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  • Hello, I'm the student who is very impressed on your campaign book and would like to put this as my reference to my report. If you don't mind, could you provide the year that you publish this book? Is it the same year you post on the slideshare (2013)? Another question is that I also need to confirm that all six people on the first slide are the authors for this campaingn book? Thank you very much and I'll be pretty appreciated if you can reply me ASAP. Claire
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OPI Advertising Campaign Book

  1. 1. Summary and Overview Table of Contents Executive Summary OPI is a professional salon brand nail polish. Available at beauty stores and salons 2 Summary and Overview alike, consumers often associate the upscale nail polish with special occasions. Our 3 Agency Brand Strategy mission is to show and emphasize OPI as an elite nail polish that can be worn ev- 4 History of OPI eryday because “every day is an occasion with OPI.” Therefore, users should always 5 Competitor Analysis choose OPI when they change their nail color. OPI’s ability to make everyday tasks 6 SWOT Analysis seem like an occasion boosts confidence and self-esteem in product users. Thus, it 7 Environmental Analysis is imperative for consumers to view OPI as a lifestyle brand as long as they want to 8 Objectives and Budget make every day an occasion. 9 Research 10 Brand Value Proposition 11 Target Market Over view 12 Campaign Strategy 13 Big Idea Anchor Advertising intends to position OPI as a nail polish that can be worn every 14 Creative Overview day. Our advertisements aim to capture our target of women 18 to 34 in their daily 15 Creative Executions lifestyle routines while wearing OPI nail polish. The tag line, “Every day is an occa- 19 Creative Testing sion with OPI,” will be used across all advertisements to emphasize that OPI is the 20 Media Objectives only nail polish that can make each day special. Our campaign will reach our target 21 Media Choices market via television commercials, print advertisements in magazines, billboards, 26 Media Schedule and Internet ads. With this approach, we hope to achieve our marketing goal of 27 Media Budget increasing sales by 7%, while also creating 85% awareness and 60% comprehension 28 Brand Activation in terms of advertising. 31 Evaluation 32 Creative Brief 33 Meet Our Team2
  2. 2. Anchor AdvertisingAgency Brand StrategyAnchor Advertising is a full-service advertising agency fresh on themarket complete with unique ideas to share with clients. Made up ofsix eager and extraordinary individuals who constantly strive to provideclients with the best campaigns on the market, our team encompass-es creativity, innovation, and enthusiasm. Our passion shines througheverything we create. Starting with a detailed research analysis, ouragency is then able to create accurate communication goals, campaignstrategies, media plans, and of course a captivating campaign that willmake your business stand out in the competitive market. We are dedi-cated to providing the best of the best and forming relationships withclients that will last a lifetime. 3
  3. 3. History of OPI OPI, originally named Odontorium Products Incorporated, was a small dental sup- OPI founded ply company purchased by George Schaeffer in 1981. Interested in the steady stream of women who paid full price for dental acrylics used to make fake teeth, Schaef-1981 fer quickly realized the female buyers were trailblazers in the burgeoning nail industry. George Schaeffer and Suzi Weiss-Fischmann partnered with a chemist to create an acrylic nail system, which Schaeffer sold door-to-door to local nail salons. In Reformulated 1985, Schaeffer willingly closed the dental supply company and renamed it OPI. polishes2007 Wanting his nail polish to become an essential fashion accessory, Schaeffer created seasonal collections while launching then discon- tinuing 24 shades a year. OPI also came up with geographic moni- OPI is acquired by kers like Not So Bora-Bora-ing Pink and I’m Not Really a Waitress. Coty Inc.2010 Schaeffer’s main focus has always been about making OPI a brand used by professionals. Thus, he created a chip-resistant “lacquer” which OPI partnered with met nail professionals’ approvals. He went even further to design a bottle with a weighted cap so it was easier to use. With his outsid- Nicki Minaj to create er perspective, Schaeffer has redefined both his company and2012 a nail polish line the nail industry, transforming OPI into a $105 million busi- ness and the world’s largest professional nail care outlet. 4
  4. 4. Competitor Analysis All three competitors offer high quality nail polish. Essie Revlon China GlazeSTRENGTHS STRENGTHS STRENGTHS - Thin formula provides long shelf life - Celebrity endorsements for makeup - Over 400 colors to choose from - Sleek, simple advertisements carry over to polishes - Affordable price (ranging from - Easily accessible to purchase - Efficient bottle size and shape $2.50 to $7.00) - Emphasizes convenience in polish - Bottle is easy to open lines (Top Speed™ Fast Dry - Themed colors and unique colorWEAKNESSES ColorStay™ Longwear) names - Website is not sophisticated - Sophisticated and advanced website - Price (about $7.50 per bottle) - Bottle does not have a good grip WEAKNESSES - No active Twitter or links to social WEAKNESSES - Website looks amateur media - Not known for nail polish but rather - Takes a long time to dry on nails makeup in general - Lacking strong social media - No gradient on handle of bottle 5
  5. 5. 6
  6. 6. Environmental AnalysisSociocultural Forces Economic ForcesIn our world today, women focus much of their attention and Shoppers try to find the highest quality beauty products for a rea-money on beauty products. With OPI as the world leader of sonable price. Paul Bryson, Director of Research and Developmentprofessional nail care, many women look up to and depend on at OPI, stated, “In terms of the recession, people do not give upOPI’s high quality. OPI exceeds in determining color forecasting, alcohol, tobacco, and cosmetics. People can always afford a smallsense of style, and instinct for what women want. The profes- bottle of nail polish.” OPI offers nail polish ranging from $6.99 forsional OPI nail lacquer is a long-lasting, chip-resistant formula normal nail lacquer to $23.99 for gel nail products. The originalavailable in over 200 fashion-forward colors. OPI also invents OPI nail polish can be found in beauty-focused venues, such asclever names that customers eagerly look forward to. Also, with Sephora and Ulta, as well as beauty salons and select retailers.the awareness of philanthropy rapidly rising, OPI is committed They own Nicole by OPI, inexpensive nail polish geared towardto the concept of giving back. They founded the Schaeffer Fam- younger customers in their teens, which is sold in drugstores.ily Foundation as well as donated millions of dollars to charitiesworldwide. Many women are recently becoming more involvedwith sustainability. OPI “strives to improve the environmental Legal/Regulatory Forcesquality of [their] products, packaging, and operations.” OPI sup- OPI actively works with the EPA (Environmental Protectionports the concept of sustainable development and ensures a bet- Agency) and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to meet andter quality of life for everyone now and in future generations. exceed safety standards. OPI has a dedicated team of scien- tists who ensure product quality and safety. OPI was one ofCompetitive Forces the first companies to remove toxic ingredients such as dibu- tyl phthalate and toluene while maintaining the high prod-The companies in competition with OPI include Essie, Rev- uct quality standards customers expect. OPI also promoteslon, and China Glaze. OPI leads the professional beauty indus- salon sanitation to ensure that customers, as well as nail pro-try by raising the standards in which the industry operates. fessionals, can enjoy the healthiest environment possible.Unlike its competitors, OPI is active in numerous associationswithin the industry that aim to ensure consumer safety is al-ways preserved. Sold in 50 different countries, OPI is oneof the world leaders of the professional nail care industry. 7
  7. 7. Objectives and BudgetMarketing and Advertising ObjectivesThis campaign will improve awareness of the elite OPI nail polish as an everyday product to wear. Our emphasis on lifestyle and a feel-good atti-tude will help achieve our marketing goal of increasing overall sales by 7%. Anchor Advertising is targeting women between 18 and 34 years old.By the end of the yearlong campaign, 85% of our target market will be aware of OPI nail polish and 60% of the target market will understand itsbenefits. The effective reach for this campaign is 85 with an effective frequency of 5. To achieve our objectives, we must reach at least 85% ofour target market and reach each consumer at least 5 times.Time FrameThe campaign will run for one year starting January 2013 and ending December 2013. Since we are advertising OPI as an everyday elite nail pol-ish, we will run advertisements consistently throughout the year. We will also increase the number of ads at the beginning of every season, asthat is when our target market looks to purchase polish. This will increase comprehension and conviction within our target market.Budget SummaryAnchor Advertising was given a budget of $15,000,000 to im- 8%   7%  plement an effective campaign. Any extra money not used on 27%   Television  purchasing media was added to production costs. Magazines   27%  Television - $4,080,000 Billboard  Magazines - $4,642,945Billboards - $4,030,080 31%   Internet  Internet - $975,000Production Costs - $1,271,975 Produc=on  Costs  8
  8. 8. ResearchResearch Objectives Secondary Research - Determine consumer buying patterns and habits pertaining to nail polish At Anchor Advertising, we strove to get to know - Find out target markets’ views of OPI as compared to its competitors OPI’s market by researching what women in the target - Determine the target market’s media interests market like to wear, shop, read, and watch. To do so, we utilized popular blogs on Tumblr and Blogger and the trendy social media site, Pinterest. We were able to getPrimary Research insight into our customers’ personalities and their views on OPI. We flipped through Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Van- After distributing a long-form survey to women within our target market, ity Fair, and Veranda, which are all popular to our targetAnchor Advertising gained insight about why women wear nail polish, how it makes market. These magazines allowed us to identify the cur-them feel, and their reasons for choosing (or not choosing) a certain brand of nail rent trends in magazine advertising and editorial.polish, including OPI. At the end of the survey, we asked that respondents attach Using valid, current information in MRI+, we de-photos of their nail polish collection and clothes closet as is. The visuals showed termined the target market for our campaign is womenus ways in which they express themselves. We decided to collect qualitative data between 18 and 34. We then utilized the MRI+ databasebecause we wanted personal responses and reasons rather than statistics. Qualita- to figure out which magazines and television stations ourtive, long-form surveys with open responses allowed us to discover patterns and target market reads and watches. We found they regu-trends among our target market. larly consume media concerning fashion, home decor Contrary to our initial belief, respondents did not stress the price of the and news. Among the magazines they read are Lucky,polish as a primary reason for purchasing one brand over another. We found the Cosmopolitan, and Harper’s Bazaar; among the televisionmajority of women we surveyed wear nail polish to feel put-together, as a form of channels they watch are the Style Network, Bravo, andself-expression, as well as for the actual experience of applying it. They choose one E! Entertainment Network. According to MRI+, they alsobrand of nail polish over another based on the brand’s variety of colors and the regularly use websites such as Groupon and Overstock.quality of its formula. Women associate the nail salon with special occasions, andprefer painting their nails themselves on a regular basis. However, we also foundthat they identify OPI as a high-quality salon brand. We could then infer that OPIwas also associated with special occasions. With this information, we decided tofocus our campaign on altering this perception. 9
  9. 9. Brand Value Proposition Functional Benefits: OPI’s product line provides an exceptionally wide variety of colors to choose from, including lines called Soft Shades by OPI and Brights by OPI. Each bottle has an ergonomically designed handle for easy application, and consists of a natural formula that doesn’t wear easily on users’ nails. Emotional Benefits: Many respondents claimed that wearing nail polish makes them feel put-together, complete, and composed. It provides a sense of confidence for the user, knowing their nails look presentable. Since OPI has a high-quality formula that lasts a long time both in the bottle and on one’s’ nails, this feeling of confidence is especially high in OPI users. Self-Expressive Benefits: Nail polish is a form of self-expression. The colors women choose to wear reflect their personalities, style, fashion sense, and sometimes even how they’re feeling. Women who buy OPI like to be seen as fashionable, elegant, and put-together. OPI’s color palette allows women to choose colors that represent them or that match their unique styles.10
  10. 10. Target MarketOur target market for this campaign is women between the ages of 18 and 34. These women generally have a yearly income of at least $75,000. 18-23 24-28 29-34Meet Olivia. Meet Chloe. Meet Gabrielle.She is an 18-year-old freshman at a pri- She is a 26-year-old working her first pro- She is a 32-year-old who lives in the sub-vate institution in Washington D.C. She is fessional job in Boston. She enjoys going urbs outside of Charlotte, SC. She is keptfashion conscious, driven, studious, and out with her girlfriends. She is a coffee ad- busy day-to-day being the Director of Salesinvolved on campus. She loves to feel put dict and social media advocate. Whether at a Fortune 500 company. She is also thetogether and painting her nails gives her she’s making coffee runs between meet- mother of two young kids. She wears pol-that satisfied feeling. ings, shaking hands with other business ish that doesn’t chip so she can maintain professionals, or giving a presentation, she her hectic lifestyle with poise. makes sure to put her best hand forward. 11
  11. 11. Campaign Strategy The Challenge OPI nail polish is currently recognized as an elite brand. Although it is available in select beauty stores and chain retailers, it is not purchased regularly. People buy and wear OPI for special occasions. They currently believe that because OPI is elite, it is not for everyday wear but rather for special events. The Insight Through qualitative interviews, we found that many women in our target market prefer to paint their own nails for everyday wear. They purchase polishes at beauty stores and retailers as well as visit the salon on occasion. When their nails are painted, they feel good in their skin. The Solution While promoting the quality of OPI polish, we will position the polish as an elite brand for everyday wear. In our creative executions, we will incor- porate the idea of feeling good in everyday tasks.12
  12. 12. THEBIGIDEAEvery day is an occasion with OPI. 13
  13. 13. Creative Creative Strategy Research suggests women in our target market feel confident while wearing nail polish. We are focusing our advertisements on making OPI an everyday polish so our consumers can always feel good in what they are doing. All of our executions will showcase an average day of a woman. Although minor tasks, the woman feels good doing them because she is wearing OPI. Art Direction The print advertisements will capture women in the essence of their lifestyles. Their polished nails will be featured in the shots to show that it makes each woman feel complete and put together. The three executions include a day at the gym, a coffee break, and a day at the office. A billboard and Internet banner will showcase other daily lifestyle activities in the same way. The television commercial consists of quick takes of different women in different lifestyles, all feeling good in their skin because they are wearing OPI. On the Internet banner, phrases such as “coffee break,” “meeting,” and “lunch date” will take turns flashing to get the same effect. Copywriting At the top of each print ad, the copy states, “It’s not just another” followed by an inserted, customized phrase. The customizable phrase is in a font that looks like handwriting to suggest women can fill in their own lifestyle. At the bottom of the ad, the copy says, “Because every day is an occasion with OPI.” This tag line implicitly suggests that OPI is the reason for feeling good in everything you do in your unique lifestyle.14
  14. 14. Print Advertisements 15
  15. 15. Print & Internet Banner16
  16. 16. Billboard 17
  17. 17. Television Storyboard The commercial will feature multiple women with different lifestyles getting ready for their day. Fast takes and cuts will be involved in the com- mercial to depict their fast paced lifestyles. The camera will focus on their hands in everything they do. Woman wakes up. The cam- Another woman opens closet A third girl gets dressed. Cam- Woman is putting on makeup. era will pan to her nails while full of clothes. “I Look to You” era pans in to focus on her Nails will be visible. On make- she stretches. No music is by Miami Horror plays as she bright nails as she puts on her up stand will be multiple bot- playing – sounds peaceful. picks out her outfit. shoes, tights, and outfit. tles of OPI nail polish. Begins walking to closet. Woman is drinking her daily Woman is shown with brief The screen will go black and it The screen will switch to our cup of coffee. Woman is also cases in her hand for work. will read, “It’s not just anoth- slogan and nail polish will very relaxed and carefree. Another girl will be with er ___.” The blank space will look as if it was poured onto friends, and yet another will rapidly change between ac- the screen. Once the screen is be going to workout. tivities such as “day at work,” filled with a polish color, OPI “workout,” “taxi ride.” will still be visible. Cut out.18
  18. 18. Creative Testing Results of Creative Testing In order to verify that our advertisements and the con-cept within them are effective, we showed women in our tar-get market the print advertisements, Internet banner, commer-cial storyboard, and billboard sample. We asked them to tell uswhat they took away from the ads. Our market immediatelyidentified with the idea to insert their lifestyle into the ad. Eventhough they all didn’t associate with the models (for instance,some don’t workout on an average day), they were still drawnto the ads. They comprehended the message, adding they likethe idea of positioning OPI for everyday wear. 19
  19. 19. Media Objectives Strategies Target Audience Continuity Our target audience is educated women between ages 18 and 34. For The continuity for this campaign will be a pulsing schedule. We will im- those who have already graduated college, they have stable careers plement billboards to increase the message weight at the beginning of with an even more stable income starting at $75,000. They are inter- each season. Women purchase nail polish throughout the year as well ested in fashion, cooking, and decorating their homes. Many balance as at the beginning of seasons. Fall and Spring both have fashion weeks their career, small children, and a husband while still being able to in which fashionistas find out about new trends and colors. During the present themselves nicely. Our ad campaign emphasizes this fact by summer, nail polish is popular since women’s toenails are also exposed reminding them that every day is a special occasion and that OPI can the most during this season and women want to show off their bright help complete their look in order to help them take on their day with nails. The winter is also a popular season as it is the season of giving confidence. and nail polish is a great stocking stuffer. Therefore, the exposure of our advertisements will be increased during the peak parts of each season Message Weight in order to generate more awareness when consumers want nail polish Since the women in our target market actively read magazines, watch the most. television, and surf the Internet, our message will be about the same weight through each medium. Due to our geographic goal to target Effective Reach: 85 those who live in metropolitan cities, our message on billboards will Effective Frequency: 5 be more densely exposed in these areas because of the larger popula- tion and advertising availability. Dimensions Geographic Scope of Placement To initiate our campaign, our advertising will be both regional and Television 30 second commercial national. All commercials, print advertisements and internet adver- Magazines 1 full page with bleed tisements will be placed in national media. Billboards will be placed Internet Wide skyscraper banner; 600 pixels x 160 pixels regionally in metropolitan areas across the country in cities such as Billboard 48 feet x 14 feet New York City, Chicago, Boston, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis.20
