Rotterdam and its hinterland; opportunities for synchromodal transport solutions


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The Masterclass Shipping and Transport is organised by STC-NMU and Association of Young Port Professionals to privde a platform for knowledge exchange between young professionals in the maritime and port industrial cluster in Rotterdam.

The masterclass bring forward topics from the Master Shipping and Transport curriculum which are complemented with presentations of business practices explained by industry professionals.

On 18th of October 2012, Mr Cas van der Baan (STC BV) and Donald Baan (Port of Rotterdam) explained the relatively new concept of synchromodal transport solutions and how this concept is put into practice via the platform of Inland Links.

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Rotterdam and its hinterland; opportunities for synchromodal transport solutions

  1. 1. Netherlands Maritime University Rotterdam and its hinterland Opportunities for Synchromodal solutions October 18, 2012
  2. 2. Copyright message © STC-Group © Port of Rotterdam This presentation may only be used for non-commercial educational purposes. No part of this presentation (including tekst, tables, graphs and photos), may be reproduced in any form by any electronic or mechanical means for any commercial purpose. If used for non-commercial education, proper reference needs to be made to the original authors. Authors: STC-Group: Maurice Jansen, Cas van der Baan, Port of Rotterdam: Donald Baan
  3. 3. Master Class Shipping and Transport Platform for knowledge exchange between young professionals in the maritime and port industrial cluster, in cooperation with education, business community and (young) port association.
  4. 4. Profile Master Shipping and Transport “The Master Shipping and Transport program is like an MBA, but completely maritime driven” Nautilus International Telegraph, 2011 De Masterclasses are based on the degree program Master Shipping and Transport
  5. 5. Objective of the Master Program is to ensure that graduates can successfully fulfill management positions in the Shipping Industry Objective of the Master programs
  6. 6. Welcome Curriculum of the Master Shipping and Transport 2013-2014 Thesis Student counseling /Research and management skills Port strategy design and management Teaching cases in maritime and port related issues Vakken binnen domein: AMS; CMS; HRM/ HRD Domein: Maritime management Domein: Logistics Vakken binnen domein SCM; COM; HIN, ILO Domein: Finance and economics Vakken binnen domein: ECO I; ECO II; FCM-I; FCM-II; FCM-III Domein: Shipping management Vakken binnen domein SBC; FLM; SBP, ISM Domein: Law and Policies Vakken binnen domein: LAW; POL; OCM; SEC
  7. 7. Master Shipping and Transport Netherlands Maritime University
  8. 8. Subject of today “Rotterdam en its hinterland; opportunities for synchromodal solutions ”
  9. 9. Speakers Donald Baan Port of Rotterdam Inland Links – the power of an intermodal hinterland network Cas van der Baan STC BV Logistics concepts for the port and hinterland
  10. 10. Cas van der Baan STC BV Logistics concepts for the port and hinterland Part 1
  11. 11. Hinterland and Synchromodality Hinterland Anno 1888 Synchromodaliteit Anno 2010
  12. 12. Big, bigger, biggest from 1945 - 2005 1400 - 1800 1800 - 1900 1910 - 1940 1955 - 1966 1957 - 1970 1967 - today 2009 - today Source: Port of Rotterdam
  13. 13. Port of Rotterdam at present 1 5 industrial area logistics hub metropolitan area distribution
  14. 14. Rotterdam – Waalhaven / Eemhaven 1 Containers Lash Forest products Other general cargo Source: Port of Rotterdam 1920 – 1940: Waalhaven / Eemhaven / Heijplaat
  15. 15. Rotterdam – Fruitport 2 Fruit Vegetables Concentrated fruitjuices Source: Port of Rotterdam
  16. 16. Rotterdam – Botlek 3 Oil products Chemicals Agribulk Coal Other dry bulk Source: Port of Rotterdam 1955 - 1966: Botlek ;
  17. 17. Rotterdam – Europoort 4 Crude oil Chemicals Ore Agribulk Ro-Ro Source: Port of Rotterdam 1957 – 1970: Europoort
  18. 18. Rotterdam – Maasvlakte 5 Containers Crude oil Ore Coal Source: Port of Rotterdam 1970 Maasvlakte (1)
  19. 19. Source: Port of Rotterdam Rotterdam – Maasvlakte 2 5 First users: container terminals
  20. 20. Port of Rotterdam - Development agenda Port Plan 2010 Published in 1993 Plan to develop MV2 Development of Distriparks Upgrading Port rail connection Involvement of all stakeholders Published in 2004 Reclamation, building and exploitation MV2 Redevelopment of City ports Sustainable port industry cluster management Improvement highway A15 Port and city development in balance Rotterdam Climate Initiative -Realising Global Hub and Europe’s Industrial Cluster; Global hub: Efficiency improvement of logistics chains; EIC: transition towards bio-based industry, energy port and further integration with Antwerp chemical cluster; Improving accessibility; Green zones, reduction of nuisance; Innovation & decisiveness Port Plan 2020 Port Compass 2030 Source: Port of Rotterdam, 2011
