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Circus Conference 2013: Brands as APIs


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The keynote presentation I gave at Circus Conference in Sydney, Australia, March 19, 2013 about brands creating, using and thinking like APIs.

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Circus Conference 2013: Brands as APIs

  1. 1. brand apis & brands as apis19 March 2013@farrahbostic
  2. 2. Hi, i’m@farrahbostic I run...
  3. 3. it’s cool in advertising to steal software development metaphors Google #Firestarters: Do Agencies Need to Agile Planning Think Like Software Companies? Agile creativity, think with google
  4. 4. with apologies to @andywhitlock
  5. 5. agile is an engineering process, not a vision or a strategy. it’s useful when you already know what to build. but not that useful for figuring out what to build.with thanks to @billwscott
  6. 6. figuring out what to build is hard.
  7. 7. an api is something a lot of our brands could build.An application programming interface (API) is a protocol intended to be used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other. An API is a library that may include specificationsfor routines, data structures, object classes, and variables.
  8. 8. but why do apis matter?
  9. 9. you probably know this api the best
  10. 10. 1 2 3 Literally Metaphorically ProspectivelyBrand that use APIs Brands that behave like APIs What if more brands embraced the ethos of an API and created or worked with them?
  11. 11. first, the literal
  12. 12. how brands can use apisTo identify & learn To expand To open up about your opportunities to your value chain customers transact with your brand
  13. 13. single sign-on
  14. 14. skype Skype in the Classroom uses Skype’s single sign-on. So not only do they know how teachers are using the education service, they also know how teachers are using the core Skype service - including their propensity to pay for services.
  15. 15. sell stuff in more placesBest Buy has opened up its inventoryand payment APIs for 3rd partydevelopers to use.Listia is one where you can put upyour old belongings, and use creditsto redeem for new items from onlineretailers, including Best Buy.Another, is eBay.
  16. 16. eBay used theBBYOpen APIs forits Gifts Nearbyholiday program soeBay shoppers couldfind last minute giftsin-stock at retailersnearby, andcomplete a Best Buypurchase withoutleaving the site.
  17. 17. open up the value chainInventory & fulfillmentPayment processingHosting & analytics
  18. 18. 3/17/13 Automated Customer Communications at Airbnb - Twilio Case Study3/17/13 Case  Studies VOICE Projects support your value chain & your customers SMS Developers CLIENT SOLUTIONS DOCS HELP LOGIN Phone and SMS Marketing Campaign for Sony - Twilio Case Study VOICE SMS airbnb uses twilio to SOLUTIONS CLIENT DOCS To  match  travelers  and  hosts  with  ease, communication between hosts and guests using text automate mobile HELP LOGIN+ Case  Studies Airbnb  turned  to  Twilio  for  efficient  mobile  communications  with to a request, they get an automated SMS with messaging. If a host hasn’t responded SMS. Projects information about the guest, the dates, and the price. They can reply via SMS as well DevelopersAirbnb  is  an  online  marketplace  that  enables  private  residents  and  commercial  properties  to  rent ENHANCE CUSTOMERout  extra  space  to  travelers  looking  for  a  hotel  alternative.  The  company  slogan  "travel  like  a COMMUNICATIONS Sony’s Epic Records used twilio to create a viral phone and SMS campaign,human"  captures  the  essence  of  the  unique  experience  Airbnb  provides  to  travelers  looking  for Sony  Music  and  Lamb  of  God  +affordable,  creative,  or  unconventional  lodgings. Connect  with  customers  in  innovative went  viral  with  a calling fans with recordings from band members promoting their new album ways  using  voice  and  SMS  messages Enable  detailed  exchanges  for  scheduling HIGHLIGHTS unique  album  launch  campaign  using  Twilio. and managers could easily add and providing a sample of their music. The band and  collaboration Text  message  confirmations  increase  the  number  of  successful  bookings new recordings and check the progress of the campaign from anywhere. Boost  customer  satisfaction  with  high touch  updates  and  information Automated  messages  remove  the  need  for  customer  service  reps  to  manually  contact hosts
  19. 19. now, the metaphorical
  20. 20. tesco homeplus in korea
  21. 21. IKea Consistent retail experience.Modular, flat-pack furniture and parts. You build it. And you can hack it, too. (I did)
  22. 22. ideas that spread
  23. 23. finally, the prospective
  24. 24. Get your Answer Create anHome Page recommended questions event movies Like the Watch a Demo Facebook Page Find a Retailer
  25. 25. try it yourself! seen this?
  26. 26. Apple + Nike + mobile + social + Hardware
  27. 27. we could transform marketing into ‘MAAs’ Starbucks meets Passbook American Express meets Foursquare Spotify meets Blue Note Records meets iTunes Store MTA meets Google Maps meets Augmented Realitywhat api could you use or build with your clients and for their customers to create value?
  28. 28. thanks - this was fun.