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Confucius in his own words - Book 1 of the Analects


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Confucius quotes from Book 1 of the Analects.

Latest update: 29 January 2017

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Confucius in his own words - Book 1 of the Analects

  1. 1. Confucius in his own words Book 1 論語
  2. 2. Appearances • Chapter I • Chapter III • Chapter V • Chapter VI • Chapter VIII • Chapter XI • Chapter XIV • Chapter XV • Chapter XVI
  3. 3. Chapter I “Confucius said: “To learn something and apply it at the appropriate time: isn’t this wonderful? To have friends visit from afar: isn’t this delightful? To remain unconcerned when others don’t recognize your talents: isn’t this the mark of a leader?” 「子曰:「學而時習之,不亦說乎? 有朋自遠方來,不亦樂乎? 人不知而不慍,不亦君子乎?」 Book 1, The Analects
  4. 4. Chapter III Confucius said: “Smooth talk and an affected manner are seldom signs of goodness.” 子曰:「巧言令色鮮矣仁。」 Book 1, The Analects
  5. 5. Chapter V Confucius said: “To govern a medium-size country, you must pay strict attention to its affairs and fulfill your promises; be economical and love your people; and only mobilize them for labor at the right times of the year.” 子曰:「道千乘之國,敬事而信, 節用而愛人,使民以時。」 Book 1, The Analects
  6. 6. Chapter VI Confucius said: “At home, a young man should respect his parents. Outside, he should respect his elders; talk little but truthfully; and love everyone but only associate with those who are good. If he still has time and energy to spare after all this, he can study the cultural arts.” 子曰:「弟子入則孝,出則弟,謹而信,汎愛眾, 而親仁。行有餘力,則以學文。」 Book 1, The Analects
  7. 7. Chapter VIII Confucius said: “If a leader isn’t serious he will inspire no awe and lack a solid foundation for learning. Hold loyalty and trustworthiness as your highest principles; don’t make friends with people who are not your equal; and when you make a mistake, don’t be afraid to correct yourself.” 子曰:「君子不重,則不威,學則不固。 主忠信,無友不如己者,過則勿憚改。」 Book 1, The Analects
  8. 8. Chapter XI Confucius said: “When the father is alive, observe his son’s intentions. When the father is dead, watch his son’s conduct. If he has not deviated from his father’s path after three years he may be called a dutiful son.” 子曰:「父在觀其志,父沒觀其行, 三年無改於父之道,可謂孝矣。」 Book 1, The Analects
  9. 9. Chapter XIV Confucius said: “A leader eats without stuffing his belly; chooses a home without demanding comfort; is quick to act but careful in what he says; and keeps the company of others who possess the Way so that he can be corrected by them. This is what it means to truly love learning.” 子曰:「君子食無求飽,居無求安, 敏於事而慎於言,就有道而正焉,可謂好學也已。」 Book 1, The Analects
  10. 10. Chapter XV Part 1 Zigong said: “‘Poor but not subservient; wealthy but not arrogant.’ What do you think of that?” Confucius said: “Not bad, but this would be better still: ‘Poor but content; wealthy but loves ritual.’” 子貢曰:「貧而無諂,富而無驕,何如?」 子曰:「可也,未若貧而樂,富而好禮者也。」 Book 1, The Analects
  11. 11. Chapter XV Part 2 Zigong said: “In the Book of Songs it is said: ‘Like carving and polishing stones, like cutting and grinding gems.’ Is this not the same idea?” Confucius said: “Wonderful, Zigong! At last I can discuss the Book of Songs with you! I only have to tell you what came before, and you can work out what comes next!” 子貢曰:「詩云:『如切如磋,如琢如磨』, 其斯之謂與?」 子曰:「賜也,始可與言詩已矣,告諸往而知來者。」 Book 1, The Analects
  12. 12. Chapter XVI Confucius said: “Don’t be concerned if people fail to recognize your merits; be concerned that you may fail to recognize theirs.” 子曰:「不患人之不己之,患不知人也。」 Book 1, The Analects