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Report on hotel himalayan horizon


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Assignment, Business Communication II, BBA-BI 2nd semester, Ace Institute of Management

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Report on hotel himalayan horizon

  1. 1. A REPORT ON HOTEL HIMALAYAN HORIZONBy:•Anmol Pasa Shrestha•Chhitiz Shrestha•Leeza Shrestha•Niraj Taujale•Raj Shrestha•Sunita Shrestha
  2. 2. BACKGROUND The report is based upon hands on approach study of “Hotel Himalayan Horizon” Study of the organization’s  Structure,  Work process,  Objectives,  Responsibilities,  Services, etc. Overall, an exceptional experience
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The organization’s structure The services provided by the organization The future plans of the organization The objective of the MD The responsibilities of the MD The work process of the MD To know the challenges faced by the MD
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION Tourism industry, one of the most illustrious industries in Nepal, Rise of Sun n’ Snow Pvt. Ltd. Established “Hotel Himalayan Horizon” in 1968. Initiated by Mr. B.P Shrestha, the former Mayor of Dhulikhel Now after 42 years, still committed to their mission,  to provide first class hospitality  service to all their esteemed guests.
  5. 5. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Actually a family run company. No formal organizational structure. First established by Mr. B.P. Shrestha in 1968. Mr. B.P. Shrestha is retired as acts as a formal advisor. The current MD is Mr. Kiran Shrestha, He acts as the head of the organization and makes all the financial decisions. Mr. Suren Shrestha, his cousin is working as a deputy. So being a family company, this is the organizational structure.
  6. 6. SPECIALTY Outstanding View of the Himalayan Peaks A historic town, fine old houses and temples Opportunities to trek and explore First class hospitality
  7. 7. LOCATION Situated at an Altitude of 1441 Meters, Latitude- N 270 – 36’ – 992” Longitude – E 850 33’ 432” 30 km. west of Kathmandu City Reservation Office  3rd Floor, Room No. 308, China Town, Shopping Centre, Churchill Complex,
  8. 8. SERVICES Terrace Garden Restaurant Conference hall (Capacity – 150) 30 Rooms (24 Deluxe rooms) Separate secretariat room 66KV backup generator Parking facility. Laundry service. Mailing Services
  9. 9. SERVICES Sunrise watching, Sunset watching, Moonlight watching, River-rafting, Short/ Long Trekking, Culture/Village walks, Excursion, Picnic
  10. 10. NUMBER OF STAFFS/EMPLOYEES General Manager – 1 Receptionist – 3 Waiters – 10 Cooks – 7 Gardeners – 5 Housekeepers – 6 Security Guards – 4 Utility and Repairs Incharge – 2
  11. 11. NUMBER OF STAFFS/EMPLOYEES The number of employees and staff at the city reservation office, Receptionist – 1 Marketing Incharge – 2 Accountant – 1 Peon – 1
  12. 12. ACHIEVEMENTS NRI institute Bangkok, Thailand for "Pride of India Gold Award, 1991". International Friendship society of India-Singapore for "Pride of Asia International Award, 1992". International Excellence Gold Award, 1993.
  13. 13. ACHIEVEMENTS Udyog Exchange Award by Union Ministry for Railways, India. Tourist Guide Association of Nepal; Appreciation Award for Excellence in Tourism Trade in 2050. Mumbai (India) Travel Trade Associations Appreciation Award, 1997 for recognition of satisfactory services rendered.
  14. 14. ACHIEVEMENTS Late King Birenda also honored Managing Director B.P. Shrestha from Himalayan Horizon with: Bikhyat Trishakti Patta Suprabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu Prabal Gurkha Dakshin Bahu
  15. 15. INFORMATION FROM THE MD Main responsibilities  All financial decisions  Most managerial decisions Work process  Input from employees  Inspection of the service provided  Work distributed to the deputy and the general manager  Decisions made swiftly
  16. 16. INFORMATION FROM THE MD Challenges  Controlling labor unions  Hiring staffs  Purchasing supplies
  17. 17. FUTURE PLANS The future Plans of “Sun N’ Snow Pvt. Ltd.” include the following plans: To maintain the standard of Hotel Himalayan Horizon Expand the Hotel to a 5 star standard Open a restaurant at Kathmandu under “Sun N’ Snow Pvt. Ltd.” Open possible branches at other various locations
  18. 18. LIMITATIONS OF THE RESEARCH Since the hotel was located 30 km away from Kathmandu only some of us could visit for the research All of the group members found it quite difficult to mage time to work together We could not collect as much information as we would have liked to
  19. 19. CONCLUSION Himalayan Horizon is served by qualified, experienced and devoted executives and staff A well managed organization Guests can enjoy the customary Nepali hospitality in the Hotel with its old-world elegance and comfort in modern facilities, providing relaxation unlike any other And as they say “come out of Kathmandu, Dhulikhel is different”
  20. 20. SPECIAL THANKS Mr. Kiran Prasad Shrestha (Managing Director) Mr. Thama Nath Dhungana ( General Manager)