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Joyas Voladoras Jewelry


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Product development plan for fictitious ethical jeweler Joyas Voladoras.

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Joyas Voladoras Jewelry

  1. 1. Joyas Voladoras JewelrySpring / Summer 2010
  2. 2. C nsider the hummingbird for a long moment...Joyas Voladoras, flying jewels, the first white explorers in theAmericas called them, and the white men had never seensuch creatures, for hummingbirds came into the world onlyin the Americas, nowhere else in the universe…each themost amazing thing you have never seen. -Brain Doyle Joyas Voladoras
  3. 3. ContentsMission / Vision - 4Research Survey - 5Competitive Analysis - 6Target Consumer - 6Target Outlet - 7Pricepoint -7Product Launch -7Trends - 8Launch Season / Colors - 11Technical Properties - 12Overview of Line / Styling - 12Technical Design - 13Sizing and Fit - 14Packaging - 15Quality Assurance - 15Credits - 16
  4. 4. MISSIONThe motto of Joyas Voladoras isPrimum non nocere, whichmeans, “first, do no harm.” Youshouldn’t have to choosebetween being eco-friendly andfashion forward.VISIONJoyas Voladoras, the propername for the hummingbird,translates literally to “flying jewels.”Recently launched in Septemberof 2009 in Soho NYC, JVdesigns jewelry inspired bynature, crafted from eco-friendlyand sustainable materials such asrecycled metals and stones. Westrive to create uniquemerchandise for the fashionconscious, urban girl. We lovethe idea of making “green” jewelryavailable to a wide consumerbase, and plan on expanding tosell to boutiques and specialtyretailers in key locations nationwide. We are currently working todevelop an ecommerce site.
  5. 5. RESEARCH SURVEYA 12 question survey was given to 20 people in the Soho district o New York City. The womenwho participated appeared to be in their late teens to early 30s (age, however, was not asked)and appeared moderately to highly trend-conscious.1.Where do you most often shop for costume jewelry?a) Boutiques -4 b) Department Store - 7 c) Discount Store - 3 d) Chain Store - 5 e) Online - 12.What is the most important factor when buying costume jewelry?a)Trend - 3 b) Personal Style- 5 c) Price - 6 d) Materials - 2 e) Versatile - 43.How often do you purchase jewelry?a)Weekly - 2 b) Monthly - 6 c) Every few months -7 d) For special events or occasions - 54.Where do you get your fashion information?a)Magazines - 5 b) Online - 4 c) Friends -5 d) Sales Associates - 2 e) Combination - 45.How much would you normally spend for a necklace (costume)?a)Under $25 - 4 b) $26 - 49 6 c) $50 - 100 -6 d) $100 - 149 - 2 e) $150+ - 26.Do you live in the area?a)Yes - 5 b) No, but I live in NYC 8 c) No, but I visit NYC often -4 d) No, tourist - 37.How often do you purchase jewelry?a) Weekly - 2 b) Monthly 6 c) Every few months -7 d) For special events or occasions – 58.What magazines are you most likely to read?a)Lucky, InStyle - 3 b) Elle, Vogue - 4 c) Nylon, Bust - 5 d) Paris Vogue, Vogue Italia – 4 f)Lula, V-49.What ultimately influences your jewelry purchase?a)Impulse - 2 b) Goes with clothing purchase - 7 c) Goes with existing clothing - 6 d) Outsidesuggestion (friends, sales associate, etc.) - 510.Do you shop in this area often?a)Yes - 13 b) No - 711.Did you actively watch or look at pictures of the SS 2010 fashion shows?a)Yes - 9 b) No - 6 c) Some – 512.Do you purchase eco-friendly merchandise?a)Yes, often - 2 b) Yes, occasionally, - 5 c) If it isn’t more expensive - 6 d) I don’t pay attention - 7
  6. 6. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS The competitive analysis shows the need for Joyas Voladoras. While major competitors have a large presence in the market, they have very little invested in eco-friendly merchandise. Green fashion is a growing trend. Since these companies are likely invested in several manufacturers and product suppliers, it may be difficult for them to manufacture eco-friendly merchandise. A new company would have an advantage in that respect. TARGET CONSUMER The Joyas Voladoras girl is a young woman age 19-28. She is smart and creative, lives in an urban area, and loves all things nature . She loves the idea of doing good for the earth, but doesn’t want to have to sacrifice style. She reads foreign and indie fashion magazines and websites, and always keeps up with current trends. She would rather shop at a boutique than in a mall, because each purchase feels like finding a tiny treasure.
