Shellfish Management Plan Meeting Updates


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Shellfish Management Plan Meeting Updates presented at April 14th, 2014 Rhode Island Shellfish Management Plan Stakeholder meeting

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Shellfish Management Plan Meeting Updates

  1. 1. SMP Meeting April 14, 2014 Corless Auditorium, URI Bay Campus
  2. 2. Plan for the Evening… • Quick SMP updates • “Feature Presentation”, followed by Q/A • Three short presentations from Sea Grant-Funded researchers, followed by Q/A
  3. 3. Sea Grant-funded research presentations… Scott Rutherford, et al. “Quahog Larval Dispersion and Settlement in Narragansett Bay” Tom Angell, Kathy Castro, Katie Eagan “Developing Information and Local Capacity to Manage the R.I. Whelk Fishery.” Roxanna Smolowitz “Could Disease in Blue Mussels Affect Commercial Culture in the Northeast Region?”
  4. 4. SMP Updates… • Chapter 1 ready • The Plan • Next Chapters for review o Ch.8, Ch.3 (May) o Ch.5 (June) o Ch.2 (July) • Comment period through August
  5. 5. SMP Updates… • Marketing progress, Hope & Main • State Vibrio Plan (for oysters) • Plan to assess and maintain signage • East Bay Upweller - In progress • Upcoming events & seminars • Please take a survey!
  6. 6. Our “Feature Presentation”… “Where the Wild Quahogs Are: Looking at Quahog Larval Supply and Distribution in the Upper Narragansett Bay” Dale Leavitt (RWU), David Ullman (GSO), Chris Kincaid (GSO), Dennis Erkan (DEM), Mike McGiveney (RISA), Scott Rutherford (RWU), Mark Gibson (DEM), Jeff Mercer (DEM), and Tim Scott (RWU)