  21. 21. The Hinterland Hinterland Transport Policy Port of Rotterdam Challenges Success Factors Example Concepts Role of Players Opportunities for synchromodal solutions
  22. 22. Port of Rotterdam as of today
  23. 23. Constanta: “We share the the same hinterland” <COURSE TITLE>
  24. 24. Source: Trademco Shanghai: “We share the the same hinterland”
  25. 25. Hinterland connections from R’dam
  26. 26. “Close to Major Sales Areas in EU” Hinterland connections from R’dam
  27. 27. Source: Cushman & Wakefield, Healey & Baker Gravity Point Moves Eastwards The European ‘banana’ Industrial gravity point moving eastwards
  28. 28. Bulk Chemicals Bulk FTL Hinterland transport - unimodal
  29. 29. Rail Road Water Air Ro - Ro Fishy- back Train- truck Air- truck Air - Train Hinterland transport - Multimodal / Intermodal / Combined
  30. 30. Hinterland Transport Multimodal / Intermodal / Combined
  31. 31. Shipping Lines in the Hinterland Maersk Line owns European Rail Services (ERS) and has a shareholding in BoxXpress (joint venture with Eurogate) Hinterland Transport Multimodal / Intermodal / Combined
  32. 32. Hinterland Transport Multimodal / Intermodal / Combined Rail Transport is Fighting Back? Inbound transport to large Dutch DC’s: Home appliances Paper tissues Client’s Motivation: • Costs reduction; • Environmental friendly transport.
  33. 33. Source: BCI Synchromodal transport – What’s the difference? Unimodal transport 1 transport mode Multimodal 2 or more transport modes Intermodal transport Standard loading units Comodal transport Parallel transport modes Synchromodal transport Transport modes in parallel in a network Corridor Chain Network Transport management Chain management Network management
  34. 34. Source: ECT Synchromodal transport – Optimising the network
  35. 35. Year: 2005 2035 Road: 59% 35% IWT: 31% 45% Rail: 10% 20% Challenges: • Enable growth and handle peaks; • Reduce congestion, pollution etc.; • Utilize the infrastructure better; • Reduce costs. Synchromodal logistics – Why?
  36. 36. Growth: Maasvlakte II Extension Peaks: Larger Vessels New logistics concepts – enabling growth and handling peaks
  37. 37. ... And 50% of loading capacity during transport is idle Challenges – reduce congestions
  38. 38. Think green to get (g)old Challenges – green logistics
  39. 39. Source: Challenges Reduce external costs of transport
  40. 40. Challenges Utilise the infrastructure better
  41. 41. Challenges - reduce transhipment costs and time
  42. 42. Port-to-door cost per container Inland vessels reach more destinations over shorter distances. In Belgium, France and the Netherlands more than 30% of the IWT traffic is carried over a distance less than 50km. Challenges - Reduce transhipment costs and time
  43. 43. 1 53 7 9 Days before Required On Site (ROS) date Numberofordersplacedbycustomer Road Earlier visibility of customer order requirements creates longer horizon for transportation planning resulting in modal shift and thereby lower transport costs. Orders Current Optimised Rail / Barge Challenges: Better Planning of Order Requirements enables Modal Shift
  44. 44. Year: 2005 2035 Road: 59% 35% IWT: 31% 45% Rail: 10% 20% Success Factors: - Efficient Terminals; - Integrated Information Systems; - Clustering; using Corridors; - Smart Concepts; - Cooperation of Stakeholders. 2011 56% 33% 11% Success factors – MV2
  45. 45. Success factors Efficient terminals 47
  46. 46. Success factors – Barge terminals
  47. 47. Annually: -/- 100,000 truck trips -/- 6 mio. truck kms. -/- 35% CO2 emission Success factors – Barge terminals
  48. 48. ECT Barge Terminal Maasvlakte Success factors – Barge terminals
  49. 49. Waterland Terminal Amsterdam Success factors – Barge terminals
  50. 50. Waterland Terminal Amsterdam Success factors – short sea terminals
  51. 51. RSC Maasvlakte: containers from overseas; growth 7 % per year RSC Eem/Waalhaven: containers from Europe (UK!) competition (Ferry, tunnel) Success factors – rail terminals
  52. 52. Rotterdam Maasvlakte Success factors – rail terminals
  53. 53. Rotterdam Eemhaven Success factors – rail terminals
  54. 54. CityTerminal Success factors – short sea terminals
  55. 55. Covered Tri-modal Terminal: DeCeTe Duisburg Success factors – inland terminals
  56. 56. Trimodal Terminal: DeCeTe Duisburg Success factors – inland terminals
  57. 57. River Information Systems Success factors – information systems