  7. 7. TARGET OUTLETJoyas Voladoras will operate as a wholesale company, selling to contemporary boutiques andspecialty retailers around the New York City area. Target boutique districts include Soho, WestVillage, Chelsea, and Lower East Side in Manhattan, and Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Targetspecialty stores include Henri Bendel and Barneys. We hope to do business with stores thatoperate as click and mortar entities, so the brand can begin to establish an online presence.Our goal is to sell products nation wide in key urban areas, as well as in online specialtyboutiques. It is not in the interest of the brand to sell to big box or discount merchants, as it is ofhigh priority to maintain the image of Joyas Voladoras.PRICEPOINTBased on data from both the research survey and from the competitive analysis, JoyasVoladoras will strive to keep jewelry under $100. Necklaces will be the most expensive due totheir elaborate concept.  Necklaces Single Chain - $25 - 50 Multi Layer - $75 – 100  Bracelet Bangle (wooden) - $25  Bangle (enamel) - $35 Chain - $25  Ring Simple Metal - $25 Stone - $35 Semiprecious - $50  Earrings Post - $25 Dangle - $40 Semiprecious - $60PRODUCT LAUNCHJoyas Voladoras is set to launch in Spring of 2010 in the New York City area. The line will becarried at numerous boutiques and specialty stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  8. 8. After the initial launch, Joyas Voladoras will seek to expand product into the online market. Thegoal is to also be carried in notable urban areas throughout the US.Because the idea of eco-friendy jewelry is somewhat novel, the idea is to first test the market,and ensure that consumers are receptive to items at their given price points before planning forexpansion.TRENDSCOLORSFor spring and summer 2010, we see a very strong mix of colors. Reds and greens dominate,yet the traditional shades are swapped for ones a little more unexpected, like a bright lime color(380 C) and flamingo pink (191 C). The palette is balanced by the traditional pastel shades.There is also a wide range of muted earth tones, such as a rose (695 C), avocado (4505 C)and wheat (120 C).The unique blend of saturated colors with pastels and mutes will allow any consumer to add a bitof edge to her wardrobe. It also allows designers to play with their color palette without alienatingtheir existing customers or potential consumers.
  9. 9. RUNWAYFor spring and summer 2010, there is a strong use of color, including orange, lime green, andpink. There is also a strong 70s influence with fringed bags and stacked bangles.There are also many oversized necklaces.MARKET TRENDSThe Doneger Group notes several key trends in expected consumer spending for Spring andSummer 2010. Consumers will move away from “conspicuous” spending, such as heavilybranded bags or accessories, and instead purchase more costume jewelry.There will be a rise in consumer preference towards co-friendly goods and products. There willalso be a trend toward fashion items made from natural materials, or for products inspired bynature.
