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Hiring or Applying for a Creative Position?


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Competition for top creative talent is intense. Here's a look at the hiring environment by the numbers, along with tips for employers and job seekers to navigate bumps in the road.

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Hiring or Applying for a Creative Position?

  1. 1. Here’s What You Need to Know
  2. 2. Competition for top creative talent is intense. Whether you’re looking to fill a job opening or land work, here’s what you’re up against. ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!
  3. 3. Average number of resumes advertising and marketing executives receive for an open creative position (up from 23 in 2014) Average number of candidates interviewed before a creative position is filled (up from 6 in 2014)
  4. 4. Average number of weeks it takes to fill an open staff-level creative position Average number of weeks it takes to fill an open management-level creative position
  5. 5. of advertising and marketing executives said they are now more willing to look outside their city or state to find the right person for a creative role than they were three years ago.
  6. 6. For Hiring Managers Pinpoint your needs. Talk to colleagues about what skills and experience are required for the role. Then create a compelling job description. Ask for assistance. A specialized recruiter can help connect you with great talent and take care of many hiring headaches, like filtering through resumes and setting up interviews. TIPS 1 2
  7. 7. For Job Seekers Explore your options. Research what opportunities are available and interesting to you, and consider working with a specialized recruiter for help finding the right fit. Put your best resume forward. To be one of the “lucky 7” candidates selected for an interview, make sure your resume and portfolio are tailored to the potential employer. TIPS 1 2
  8. 8. It’s interview time! You’re one step closer to landing the candidate or job you seek. Keep these stats in mind when going through this stage. PULLING AHEAD
  9. 9. Executives and workers were asked, “Which of the following is your preferred way to communicate with job candidates/employers throughout the hiring process?” EXECUTIVES WORKERS Email Phone call Social media Text message
  10. 10. Executives were asked, “When evaluating a candidate for an open creative position, which carries more weight: hard skills or soft skills?” Much greater weight on hard skills Don’t know Much greater weight on soft skills Somewhat greater weight on soft skills Somewhat greater weight on hard skills Equal weight on hard and soft skills
  11. 11. TIPS For Hiring Managers 1 Get on the fast track. Top talent won’t wait around during a prolonged hiring process. Move quickly when interviewing and putting together an offer once you come across a strong candidate. 2 Keep in touch. More than half of workers surveyed by Robert Half said the most frustrating part of the job search is waiting to hear back post-interview. Email or call your top picks to update them on the progress of their application.
  12. 12. For Job Seekers Plan ahead. If you’re invited to an interview, familiarize yourself with the company and be prepared to discuss what you can bring to the team. Showcase technical and soft skills. Interview the employer. When meeting with hiring managers, ask about the company’s long-term goals, career development opportunities and workplace culture. This will help you determine if the organization will be a good fit. TIPS 1 2
  13. 13. Congratulations! You’ve reached your destination – but you still need to seal the deal. Consider this information when making a final decision on a new hire or job offer. APPROACHING THE FINISH LINE
  14. 14. Executives were asked, ”When extending a job offer to a top candidate, how willing are you to negotiate compensation?” Very willing Somewhat willing Not at all willing Don’t know/ no answer Not very willing
  15. 15. Workers were asked, “If you feel you deserve a higher salary, are you more likely to ...?” Ask for a raise from your current employer Search for a new job that offers more pay Do nothing and hope that you’ll get a raise in the next review cycle Not applicable – I am currently satisfied with my pay 13% 16% 23% 49%
  16. 16. TIPS For Hiring Managers 1 Be competitive. Offering an attractive salary package is a must when it comes to recruiting top talent. Research current industry standards and compensation trends using resources like The Creative Group Salary Guide. 2 Up the appeal. Show you support career development and work-life balance by providing non-monetary perks like ongoing training opportunities, alternative schedules and generous vacation time.
  17. 17. For Job Seekers Do your research. Review salary surveys and talk to recruiters to determine your market value and avoid underselling or overselling yourself. Have a backup plan. If pay isn’t up for discussion, consider other things you may be able to negotiate, like a flexible schedule, additional vacation days or subsidized training. TIPS 1 2
  18. 18. View additional hiring and career advice.