Simple Secrets to Marketing Your Ebook: The Brave Unicorn


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Simple Secrets to Marketing Your Ebook from author of TheBraveUnicorn ( Rayfil Wong. Simple and clear instructions.

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Simple Secrets to Marketing Your Ebook: The Brave Unicorn

  1. 1. SimpleSecrets To MarketingYour Ebook{wHen|Where|How|Why|Who} tby Rayfil King Wong-
  2. 2. Marketing Is Simply Getting Your Book Exposed!
  3. 3. Start Marketing Day ONE: speak toeditors + potential customers for feedback + pricing suggestions
  4. 4. I asked editors to review my book. Result ... Great characters, great story, great read, greatfun! - Matt Fleming, managing editor and books editor-Time Out Hong Kong Social Proof Builds Trust. Consumers buy from positive reviews.
  5. 5. Identify Your Target Consumers + Go Narrow
  6. 6. Focus on Targeted Social Media: 50% of Pinterest Are Mothers
  7. 7. Create Viral Campaign, Be Creative + Bold.
  8. 8. I created AntiBully Jesus as ourspokesperson . In a few days, we gotalmost 9,000 hits.
  9. 9. As soon as users arrive on your website, Deliver A Clear Message.The Brave Unicorn teacheschildren that failure is notthe end, but the BEGINNING.
  10. 10. Connect with your readers throughstorytelling. I shared how my cousin’s suicide lead me to write the book.
  11. 11. Dear Viewers,Thanks for viewing. Feel free to share this slide. I know how challenging itcan be to market your book but don’t give up. I have written press releases,contacted mommy blogs, set up Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest pages but foundthe most effective way to gain exposure was through our viral campaign AntiBully Jesus. So be bold + creative and break through the noise. Also, if youwant to get published the traditional way try finding an agent Blessings, Rayfil Wong - suggestion: Attributions Creative Commons: Thanks to Miss Indi Pop’s, Digo_Souza’s, Kaptain Kobold’s, Peasap’s, Wondermonky2k, Cyron’s,Lori Greig for amazing pictures