  10. 10. RELATED TRENDSAs evident from market study, and from simply watching the Spring 2010 runway shows, there isa trend in clothing and accessories appearing “organic” and “green.” There is high use of naturalfibers, and of earth tones. Purchasing accessories is a quick and easy way for consumers toremain stylish without having to revamp their entire wardrobes.LAUNCH SEASON AND COLORS
  11. 11. The Joyas Voladoras customer is relatively youthful and urban, with an eco-conscious mindset.Our line will consist of a combination of saturated colors as well as earth tones. The saturatedpinks especially fit in with Spring’s neon color trend, and will pique the interest of consumers.The tones are also very fitting for the spring and summer seasons.From left side down / right side down:  Chrysthanthemum  Silk Tree  Boysenberry  Sapling  Robin /  Sandstone  Rosa  Pampas  Sky  LeaflingTECHNICAL PROPERTIESJoyas Voladoras strives to create quality merchandise at an approachable price point for targetconsumers. Although we use recycled materials in the final pieces, we only purchase fromreputable companies.OVERVIEW OF LINE AND STYLINGBecause we want Joyas Voladoras to remain accessible to the majority of our target market, wewill not price items over $150 USD. We will offer "staple" items, including a pendant necklace, asan easy entry point to the brand. The necklace will feature a single gold chain, with a pendant ofa nature-inspired item, such as a flower or a feather. This item will sell at retail for $50 USD. Asnecklaces become more complex, price increases respectively due to the increase in materialcosts. A multi-chained necklace with a flower accent will be the lines most expensive item,retailing for $150. Joyas Voladoras also offers rings, bracelets, and earrings. Like the necklaces,JV will offer entry point items, such as a simple bang ring with a pendant accent, a single chainedbracelet, and basic post earrings.Joyas Voladoras will always have inspiration rooted in nature, but follows fashion and accessorytrends closely. While the majority of our products will be mainly metal, which we love the look ofnaturally, we will include painted, stone, or fabric accents.
  12. 12. PAPILO Style: 00001 Division: Jewelry Size Category: AOS Season: Spring 2010 Description: Double layer pearl and chain with brass butterfly pendant Merchandiser: R. Wright Designer: R. Wright Brand: Joyas Voladoras Materials: Freshwater pearl; copper pendant; brass chain link Creation Date: 11 / 2090 Ship Date: 02 / 2010MATERIALS UNIT QUANTITY COSTPendant $4.88 ea. 1 $4.88 Cutting $0.50 Assembly $12.00Chain $0.66 ft. 18 in $1.33 Packaging $3.00Pearl $12.99 16 in. 16 iin $12.99 Shipping $4.00Chain Extender $1.99 ea $1.99 Total $19.50Brand Tag $0.50 ea $0.50 + Materials $41.19MATRIALS COST $21.69 Markup = 50% Total Retail Cost = $82.38
  13. 13. SIZING AND FIT Necklaces can be worn from 16-20" long (depending on where the clasp is placed at the chain). The necklace to the left has a similar length and style. This length seems to make it feel younger and more on trend. Had it been a longer length, it would almost seem outdated or more mature. The picture to the right shows a necklace targeting a similar demographic with a similar length. The table below shows the measurements for US ring sizes.Inside Diameter Inside Ring Size (Inches) Circumference (Inches) 0.618 1.94 5 0.65 2.04 6 0.682 2.14 7 0.714 2.24 8 0.746 2.34 9After researching many other retailers with a similar target age group (Free People,TopShop, Urban Outfitters, J. Crew), Joyas Voladoras has decided to offer rings inwhole sizes from 5 – 9, with size 6 and 7 projected to be the most popular.
  14. 14. PACKAGINGAll merchandise will be wrapped in unbleached, undyed organic tissue paper,wrapped in bubble wrap, and placed individually inside of plastic bags. This willprevent merchandise from being harmed in the shipping process.Joyas Voladoras jewelry should be placed outside of a case on jewelry stands.QUALITY ASSURANCEAt Joyas Voladoras, we strive to create products that the customer can wearthroughout the seasons. We request samples of our products months in advance offull manufacturing to ensure that the product meets our expectations. We subject ourmerchandise to elements that may be encountered in everyday life. Tests include apull test, to ensure that the product will not be damaged from a light tug; a snag test,to ensure that the jewelry wont damage hair or clothing; and element test, to ensurethat jewelry can withstand natural elements and sunlight; and a weight test, to ensurethat the product can be worn comfortably throughout the day.
  15. 15. CREDITSImages 1,2,3 – Solve Sundsbo – Tim Walker – Pantone Color - All runway photos from Style.com10 – Doneger Group - The Glamourai Supply. Roseville, California. and Things. – Manufacturing and Consulting.