Greg Kramer on apps for digital audiences


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Greg Kramer on apps for digital audiences

  1. 1. Advertis ing has us chas ingcars and cLothes-work ing jo bs we hates o we can buys hit we don’t need
  2. 2. personalised,customisedand adaptedto whatwe want
  3. 3. TELEVISION 614 increase of 7% since 2009NEWSPAPERS 540 decrease of 15% since 2009INTERACTIVE 366 increase of 67% since 2009MEDIA SPEND FOR 2012(millions of dollars)
  4. 4. Figure 2). Other activities include leisure activities like playing games orlistening to music, searching for information or content, and shopping.Interestingly, there isn’t a big gap between those who look up informationabout TV programming versus those looking up information about productsthey saw in TV ads, at 17% and 18% respectively.Social Networking (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)Text messaging/ Instant messagingPlaying games or listening to musicSearching for information about products you see on TVSearching for information about the show you are watchingSeaching for content not related to what you are watchingShopping onlineOther48%46%30%18%17%15%9%11%Our research showed that Millennials (under 34 year olds) were the mostFigure 2: Other activities engaged in while watching TVour multi-screening habits
  5. 5. CLIVE OWENMADONNAang leeguy ritchiejohn wootony scottMickey RourkeGary OldmanJames BrownMarilyn Manson
  6. 6. 2001 >>> sales increased by 12.5%2002 >>> sales increased by 17.2%
  7. 7. *Harvard Business Review82%of our mobile timewith them*we spendApps aren’tadvertisingWe choosethemWe valuethemThey aren’tinterruptive
  8. 8. ValueConvenience FunSocial*Harvard Business Review82%of our mobile timewith them*we spend