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IBM Business MediaShare 2013

  1. 1. IBM Business Media ShareDigital Asset ManagementLorenzo MonacoIBM Business Media Share Product Manager
  2. 2. Digital assets Nowadays every type of industry or market manages digital assets VIDEO IMAGES MPEG2, MPEG4, WEBM, MJPEG, BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, CAD, FLV, DV, WMV, RM, DivX, QT SVG, VML, EPS, SWF AUDIO DOCUMENTS Texts, XML, MS Office, PDF MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, AU, WMA Together with the use of highly advanced technologies, the combination of these elements enables users to create a wide range of communication projects, with output varying from a simple page layout to a printed ad, from a website to an online catalogue, or from a presentation to a tablet app.© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 2
  3. 3. Digital assets value In Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy, Ann Rockley says that digital content is the “lifeblood of every organization.” Just as the constant circulation of blood is essential to maintain the life of the body, so is the circulation of digital content essential to the life of the business organization. ELEMENTS METADATA PREVIEW COPYRIGHT (ASSET) LOW TARGET TARGET TARGET TARGET To provide contents to be To provide a tool to find contents To provide a fast and light contents To verify limitations in reusingused and reused to generate quickly and to add useful preview for selection and to contents. new revenue information. prototype. VALUE VALUE VALUE VALUETo reduce the time required to Time search reduction and High flexibility to take decisions and To avoid legal issues. create quality products. matching contents with business time reduction to select contents to needs. use © 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 3
  4. 4. The Information Challenge:How You Use digital assets Can Make You Special 5X 70% 60%+ More Value creation of people’s time can be of CEOs: Need to do a by organizations spent searching for better job leveraging effective at using relevant information information Asset Top Business Challenges Top Technical Challenges Increase Employee Productivity Silos Lead to Inconsistency Improve Business Processes Assets Not Available When Needed Better Understand and Meet Users Expectations© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 4
  5. 5. IBM addresses three key client needsEfficiencyAccomplish task with minimum effort or time With content coming from all directions customers must manage an exploding amount of content and distribution outlets through a complex set of rights and configurations.AgilityAbility to change course quickly With the explosion in content, customers must find fast and easy ways to reuse their digital content to create new revenue streams through the sale and licensing of their content. Legacy systems cannot meet the demand of today’s users and cannot be easily integrated. Moreover, they lack the flexibility to adapt to ever changing workflows.EffectivenessDegree to which objectives are achieved With the growth of on demand content, customers are fighting channel wars to distribute their content and struggle with how to effectively get their message across to their customers.© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 5
  6. 6. Digital Asset Management And just as the heart regulates blood flow in the body, the DAM solution regulates the proper circulation of the digital content that the company needs for survival: no company can exist without effective communication with both the outside world (the market) and its employees. Acquire Create Store Change Life-cycle Search Management Distribute Retrieve Re-Use© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 6
  7. 7. IBM Business Media Share: a Digital Asset ManagementSolution A CENTRAL PLACE where images, videos and all your digital assets can be Efficiently managed with an easy-to- use interface. IBM Business Media Share provides business Agility with an integrated Digital Workflow solution to manage assets from creation to repurposing and syndication maintaining the links, relationships and rights associated with original assets, across multiple versions and asset usages. Allows the use of best of breed applications within the workflow enabling users to Effectively create, edit, and publish content, for the format, channel, device, of choice© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 7
  8. 8. IBM Business Media Share Highlights Going Mobile. With a customizable and easy-to-use HTML5 web interface delivered out of the box, IBM Business Media Share empowers customers and a growing mobile workforce to live a unique experience anywhere, everywhere. Business insight. Links to related content, usage rights management and business- intelligence readiness are some of the key features in this solution. In addition, IBM Business Media Share provides executives with advanced analytics to mine Big amount of Data and allow real-time, business aware decisions. Cloud computing is coming of age. The solution is also available on the IBM SmartCloud to avoid capital expenditure for in-house infrastructure and enable clients to pay for the use they really need. It brings new efficiency and enables more agile ways of doing business. Scalability. IBM Business Media Shares modular and distributed architecture allows the system to scale as needs change - from single department to the whole enterprise.© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 8