  58. 58. Copyright © 2005 Port infolink Rotterdam. Agent Terminal Road haulier Port Authority Port Community System Reference tables database Portbase IT-platform • Authorisation • Translation • Addition of information • Security Policy • ..... Basis Services Melding lading Cargo declaration Data storage Rail operator Barge operator Veterinary Authority Depot Shipping line Customs Declaration ship Discharge confirmation Vessel data Concise declaration Traffic Information System Forwarder Inspection centre Success factors – integrated information systems
  59. 59. Better Planning • ECT issue some 35.000 early notifications to 200 road transport companies / month; • 60% of outbound containers register in advance; • Less unnecessarily trips; • Reduced driver time at terminal, with Cargo Card: 3/4 hour. • Similar services for barge- and rail operators. Success factors – integrated information systems
  60. 60. Location of Major Juice Packers Examples: Orange Waterways-
  61. 61. What is it? Hinterland transport of fruit juice from port of Rotterdam to packers in Germany and France. Now: 100% road transport; better if combined with IWT? Conclusions from pilot project: • Quality and time are OK; • Costs still too high; • More efficient tank cleaning and more clustering in Fruitport needed. Examples: Orange Waterways
  62. 62. Flower bulbs Trees Flowers, Greenhouse fruit & vegetables Flowers, plants Examples: Clustering in Agrologistics
  63. 63. Development Company Greenport Venlo: Investment company of provincial / local authorities. Fresh Park Venlo: • Business park 130 ha.; gateway to Germany. • Growers, Traders, Processors, Packers; Transporters. • Sectors: Meat, Fish, Dairy, Flowers, Vegetables & Fruit. • Near ECT Rail terminal, daily shuttle trains port of Rotterdam. • Near barge terminal, regional airport. Examples: Greenport Venlo
  64. 64. Rail transport in Europe of containers with plants; Favourable conditions: • Delivery not needed within 14 hours; • Distance >600 kms. from Rotterdam. Results: 97% on time delivery; 50% CO2 reduction; same product quality; continuous monitoring of location and temp. in container via GPS/GPRS. Examples: Greenrail
  65. 65. Coordination: VGB and FloraHolland; Growers / Exporters: Bunnik Plants, FPP (Disva), Fresh Export, HamiPlant, Hydroplant Westland, Lemkes, Lievaart Export, Quattro Plant, Vida Verda, Waterdrinker, Zurel Planten; LSP’s:, Van der Slot Transport, Te Baerts Transport, Unit45, GPA Trans, RSC Rotterdam, HUPAC Intermodal, e-Logistics Control Growers Exporters Collection Trucking Terminal Railway Terminal Trucking DC Distribution Retail Lead Logistics Provider Examples: Greenrail
  66. 66. Operates Tri- Modal Transport Network, Based in Duisburg Examples: Contargo
  67. 67. Source: ECT Examples: European Gateway Services
  68. 68. Source: ECT Push to Inland Terminals European Gateway Services
  69. 69. Transport Planner Input Example: Output Example: Issues: Costs, Speed, Planning Horizon Source: ECT Examples: European Gateway Services
  70. 70. Why Inlandlinks? • Need to have more information on intermodal services and options • To have better access to intermodal options • Inlandlinks maps out Rotterdam’s hinterland network and provides information on the package of intermodal services on offer. and facilities. Synchromodal transport - inlandlinks
  71. 71. Strong points • Flexibility to urgency, traffic, transport availability etc.; • Focus on time and costs; modality is not relevant; • Loading degree in transport could increase. Requirements • Minimum volumes: 1 block train takes cargo of 40 trucks; • Clustering, corridors; 2-way flows; • Integrated information systems for booking, planning, calc... • Costs & speed transparency for users; • Sufficient planning horizon. Risks • Reliability: delays when schedules don’t match; • Reduced speed? train & barge are slower than trucks. Synchromodal transport - summary
  72. 72. Users Providers Authorities Who is doing what? • Users organise Orange Waterways, Freshpark, GreenRail; • Providers promote their own networks: Contargo, EGS; • Port Authorities? Synchromodal transport Role of stakeholders
  73. 73. Port Authorities and Hinterland Development: To facilitate; to make the available infrastructure visible Source: De Langen Role of stakeholders in hinterland logistics
  74. 74. Shipper Consignee Forwarder Forwarder Hinterland transport Hinterland transport Warehouser Warehouser Customs Customs Stevedore Stevedore Port, Carrier, Port Mooie uitdaging voor een goede Expediteur? Synchromodal logistics – opportunities of forwarders
  75. 75. Netherlands Maritime University
  76. 76. Part 2 Donald Baan Port of Rotterdam Inland Links – the power of an intermodal hinterland network
  77. 77. @stcnmu Netherlands Maritime University How to stay in contact? full speed ahead… with your career! Email: