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Presentation to accompany the Oiseau Overview

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Oiseau Presentation

  1. 1. contents “Everybody has to wear clothing, so you might as well wear something good for the earth.” Greg Alterman Founder, Alternative Apparel 3. company description 4. location 5. product assortment 8. sample product 9. branding 11. market analysis 14. competitors 15. SWOT analysis 16. product 17. service and atmosphere 18. price and placement 19. promotion 20. credits
  2. 2. Oiseau, the French translation for “bird,” is a contemporary women's boutique that focuses exclusively on sustainable and eco-friendly fashion and accessories. Oiseau would be located in the stylish Fillmore District of San Francisco. Left: A Fillmore Street shopper Right: Fillmore Street company description
  3. 3. Located at 2185 Fillmore Street, Oiseau would take over the space which was formerly Shabby Chic. At this location, a major bus route stops nearby, driving traffic. Marc by Marc Jacobs is across the street, bringing stylish consumers to the area. Jurlique, a store offering natural cosmetics, is also nearby, bringing in consumers who are interested in ecologically friendly products. location
  4. 4. product assortment Dedicated to creating a demand for organic cotton and socially responsible methods of production, Loomstate focuses their design approach on their respect for nature. Natural shapes and colors influence their casual clothing, which is primarily made up of graphic tees and jeans. www.loomstate.org Alternative Apparel focuses on authenticity and comfort. In 1995, the company set out to create the perfect t-shirt – one that was “designed for fashion, made for comfort, and tailored for a flawless fit. The company has since expanded to include a multitude of fashion garments. Oiseau will carry the lined titled Alternative Earth, which focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable apparel. www.alternativeapparel.com/alternativeearth Designed by a former sculptor and a fashion industry buff, Prairie Underground creates unique, earth friendly garments crafted from organic cotton and wool. www.prairieunderground.com
  5. 5. The mission of Edun is to help build Africa as a viable source of production for fashion. Founded on the premise of trade not aid, EDUN is a for profit business that aims to raise awareness of the possibilities in Africa to encourage emulation. To help achieve this goal, EDUN is investing in the development of a community-based value chain, beginning with organic cotton. www.edunonline.com In addition to providing consumer with sustainable merchandise, Oiseau seeks to educate the public on the eco-conscious lifestyle. Publications might include Boho, and Peppermint (from Australia). Books could include Green Chic, Eco-Chic: The Fashion Paradox, and Style, Naturally.
  6. 6. Oiseau will also consider merchandise and clothing that promotes a charity, cause, or social issue. These items will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Katharine Hamnett - Enviornmental Justice Campaign to end illegal fishing CFDA Haiti Charity Tee – proceeds are donated to efforts to rebuild Nahui Ollin - made by impoverished Mexicans from discarded candy wrappers
  7. 7. sample product Edun Loomstate Alternatve Earth Prairie Underground
  8. 8. branding The logo of Oiseau is a green bird. The bird, of course, relates to the name, which is the French translation. Consumers can also connect the color to the idea of eco-friendly merchandise, and to nature. The typeface is clean and modern, and is meant to appeal to the store’s demographic. Business Card • Bird silhouette cut out • Branch embossed – convex • Recycled cardboard • Bird silhouette cut out • Branch embossed – concave
  9. 9. Letterhead In lieu of traditional bags, Oiseau would utilize reusable shopping bags made from organic cotton. This would serve to strengthen the idea of the sustainability, even after the consumer has left the store. Reusable Shopping Bag
  10. 10. Target Consumer Oiseau seeks to target young women aged 18-30 who are urban, trend-aware, and of course, interested in the environment and sustainability. These consumers would already live in the San Francisco area, and likely frequent the Fillmore shopping district. The median income of Oiseau shoppers would be in the middle-middle to upper-middle class bracket. market analysis “Green is getting gorgeous....Heck, even Wal-Mart just launched a line of T-shirts made from old soda-pop bottles. That's because younger shoppers are finally translating their passion for purer and more organic foods in their kitchens to purer and more organic clothing in their closets.”
  11. 11. According to a study conducted by Maritz, a consumer research company, 47% of generation Y consumers would be willing to pay more for “green” brands. Iconoculture, a market research firm, has discovered four distinct shopping groups interested in sustainable fashion: The Living Green This consumer has embraced all aspects of an eco-friendly lifestyle, from eating organic foods, buying used clothing from vintage and thrift stores, to buying garments made from recycled fabrics. The Core Fashionista his consumer is ultimately fashion-driven. In a traditional marketing sense, she would be the trendsetter. The Walking Green These are the trend followers. They are often interested in eco- fashion because they want to belong to a community that they feel is important. Style wise, these are the early to late adaptors. The Spending Green This group is interested in green fashion because that sense of exclusivity and entitlement are important to her. For her, buying green connotes luxury.
  12. 12. Target consumers would be from more affluent neighborhoods in the San Francisco metro area. Neighborhoods would include Union Square, Fillmore, Marina, and Noe Valley. The “total” number is comprised of the number of persons who fit the target demographic in the key districts. Union Square Population 13,716 51.3% female 28.5% 20-34 Total: 2,005 Fillmore Population 33,115 51.8% female 37% 20-34 Total: 6,347 Marina Population 22,903 53.3% female 42.1% 20-34 Total: 5,139 Noe Valley Population 30,574 40.2% female 33.9% 20-34 Total: 4,117 Total: 17,608 x 47%* 8,276 Potential Customers *According to a study by Maritz, 47% of Generation Y consumers are interested in “green” fashion.
  13. 13. Oiseau, essentially, has no direct competition within the San Francisco area. While there are some stores focusing on eco-friendly clothing, none seem to focus solely on contemporary fashion. Eco Citizen While this store, located in the Marina district, does carry brands like Edun and Loomstate (only tops), they focus on higher-priced designer apparel. Being in the Marina district, the store likely has a higher frequency of Gen X consumers. American Rag Located on Van Ness near Polk Gulch, American Rag does have a relatively similar demographic to and carries lines such as Loomstate, Levi’s organic, and Tom’s shoes. They also carry a large selection of vintage items. This store is not focused on eco-fashion by any means, however. It seems to be purely style-driven. Azalea This boutique, for men and women, is located in Hayes Valley. While, like AR, the store is not focused on eco-fashion, it has a well-defined, contemporary consumer. Items are on trend or fashion-forward. Notably, this store has a well-developed e-commerce site. competitors
  14. 14. SWOT analysis Strengths •Ideal location •Strong brand image •Entering “green” market during growth phase •No direct competition •Unique store concept Weaknesses •Limited vendor selection •Requires highly informed store personnel •Must be able to sell product on aesthetics •No similar stores means difficult to tell if concept will work •Concept trumps product Opportunities •Can easily expand to include cosmetics, men’s, etc. •“Green” market expected to grow •Many smaller vendors do not require large purchase orders •More brands are adopting “eco” product, meaning larger selection Threats •Volatile economic climate •More stores may carry “green” fashions if the trend grows •Little market data •Many e-commerce sites focusing on eco-fashion
  15. 15. product While key consumers may be interested in trends, it is important that “entrance items,” likely price-sensitive basics, not be excluded from the product mix. While The Core Fashionista, The Walking Green, and the Spending Green may be interested in a more fashion forward item, another Gen Y consumer who does not fit into these groups may not be. She may be interested in the idea of eco-fashion, but not necessarily be fashion-driven.
  16. 16. service+ atmosphere Service Oiseau’s level of service will likely fall under full-service, as it is a specialty retailer. Associates will not only have to sell consumers merchandise on aesthetics and style recommendations, but on attributes. Atmosphere Oiseau will combine traditional elements used in fashion-forward, contemporary stores, with more organic ones. Associates would wear current Oiseau merchandise, and likely be given an allowance in which to purchase new clothing. 45 RPM Opening Ceremony
  17. 17. price+ placement Price Pricing will be aligned with stores with somewhat similar demographics, especially where they pertain to fashion-conscious, relatively affluent, Generation Y consumers. Essentially, Oiseau will seek to replace items that would normally be offered to this consumer with eco- friendly ones. The store will focus on products in the contemporary price point. Placement Oiseau is a brick-and-mortar retail store. There are no plans for a warehouse-type facility, therefore if an e-commerce site existed, merchandise would come directly from the store itself. Oiseau will utilize a traditional marketing channel, as merchandise will be purchased from third-party vendors. The intermediaries used would be company sales representatives for the selected brands. Producer  Wholesaler  Retailer  Consumer
  18. 18. Media advertisements would be places in local magazines or publication such as Soma or 7x7 Packaging a reusable shopping bag would be given to the consumer to strengthen the idea of sustainability Sales Promotion associated would be required to be well informed of product attributes as well as industry details such as why organic cotton is superior, etc. Point of Purchase the store will carry books and publications that inform customers about the eco-friendly lifestyle Direct Marketing the store will utilize social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to inform consumers about new merchandise, trends, sales, events, etc. Emails could also be sent to consumers on a mailing list. Special Events many boutiques host special nights where a designer or person of interest in present. Oiseau will utilize this tactic in an effort to gain interest for the store and to draw in new consumers. Oiseau will likely be present at events that concern fashion or a sustainable lifestyle. For instance, Ethical Fashion Night just took place in San Francisco. This would have been an ideal event for the store to be present at. promotion
  19. 19. Slide 1: Video– Alternative Apparel. “I Kind of Love You.” <http://blog.alternativeapparel.com/4ftp/2009/11/ alternative-and-flaunt-magazine-present-i-kind-of-love-you.html>. Hornet Inc. artist collaboration. “Here Come the Waves.” <http://www.hornetinc.com/site/project.php? id_project=235&id_film=335&play=1>. Song - Yeasayer. “Tightrope.” Quote - Coco Chanel Slide 2: Image – Alternative Apparel Lookbook Spring 2010 Slide 3: Image – The Fashionist. <http://fashioni.st/2007/06/jen-fillmore-street-sf.html>. Google Earth Street View Slide 11: Quote – Marketing Daily. “Gen Y Demands It: Green Fashion That’s Chic.” Sarah Mahoney. 7 April 2008. <http://www.mediapost.com/publications/fa=Articles.showArticle&art_aid=80029>. Image - <http://www.timeincnewsgroupcustompub.com/environment.htmll>. Slide 12: “47% of Gen Y Would Pay More For Green Brands.” Enviornmental Leader. 14 September 2007. <http:// www.environmentalleader.com/2007/09/14/47-of-gen-y-would-pay-more-for-green-brands/> Marketing Daily. “Gen Y Demands It: Green Fashion That’s Chic.” Sarah Mahoney. 7 April 2008. <http://www.mediapost.com/publications/fa=Articles.showArticle&art_aid=80029>. Image - <http://www.timeincnewsgroupcustompub.com/environment.htmll>. Slide 13: Image – The SF Style. <http://www.thesfstyle.com/search?q=fillmore>. Slide 19: Image – Alternative Apparel Lookbook Spring 2010. Slide 20: Image – Alternative Apparel Lookbook Spring 2010. credits