  9. 9. IBM Business Media Share Business Value With IBM Business Media Share companies can consolidate a Media Hub where all types of digital assets can be efficiently managed - an enabler for any company’s needs for rapid transformation at low costs (software stack, IT infrastructure). The IBM Business Media Share front-end leverages a superior search engine to provide a content-centric approach to end users: content are automatically categorized and captioned and instantly become easy to retrieve, reuse for new products - and resell of content online. Optimization of staff allocation, productivity and cost reduction are obvious benefits. It provides workflow management to enforce business processes and manages complex rights to ensure proper usage of content and to track costs and revenues related to each content. Interoperability. IBM Business Media Share makes integration with any external systems or development of mobile Apps easier by using standard web services calls. Integrates with cutting edge SOA environments, allowing maximum flexibility for other systems to access content.© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 9
  10. 10. What differentiates IBM Business Media Share fromother DAM vendors? Performance – Powerful elaboration and archiving features are pointless if content cannot be easily retrieved and within excellent response times. Our technologies provide a solution with: – A superior IBM search engine whit 95% of searches executed in less than 2 seconds for 50 million objects – Archiving of more than 25 thousands objects per hour – More than 700 concurrent users – Full text indexing of more than 2.5 millions objects per hour Flexibility – Our technologies support highly configured environments (vs. customized deployments) resulting in lower up front customization effort and risk. Stability – Our technologies have extended histories and have been built atop highly scalable infrastructure and operating systems and have been tested in a wide array of environments resulting in fewer management issues and reduced problem resolution overhead. Feature Functionality – Our solution is feature-rich encompassing the best of our customer requested features over the past 18 years. From integration with popular desktop applications such as the Adobe CS to the native support Mac OS X resulting in lower adoption curves among end users. Further, workflows can be modeled, executed, monitored and measured within one single environment resulting in greater business agility, efficiency and effectiveness.© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 10
  11. 11. Digital assets life cycle Internal users Search / Select / Use B2C e B2B Clients Buy User PortalOther SystemsContents / Data E-Commerce Interchange Application Interface IBM Business Media Share Contents Ingest Produce Contents Administrators Classify / Manage© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 11
  12. 12. IBM Business Media Share detailsModular A modular solution from which the Flexible From Departmental workgroupFormat client can select the required Scalable through to Enterprise solution modules Architecture Scalability through single server to Can start with Core, 1 Archive and multiple & distributed servers N User Licenses Web Enabled & Configurable HTML5 Additional modules can be added at Client any time Open architecture compliant Supports AIX, Linux or SolarisOpen API for IBM Business Media Share’s Uses leading relational Databases -Application integration process is open and XML- DB2 or OracleIntegration based. Configurable native Mac and PC Systems integration is a core clients business for IBM and adds value to both the editorial system and digital Available on Mobile devices asset management system. Interface with Java APIs for Standard API for custom interface customization development Standard integration with Adobe Secure Access to Assets Acrobat & Photoshop Assets secured & Decomposition of complex Assets. Can be integrated with ERP systems decomposed Extraction of metadata embedded i.e. SAP into Assets. Editorial System Integration e.g. CCI News Desk, ATEX Hermes, SaxoTech as well as a proprietary InDesign Plug-in.© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 12
  13. 13. Architecture – Typical medium/large Installation Main Data Centre DMZ Internet Production Production Failover Input Library PROD HA Subsystem Subsystem Cluster DB2 Web Application Server Configuration Linux Linux Blade Server Linux Blade Server Diagram Production Environment Backup Data Centre Production Images Filesystems SAN Production Users Failover Standby Backup Standby Backup HA Production Input Cluster Library DB2 Subsystem Subsystem DB2 Linux Linux Test Blade Server Blade Server Failover Test MirrorView Input HA Library Subsystem Cluster Subsystem DB2 Linux Linux Backup Backup Images Environment Test Filesystems Images Test Filesystems SAN Environment Test SAN Test Web Backup SAN DB2 Application Test DB2 Server Users© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 13
  14. 14. Architecture founded upon a three tiered architecture Presentation Layer Standard App Fat Client Standard App Web UI Custom Mobile App Custom App Web UI Win & Mac Common Services Business Layer IBM Business Media Share API (C / Java) / Web Services (JAX RS) Text, Images, PDF & Video Production Syndication & Rights PDFs, Audio & Mobile support Video Analysis & Archive Pricing Engine Management Decoding & Security Indexing Ingest Workflow Search Auditing Data / External Services Layer Email Server Directory Server LC Search Engine Asset Storage RDBMS© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 14
