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  • Burberry’s tweets use mainly mentions and URL to models wearing Burberry. What I’ve noticed is that the channel does not communicate directly . Nor does the channel make use of hash tags in their tweets. This would allow a broader audience seeing the message and finding the channel. Doing so would mean a greater reach than just the followers. Twitter is a fantastic communication tool and is used for the most current updates. It is also great to communicate with others
  • Mike Kus who has 100k followers on Instagram collaborated with Burberry to photograph the behind scenes catwalk. A great move for Burberry to engage new fans on this platform. The internet, a brands digital experience should involve collaboration to make the brand more human.
  • A similar strategy has been applied at House of Fraser where free wi-fi has been installed allowing consumers to access the internet to check out product information with specialist staff at hand to help.
  • How the Burberry digital experience really came into play was tweeting about their tweetwalk and showing exclusively on their website this integration of sending users around your network by giving them a reason, valued content.
  • online experience Burberry has developed on its own behalf doesn’t detract from or diminish the role of traditional media, but provides another channel for consumers to experience the brand. 
  • What makes it unique? Would you join the digital experience? What drives users through your channels? What makes them unique? What value is the information? Why should the consumer share it with their friends? How do they share it? Why do they interact? Why should they choose liking your brand over another?
  • The Burberry Experience

    1. 1. The Burberry ExperienceClick to edit Master subtitle style
    2. 2. Background Compare and improve our strategy Look at how beauty is used What you can expect to learn 1. Learn about the world class digital activity Burberry Click to edit Master subtitle style 2. Understand the key principles that Burberry follow 3. Understand how you can apply this thinking to your brand
    3. 3. Start with Why?Aligning yourdigital story Why? - you are goingcorrectly, will give to go digitalpurpose to yourdigital marketing. How? - you areAllowing going to do itConsumers tounderstand the What?experience they - you are doingwill have by beingconnected to yourbrand.
    4. 4. “Most fashion brands still approach digital as a series of pet projects rather than presenting a coherent multi-platform strategy”- Scott Galloway, founder of L2
    5. 5. In Burberry’s aim was to be the first fully digital brand that could connect with anyone that touches their brand. The dream could only succeed if they created an “Experience”,2005 total access from anywhere in the world, on any device. Burberry wish you to live the experience, to get the same feel of the brand to be consistent through every channel.
    6. 6. 60Click to edit Master subtitle style % Of Burberry marketing spend is on Digital
    7. 7. The Digital Path To Success• Experience - Look beyond the product to create content•Renewal and Relevance•Collaboration•Design•Commerce•Usability
    8. 8. Luxury More Than A Product "We live by what we believe not but what we see." - Angela Ahrendts, CEO of BurberryBurberry has made the brand morethan the products that they provide,but a lifestyle choice. Burberry have created a digital experience. Not marketing the same content on different channels. But using the channels to coincide with each other. Expressing their brand through the channels using the right
    9. 9. Facebook “To any CEO who’s skeptical at all: You have to. You have to create a social enterprise today. You have to be totally connected to everyone who touches your brand. If you don’t do that, I don’t know what your business model is in five years.” – Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry Many Acoustic videos hosted by Burberrys Youtube channel . Which can be shared promoting the brand The videos are also shared as they go live on this channel allowing people to watch in their News stream. Encouraging interaction by making it easier for users to ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’ Facebook main objective is to build brand advocacy. There are videos and images as well as having a up and coming bands acoustic page to help build brand conversation
    10. 10. Facebook: brand page updateCoverphotoembodyingthe brandand what itdoes Posting content as if it were a paper. Making use of the new brand pages updates, Highlight, Starred stories
    11. 11. 24/01/12
    12. 12. Beauty in BurberryThe beauty how to videos start by showingthe end look in a commercial style.Exploiting every other shot between thebeauty artist info, making the video reallysell the products.
    13. 13. Twitter From London fashion week 2012 Burberry tweeted animated Gif’s which Burberry teamed up with Twitter back in grabbed the attention of September to launch the first Tweetwalk many online media which drove fans and interaction with the websites. brands tweets
    14. 14. The Digital Path To Success•Experience• Renewal and Relevance – Create consistent content relevant to the brand•Collaboration•Design•Commerce•Usability
    15. 15. Renewal and RelevanceRenewal – New content to be created at aconsistent frequency and standard. Howoften will you distribute and will it bedaily, weekly, monthly.Relevance – The content has to berelevant to the brand/product this doesnot mean the content has to be from thecategory that the product is in.“32% of consumers time is spentonline, including on their mobiles,yet global digital budgets are onlyabout 17% of overall spend thisyear.” – Martin Sorrell, CEO WPP Burberry Instagram – using photography uploaded on a day that it rained. Connecting with people who are in London experiencing the same weather.