  20. 20. Media ChoicesTelevision ChoicesKeeping Up With the Kardashians Giuliana & BillE! Entertainment on Sundays at 9 PM Style Network on Tuesdays at 8 PMKeeping Up With the Kardashians is the top rated show during Since we found that our target market for OPI watches The StyleSunday prime time for the 18 to 49 demographic. Our target mar- Network frequently, we plan on placing ads during one of theirket frequently watches the E! network, so placing an ad here will most popular shows, Giuliana & Bill. This reality show stars Gi-give OPI a great deal of exposure. uliana and Bill Rancic, a fashionable young couple juggling work, children, and relationship - much like our target audience.The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell Modern FamilyMSNBC on Mondays at 10 PM ABC on Wednesdays at 9 PMWomen in OPI’s demographic watch news and news specials very Modern Family is the highest rated scripted television show onfrequently. Since MSNBC is the highest rated cable news network network TV within the 18 to 49 demographic. The show also hasfor women in our demographic, we will be placing ads during this an audience that generally spends more money, allowing us tohighly rated show. hit our target demographic of women who have higher incomes. 21
  21. 21. Media Choices Television Specials Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show The 84th Academy Awards Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating CBS, December TBA ABC on Sunday, February 24th at 7 PM People ABC, December TBA The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show We plan on advertising during The Acade- features world leading fashion icons and my Awards since our target market heavily The 10 Most Fascinating People is an annual popular performers. An average of nine mil- watches award shows. Since The Academy special recognizing ten influential people lion viewers tune in annually, chart-topping Awards are the most prestigious, and fre- for their work throughout the year. Women the viewership every night it airs. The show quently the most watched, advertising dur- primarily tune in. Since women in our target is about elegance, fashion and expression, all ing this award show will directly target our watch television specials, we can successful- of which the women in our target live for. market. ly reach them by airing a commercial during this special.22
  22. 22. Media ChoicesMagazinesLucky Magazine Harper’s Bazaar MagazineCirculation: 1,109,757 Circulation: 734,504The magazine features powerful women This magazine allows us to reach our targeton their covers with personal stories about market of women who are educated, high-them that attract women of our target audi- income earners who are truly invested inence. It also features high-fashion and ways fashion and fashion news. The women whoto achieve that fashion on a budget. Since read Harper’s Bazaar are interested in keep-our target audience reads Lucky the most, ing up with the latest trends.we chose to purchase a 4th cover advertise-ment.InStyle Magazine People MagazineCirculation: 1,767,248 Circulation: 3,563,035InStyle magazine features stories on women, This weekly magazine specializes in human-fashion, and relationships. The magazine interest stories. It features celebrity news,dives into the private side of public faces The gossip, and current style trends. People hasfamous women featured inform readers – the largest readership of any other Americanand our target audience – on which fashions magazine.and styles to choose whether they are goingto work, grabbing coffee, or getting ready fora date. 23
  23. 23. Media Choices Internet Amazon.com About.com Amazon.com is the world’s largest online retailer. Since our target This website attracts the inquisitive and educated side of our tar- market includes working women with busy schedules, this web- get audience curious about all things. Our target audience fre- site allows them to shop from their home or on-the-go. quents this website. Ticketmaster.com WebMD.com Because our target market includes women with incomes over Women in our target audience visit WebMD often. This website $75,000, they are able and willing to spend money on recreation- attracts the young mothers within our market as they regularly al activities like concerts, sports games and other large events. visit the site to check their child’s symptoms. Ticketmaster is the number one trustworthy source to do so. LuckyMag.com Lucky draws in dedicated readers of their print magazine to also view content online. Young, fashionable professionals refer to the online posts for more everyday fashion topics and tips.24
  24. 24. Media ChoicesBillboardsWe chose to advertise our billboards in large cities in the United States because the highest index on MRI+ was County Size A, which includesthe counties belonging to the 26 largest metropolitan areas in the country. According to MRI+, the regions of the United States with the highestindexes were the Midwest and the Northeast. Therefore, we chose the following cities to place our billboards in:1. New York City, New York - 8,244,910 residents2. Chicago, Illinois - 2,707,120 residents3. Indianapolis, Indiana - 827,609 residents4. Boston, Massachusetts - 625,087 residents5. Minneapolis, Minnesota - 387,753 residentsIn New York City, we will advertise the billboard for once a month within each season for a total of four months. New York has the largest popula-tion of people and will reach an abundance of women. Since Fashion Week occurs in both the Fall and the Spring, having a billboard during thosetimes will increase publicity for the brand.In Chicago, we will advertise three months out of the year since Chicago has the second largest population from our chosen cities. These will bespread out over the four seasons to ensure a greater amount of impressions. In Boston, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis we plan to advertise twomonths out of the year, in the Summer and in the Winter. 25