Presentation on Internship at Nabil Bank


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Assignment, Internship Assignment, BBA-BI 7th semester, Ace Institute of Management

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Presentation on Internship at Nabil Bank

  1. 1. PRESENTATIONONINTERNSHIP ATNABIL BANKChhitiz ShresthaBBA-BI7th semesterAce Institute of management
  2. 2. Nabil BankMission : The Bank’s mission is to be the “Bankof 1st Choice” in Nepal. The guiding Philosophy of Nabil Bankis “keeping our customer at the coreof everything we do is the cornerstone of our success”
  3. 3. Nabil BankValues: C stands for Customer Focused R for Result Oriented I for Innovative S for Synergistic P for Professional
  4. 4. Major Markets and Customers(Kaushaltar Branch) Nepal Telecom SAARC Tuberculosis and HIV Centre Bhakatapur Municipality Sano Thimi Water Supply (Khane Pani) General Public Mid-level Families Students Workers Abroad (remittance) Medium Level Businesses
  5. 5. Products and services Lending products Corporatebanking Infrastructure andProject Financing SME Banking Microfinance Retail Lending
  6. 6. Products and services Deposit Products Normal Saving Nabil Lok Bachat Nabil Bachat Nabil Bal Bachat Nabil Nari Bachat Nabil Edu Save Nabil Jestha Bachat and Nabil Jestha Muddati Fixed Deposits Call deposits
  7. 7. Products and services Card Products MasterCard Internationalcards Nabil Visa and MasterCardRupee Credit Cards Nabil Installment Nabil Visa debit/PrepaidCards Remittance Western Union Nabil Remit Demand Draft and SWIFTTransfers
  8. 8. Products and services Bancassurance Other products and services Nabil M-Banking Any Branch BankingServices (ABBS) Extended Banking Hours Internet Banking Privilege lounge E – Secure Service
  9. 9. Organization Structure
  10. 10. Financial StructureShare capitalShare Ownership
  11. 11. Organizational Performance Profitability
  12. 12. Organizational Performance Liquidity Assets, Deposits & Shareholders Funds
  13. 13. Organizational Performance Number of Offices and ATM’s
  14. 14. Organizational Performance Human Resource2010/2011 2011/2012
  15. 15. Activities Performed Account Opening Personal Account /Joint Account Partnership or Soleproprietorship firm Company Account Minor account Deposits Account Closing Check bookOperations
  16. 16. Account Opening Form
  17. 17. Activities Performed Card Operations Update and modifyingCustomer Information Finacle Operations Internet BankingOperations Remittance Other Activities Transferring phonecalls Provide informationabout Nabil products
  18. 18. Activities Performed
  19. 19. Problem Solved ATM usage instructions Aiding in ATM replenishing Taking on Customer ServiceDepartment Correcting customers Forms Cash Counting Clearing Function Fixed Photocopy Machine
  20. 20. Key Observation Frequent ABBS enquiry Account opening hassles Importance of KYC Interest rate enquiry Frequent technical errors Necessary documents for account opening Bancassurance usage Collective Bargaining (Association of NabilBank Staff) Peak period for banking
  21. 21. Key Skills and Attitudes Learnt Skills Computing Skills CommunicationSkills Listening Skills Analytical Skills Attitudes Discipline Teamwork TimeManagement Dressing Sense Resilience
  22. 22. Feedbacks to Organization SWOT AnalysisPioneer in BankingTrust of PeopleModified ProductsBetter use of ITNew Industries &customers in themarketLess Authority to BMleading to lengthydecision makingprocessPolitical InstabilityHigh CompetitionRigid LendingPoliciesHigh EmployeeTurnoverLow MarketingWide NetworkDedicated &ExperiencedManpowerWide Array ofProductsHigher HR Cost
  23. 23. Feedback to Organization Introducing innovative Products Enhancing new Investments Focusing on marketing Focusing on various customer groups Maintaining long term partnerships Expansion of Locker Facilities More emphasis to CSD Delegation of Authority to BranchManagers
  24. 24. Feedback toCollege/University It would have helped the students if thecollege had counseled us for identifying thearea for internship The college could have eased the pressureon the students by reducing the number ofassignments and classes on the time ofinternship The college could also have hadsimultaneous feedback sessions with thestudents about their performance as an internin the related organization
  25. 25. Feedback toCollege/University It would also have been fruitful if ouracademic coordinator would have gotten toknow our internship supervisor in advance todevelop a healthy mutual relationship The format of the report to be prepared afterthe internship period was only given a week inadvance. If it was provided earlier, thestudents could have collected informationand organized it in a proper mold.