    16. 16. Google+ Pages Burberry already has a fantastic Google+ page with animated Gif header, just a day after Pages launchesChristopher Bailey the face ofBurberry shares a video introductionthe new channel, which he talks abouthosting a Hangout (a live webcamchat)
    17. 17. The Digital Path To Success•Experience•Renewal and Relevance• Collaboration – Find people to work alongside to create conversation in the brands tone ofvoice•Design•Commerce•Usability
    18. 18. The Art Of Collaboration •Like minded curators •With Large/Highly interactive audiences •Some leverage to be creative
    19. 19. The Digital Path To Success•Experience•Renewal and Relevance•Collaboration• Design – The design should reflect the brand and the channel you are using•Commerce•Usability
    20. 20. Design Fashionable yet functional clothing. The photography brings together the luxurious feel with the rocky edge. Using the dim lit, slightly contrasted imagery. That we have seen through the deck. This could be another reason why the digital visual content that Burberry create has done so well on the Instagram channel.Burberrydigital contentwouldn’t be asstrong without the strongconsistentcreativetreatment.
    21. 21. The Digital Path To Success•Experience•Renewal and Relevance•Collaboration•Design• Commerce – Digital has the option of allowing for personalization•Usability
    22. 22. E-commerceIPads were installed in selected stores to enhance the customer experienceby being able to access the Burberry world website, allowing the consumerto find out product information to push them further down the purchasefunnel.Consumers are looking beyond the label for information online whenresearching a product before purchasing. In fact, by some accounts, abouthalf of all retail sales today are online or web-influenced. Digital sales Personalised customer service up 50% in 2010There are two greatfunctions onBurberrys homestore; a click to call,or chat. This action Cutbackcreates a personalassistant as if you on 75% ofwas in store. products on offer
    23. 23. The Digital Path To Success•Experience•Renewal and Relevance•Collaboration•Design•Service• Usability - Intuitive design to allow for greater enjoyability and to complete brand goals
    24. 24. Simple, Fun And Easy To Use The least amount of actions to complete a task. If the experience is Fun then it should be shared! Allow users to easily share content with friends. Here the video can easily be navigated to the next music video on the Burberry website, allowing the user to participate in the experience for longer. The new Burberry YouTube channel has a single call to action to visit the store and checkout the Body perfume range.
    25. 25. Multi-platform digitalexperience •Use the channels for what they were made for, this will enhance your message and follower interaction •Consistent brand creative across the platforms, to maintain look and feel apart of the experience •Find new channels and use them creatively for early dominance Burberry is the 8th most followed instagram profile, just below MTV (4) and Starbucks (5). Above brands Redbull (27) and YouTube (61)
    26. 26. Experimented Content Content methods should be experimented with. Try it, Here Burberry is experimenting with Spotify channel via Facebook . Test it, Tweak it!
    27. 27. Content Calendar X45 TweetsGoogle+ x3 videosand 7 photos ofproducts of festive x10 original photos oncampaign and InstagramcosmeticsYouTube - x6 videos amonth: beauty how to,2 acoustic, 2 currentcampaign videos x15 Facebook - wall posts
    28. 28. Pinterest Burberry are very quick to adapt to new platforms and own its space. Their approach to this platform mixes their twitter channel with instagram. Being more universal on this visual platform . The London board being the most followed24/01/12
    29. 29. Simon Sinek Why should they interact with your digital experience?
    30. 30. How you can apply Burberry’sprinciples to your brandSuggested steps:  Develop always-on engagement plans emanating from the brand IBC  Encourage design simplicity for intuitive user interaction Click to edit Master subtitle style  Create relevant content in the form of Collaboration and Experimentation – with a consistent feel and look  Make the target audience feel important
    31. 31. “A brand is not just aboutproduct, it’s about experience as well, and experiences need to come from the center of a community,” - Christopher Bailey24/01/12