OPI Digital Strategy Final Presentation


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NMDL Spring 2014 Final Presentation- O.P.I. Brand Digital Strategy Campaign

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OPI Digital Strategy Final Presentation

  1. 1. + O.P.I. Digital Strategy By Abbie Lennox
  2. 2. + The O.P.I. Brand  Internationally well-known nail care products brand  High quality, affordable and trendy nail care products and polishes  Both professional and at home products, sold at drugstores, department stores and nail salons worldwide  Annual sales of nearly $300 million  Current celebrity endorsers such as the Kardashian sisters and Gwen Stefani
  3. 3. + Target Audience  Women age 18-34  They come from all types of demographic and psychographic backgrounds  They care about their appearance  They keep up with fashion and beauty trends  Some connect with the OPI brand at the nail salon due to their higher income  Others connect with the OPI brand at the drug store or at home due to their lower income
  4. 4. + The Big Idea  OPI provides consumers with “everyday ease to put your best hand forward.”- New tagline  Tagline will appear throughout entire digital campaign, and will place emphasis on integrating OPI products as an everyday part of an easy, breezy lifestyle that our target audience dreams of  Main focus will be on Instagram  The “big idea” will increase interactions with consumers on social media and will place OPI in the minds of our consumers every day
  5. 5. + Goals & Objectives  Main objective is to increase awareness of OPI nail polish lines as, “everyday easy” products that will allow you to “put your best hand forward”  Emphasis placed on the ease, affordability and high quality of OPI nail polishes  Increase traffic to website  Generate more sales and profit  Increase downloads of mobile application  Re-energize social media accounts to increase interactions with our audience  Place OPI in target market as, “everyday ease that will put your best hand forward”
  6. 6. + Social Media Tools & Tactics  Instagram Contest- “Put your Best Hand Forward”  Users post Instagram photo of themselves “putting their best hand forward” while wearing OPI nail polish  Use hashtag #besthandforward  Entered into contest to win various prizes  Winners chosen based on highest number of likes they receive on their OPI photo  This will create electronic word of mouth marketing, as not only are the users getting involved, but so are their followers, family, friends, etc. as they recruit them to like their photo in order to win  3 winners chosen in first month of campaign to win free OPI salon manicures for one year  100 other winners to win various OPI nail polish color packages  Promote contest across all social media accounts, but winners are only chosen through Instagram
  7. 7. + Internet Marketing  Google AdWords keyword search campaigns  Keep OPI high in search results and in forefront of consumers mind as the best nail care brand  Sponsored ad space on magazine and fashion websites and blogs  Seventeen Magazine  “What Courtney Wore” blog
  8. 8. + Mobile Strategy  Update mobile application to increase downloads and make the app more useful for consumers  Currently, the app features all of the OPI nail colors that you can “try out” on an animated hand  Update app to allow users to take pictures of their actual hand within the app and then place the different colors on their nails so they can compare colors to their specific skin tone and hands  Integrate online promotion via app, using new tagline, “put YOUR best hand forward,” as part of our new personalized hand feature
  9. 9. + Key Performance Indicators  Measure our success through Google Analytics  Track website traffic  Social media interactions  Downloads of our update mobile application  Measure keyword success by observing click through rates to the OPI website  We will know this campaign was a success when we increase website traffic by 25%, increase interactions on social media by 50% and have 25,000 participants in our Instagram, “Put your Best Hand Forward” contest
  10. 10. + Budget  Total Budget= $300,000  Mobile application refresh= $50,000  Social Media Management/Creation/Posting/Tracking= $7,500 per month  $45,000 for six months  Google AdWords= 20 keyword phrases= $5,000 per month  $30,00 for six months  Contest Prizes & Giveaways= $10,000  Supplementary Costs (New graphics, logos, Google Analytics, etc.)= $100,000