSphere WebSphere DB2 Information FileNet Portal Process Server Server DB2 DWE WebSphere Tivoli Service Cognos Business DeskModeler & Monitor Business Innovation & Optimization Services Tivoli CAM forWebSphere MQ Facilitates better decision-making with real- Response TimeWebSphere ESB time business information Tracking WebSphere DevelopmentMessage Broker Tivoli CAM for Interaction Process Services Information Services SOA Services Services Enables collaboration Orchestrate and automate Manages diverse data in a Management Rational between people, processes & business processes Tivoli CAM for IT Service unified manner Software information WebSphere Architect Integrated ESB Tivoli CCMDB Rational environment Application for design Info Assets Developer and creation Partner Services Business App Services Access Services Manage and Tivoli Identity Apps & secure Manager of solution Connect with trading Build on a robust, Facilitates interactions with WebSphere assets partners services, scaleable, and secure existing information and applications Integration services environment application assets Tivoli Access Developer & resources Manager Rational Infrastructure ServicesMethod Composer Optimizes throughput, availability and For SOA performance WebSphere WebSphere WebSphere Service Registry WebSphere Adapters Partner Gateway Application Server and Repository WebSphere Host Access WebSphere XD / DataPower Transformation Services (HATS) © 2009 IBM Corporation
  35. 35. …enabling interconnections across systems to improve outcomesCustomizable Easing traffic congestion improves Public Safety emergency increases use of response public transit Public Safety Govt Services & Education Transportation Better student Protecting city health positively water increases impacts public safety attendance Water Healthcare Energy © 2009 IBM Corporation
  36. 36. To ensure the economic health, welfare and security of their citizens, smart governments will work to… IMPROVE CITIZEN AND MANAGE RESOURCES BUSINESS SERVICES EFFECTIVELY Connecting people to Leveraging businessprograms based on individual intelligence and planning toneeds—achieving sustainable improve insight and elevate outcomes while reducing performance with visibility operational costs and and control. maximizing taxpayer value. GOVERNMENT ENSURE A SUSTAINABLE STRENGTHEN NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT SECURITY AND PUBLIC SAFETY Deploying environmentally Enabling defense and law responsible operations, enforcement organizations from energy efficiency and to achieve situational awareness,conservation to transportation increased speed of command and management and the pursuit combat superiority. of renewable resources.36 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  37. 37. These rapidly advancing attributes, instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent, create an opportunity for governments to think and act in new ways. + + = Connecting people to programs Enabling defense and law based on individual needs— enforcement organizations to achieving sustainable outcomes achieve situational awareness, while reducing operational costs increased speed of command and and maximizing taxpayer value. combat superiority. Leveraging business Deploying environmentally intelligence and planning to responsible operations, from improve insight and elevate energy efficiency and conservation performance with visibility to transportation management and and control. the pursuit of renewable resources.37 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  38. 38. For governments, this means leading in the face of global challenges brought on by key drivers. ACCELERATING GLOBALIZATION CHANGING DEMOGRAPHICS Countries and societies are becoming Median ages are rising in the developed more economically interdependent across countries of Italy, Germany and Japan, social, political and cultural boundaries, as but dropping in developing ones such illustrated by current economic conditions. as India. EVOLVING SOCIETAL RELATIONSHIPS RISING ENVIRONMENTAL Today, governments are expected to CONCERNS deliver results and value through secure, Societies and governments are private services that are available becoming more attuned to what the anywhere at any time. earth can provide and what it can tolerate. EXPANDING IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY GROWING THREATS TO SOCIAL The adoption of the Internet is remaking STABILITY AND ORDER the landscapes of business, healthcare From terrorism to armed conflict to and government. pandemics to natural disasters, the character of threats is changing.Today’s imperative: Managing within the current global financial and economic crisis in away that begins to solve the above challenges and lay a foundation to build a better future.38 38 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  39. 39. Leaders create opportunities from today’s harsh realities Sustainability Investment Innovation Community Declining Increasing Budgets Threats Aging Changing Infrastructure Populations © 2009 IBM Corporation
  40. 40. Leaders must innovate across services to meet and exceed citizenexpectations Planning and Government Management and Agency Urban Planning Design and implement a city Administration plan to realize full potential for citizens and businesses; while Planning and efficiently running daily Public Safety Management Environmental operations Infrastructure Deliver efficient fundamental Human Infrastructure city services that make a city Social Energy desirable for citizens and Health and Water Human Provide effective services that Education Transportation support the economic, social and health needs of citizens © 2009 IBM Corporation
  41. 41. Reaching beyond city hall to collaborate and integrate… Other levels of Government Security Businesses Agencies Planning and Management Hospitals Developers Human Infrastructure Citizen Universities Groups Not for Profits …engaging citizens and businesses © 2009 IBM Corporation