Mercurius Shipping Group: Crane Barge


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Mercurius Shipping Group: Crane Barge (Inland Waterway Logistics)

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Mercurius Shipping Group: Crane Barge

  1. 1. Crane BargesOptimizing ‘Last & First Mile’ Logistics within Ports
  2. 2. Contents• Introduction Mercurius• AMS Barge Concept• Pratical Business Cases
  3. 3. Investor, Shipbuilder, Operator and Service Providerin inland waterway logistics
  4. 4. Core Businesses• Mer-Franchising • Providing Commercial, Financial, Technical and HRM Services• Shipyard / Ship Building• Investments / Venture Capital• Freight Forwarding• Recruitment & Temp Agency• Ship Brokerage• (Innovative) Logistical Project Development
  5. 5. Fleet 36 Inland Waterway Vessels • 11 chemical tankers (stainless steel) • 9 chemical tankers (coated) • 11 ‘small’ container vessels • 2 container vessels • 2 crane barges • 1 push barge
  6. 6. Mer-Franchising Concept Freedom of operating your own ship with the support of an experienced partnerCo-operation
  7. 7. OverviewActivities & Services
  8. 8. Freight forwarding• Independent Barge Operator• Specialized in container forwarding and Crane Barge handling• Focused on dedicated barge services between Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam• Clients include: Maersk, Evergreen• Focused on Customer Service
  9. 9. AMS-Barge ConceptRegional transport of containers by inland crane barge• Initiated by Port of Amsterdam• Transporting containers from Client to / from container terminals• Direct alternative to trucking• Area of operation: around harbor region
  10. 10. The Challenges of Amsterdam• Increase of Congestion on Roads – Reliability of Road Transportation decreasing• Increase in Costs of Road Transportation• Environmental Restrictions• Guaranteed, Timely and Unlimited Acces
  11. 11. Alkmaar VI Empty depot A. NYK B. MAERSKUK, IScandinavië, Baltic IISpanje VII B A V Transhipment to shuttles III Short Sea(s), Inlandbarge (i), Rail(r) IV VIII XII XI IX XIII I. Corus (s,i,r) II. Container X2 Terminal Almere Beverwijk (s,i,r) Lelystad III. Ceres (s,i,r) N NL IV. USA (s,i,r) V. De Vrede (s,i) VI. ContainerTermina l Alkmaar (i) VII. Bruins Veem (i) VIII Waterland (s,i,r) IX VCK (s,i,r) X Hoyer (i) XI IGMA (s,i,r) Utrecht XII Ter Haak (s,i,r) Rotterdam C XIII Lelystad (i) Antwerpen XIV Utrecht (i,r) Roergebied XV Schiphol Rijk XIV XV Thionville Basel
  12. 12. Technical Specifications Mercurius-Amsterdam TransferiumNo. of TEU 144 TEU 164 TEUMax. cap. 2.150 ton 2.400 tonDimensions 85 x 11,55 96,50 x 11,50Crane cap. 30 tons / 30 mtr. 40 tons / 30 mtr.Handlings 20 TEU p/h 22 TEU p/hPropulsion 2 x 860 hp 2 x 1.500 hp
  13. 13. Logistical Models •Seaport terminal – Client Location •Inland terminal – Client Location •Seaport terminal – Inland drop-off points •Board – Board (Floating Container Transferium) •Other
  14. 14. Business Case 1 : Import Containers• Company specialized in importing & handling of fresh produce• Daily between 10 – 30 incoming TEU• Client’s own quay, without crane• Import TEU picked up at sea terminal• Delivered 1 or 2 x per day, placed neatly next to each other• Emptied by forklift, at client’s convenience and time-schedule• Picked up following night, than delivered to empty depot
  15. 15. Business Case 1 : Import ContainersClients Advantages• Better planning and organization of internal logistics• About 100 – 180 less trucks per week on site• No costs for waiting hours of trucks• Substantial savings on internal logistics costs• Savings on Transport costs• Increased turnover
  16. 16. Business Case 2: Export Containers• Company is located in harbor of Rotterdam• Specialized in producing components for Aluminum• Client has own quay with crane, but inadequate capacityTwice a week:• Empty TEU picked up at Terminal• Dropped of at quay• Picked up by reach stacker for loading, returned to quay• Picked up at quay• Export TEU delivered to Terminal
  17. 17. Business Case 2: Export ContainersClient’s Advantages• Improved planning and organization of internal logistics• 120 less trucks per week on site• No space on site to handle 60 trucks within 6 hour timeframe• Substantial savings on internal logistics costs• Savings on Transport costs• Increased turnover
  18. 18. Business Case 3:Floating Container Transferium
  19. 19. Contact Information Mercurius Shipping Group Mr Robert-Jan Zimmerman Ringdijk 466 C, NL-3331 LK Zwijndrecht The Netherlands T +31-(0)78-6259674 E W