  15. 15. New simple users’ web interface The brand new easy-to-use HTML5 web interface for simple users can be used on any device (smartphones, tablets) It introduces the possibility to create relations between assets and the shift from the concept of collections to “container assets”. This gives an enormous power to users since they can create any type of relations between assets. For example, you can define marketing campaigns as a new type of asset and add all the related marketing assets to the defined campaign without replicating all the information. This capability is something completely new in the DAM landscape and will revolutionize the way assets are managed.© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 15
  16. 16. Audio-Video Management Rich media formats (audio & video) require specialized capabilities for storage, indexing and retrieval across the enterprise. Extended technology innovation is required to limit the impact of such formats on the organizations’ resources (i.e. the network). The use of digital Audio & video is now considered a practical and effective means for fostering communication and collaboration among people, providing training, educational and marketing programs. IBM Business Media Share provides the repository you need to deliver on the promise of digital media and build audience by making your videos easier to use, easier to view and easier to monetize. You can not only ingest (put digital assets into the system for preservation in real time) and digest (create indices and metadata descriptions of your assets), but also transcode, stream videos and create keyframes and simplify their reuse by automatic captioning feature.© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 16
  17. 17. IBM Business Media Share Modules: Audio & Video Management of most popular audio & video formats Multimedia audio/video structural information (codecs, time length, sampling frequency, bitrate and so on) Audio embedded tag extraction (ex. ID3 tags on mp3 format) Audio track extraction from video file Video key frames extraction Speech transcript generation by speech2text engine analysis* Closed caption analysis and extraction Transcoding between different multimedia audio and video formats both for delivery and for streaming Streaming of archived multimedia files (preview streaming) Preview streaming starting from a specific keyframe Preview streaming starting from a specific term of the transcript* * if integrated with a Speech2text Analysis Engine© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 17
  18. 18. Use assets to enrich the experience of the visit:MAXXI – Contemporary Art MuseumThe proposed solution based on IBM BusinessMedia Share has the goal to offer to visitors thepossibility to use more widely the works of artboth in the museum and out of it. 7000+ Downloads from Google PlayIt enriches the experience of the visit through agreater involvement of visitors through the & AppStoreopportunity to gain insight on works of art andshare their opinions through social networking Interactive use of the works of art in thetools. museum and to further insight. Social networking tools to increase the spread of the events and the exchange ofResults opinions. In this way, the museum becomes a place of sharing and dissemination ofExtend the experience beyond the museum, events.providing new sources of revenue. Italy© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 18
  19. 19. Visitors search for artworks… The application allows visitors to easily search for authors or artworks with an intuitive user interface. Users can search when at the museum, but also from home. They can browse between the result set. Artworks can be easily located inside the museum once found into the application.© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 19
  20. 20. Or artworks find them By selecting the automatic localization button, the application displays the list of artworks near the visitor position.© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 20
  21. 21. What is available for the visitors To increase the knowledge of the artworks through the information assigned to each of them To have a look at artists’ biographies To watch videos related to the artworks To learn more through critics’ reviews To learn about the historical context To link the artworks with other artworks in the museum To select the artworks to create and purchase a media containing a "virtual tour" of selected multi- media or Museum Shops’ material© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 21
  22. 22. Visitors can socialize Museum as place to: – Make judgments, opinions and suggestions – Comment artworks or access other visitors’ comments© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 22
  23. 23. IBM Rome Smart Solutions LabA dedicated TEAM of 25 highly skilled people onDigital Asset ManagementIBM RSSL provide worldwide: Pre-sales support Technical sales support Project scope definition Analysis and design Software Development and testing Implementation and education services 24x7 customer support© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 23
  24. 24. With our technology, services, and deep media experience, we offer you a comprehensive partner to deliver a platform from which you can more effectively manage your creative business processes.© 2013 International Business Machines Corporation 24