How to Use Your Social Network for Higher Search Rankings


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Rand Fishkin's presentation from Mozcation Salt Lake City about leveraging your social networks to help boost your search rankings and traffic.

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How to Use Your Social Network for Higher Search Rankings

  1. How to Use Your Social Network for Higher Search Rankings<br />Rand Fishkin, CEO + Co-founder, SEOmoz<br />June 2011; Salt Lake City<br />
  2. Direct Impacts of Social Networks on Search Rankings<br />
  3. Direct Links from Social Profiles<br />Not all profile links are followed, but correlation data suggests even the nofollows may add value.<br />http:/<br />Via, which uses the StackExchange platform.<br />
  4. Tweets Influencing Crawling + Rank<br />Tweets from powerful accounts that earn lots of RTs seem to act like links and help even in the long term<br />Check out these two:<br />http:/<br />
  5. Social / UG Content Targeting Long Tail Queries<br />A great example of this is Facebook comments, which you can make indexable using:<br />http:/<br />
  6. Second-Order Effects of<br />Social Media<br />
  7. Links Created Due to Social Visibility<br />I’ve contributed on moderately over the past year and in addition to the direct traffic, Moz now also earns nice links from folks who find us through those threads.<br />http:/<br />
  8. Branding Impact<br />If you want everyone in the startup/hacker world to know your company, just get 5-6 pieces to the frontpage of Hacker News.<br />Sites like exist in virtually every tech-forward industry, and when they don’t; there’s a big opportunity for you to create/host them.<br />http:/<br />
  9. Positive User/Usage Data Signals<br /><ul><li> Time on Site
  10. # of Unique Visits
  11. Popularity Over Time
  12. Browse Rate
  13. CTR from SERPs</li></ul>Social traffic may have high bounce rate, but it shows engagement and builds familiarity, leading to greater trustworthiness and all the accompanying metrics Google now uses w/ Panda.<br />http:/<br />
  14. Influencing Personalized SERPs & Adding Social Proof<br />
  15. +1s in the SERPs<br />Hello Social Proof!<br />These +1 counts only seem to show when a page has 500 or more +1s. More -<br />http:/<br />
  16. “My Social Circle” Results<br />Results from Google’s “My Social Circle.” To see results like this, just add “&tbs=frim:1” to the end of any Google query.<br />http:/<br />
  17. Social Annotations from Your Network<br />As great as is, it doesn’t rank page one for this query unless I’m logged in and following Geraldine on Twitter.<br />http:/<br />
  18. The social connections appear to influence rank ordering.<br />http:/<br />These annotations undoubtedly increase CTR, particularly if the source is trusted.<br />
  19. Hang on a tic... How did they know I’m connected to Kalena on Facebook?! I haven’t yet added Facebook to my Google account!<br />When Google starts using latent (rather than active) network connections, social becomes even more powerful.<br />http:/<br />
  20. Google crawls deeply to get social data and connections once you add a profile.<br />http:/<br />Read more here and see your socially connected data via<br />
  21. Google Has Deep Social Network Spidering<br />Notice that Google crawls through one network to discover connections 2-3 “hops” away on another.<br />http:/<br />Read more here and see your socially connected data via<br />
  22. Whatever this Becomes:<br />You can see more about the Google+ product via their demo here -<br />http:/<br />
  23. 7 Powerful Tactics to Improve Your Network’s Reach<br />
  24. #1: Build a Social Sharing Email List<br />Connecting with like-minded, socially-networked friends to share and co-share content makes good sense, and can be totally white hat. You’ll learn a lot, too!<br />http:/<br />
  25. #2: Find Influencers w/ FollowerWonk<br />http:/<br />Finding influencers via is awesomely easy.<br />
  26. #2.1: Find Influencers w/ GG Profiles<br />Google Profile search also rocks: Just use &tbs=prfl:e to the end of any Google query to see them.<br />http:/<br />
  27. #2.2: Find Influencers w/ LinkedIn<br />To make the most of this, you’ll want to use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search function:<br />http:/<br />
  28. #3: Solicit Contributions to Build Content<br />Rae’s interview featured expert-sourced questions AND answers, meaning she had only to curate:<br />http:/<br />
  29. #4: Optimize What You Share through Analysis<br />Check out for more on analyzing/improving your social sharing<br />http:/<br />
  30. #4.1: Optimize Time + Frequency of Sharing, Too<br />http:/<br /> can help with this part <br />
  31. #5: Subscribe to Aggregators; Craft Great Headlines and Share<br />Sites like,,, and other aggregators can help you ID the types of content, headlines and sources that work well.<br />http:/<br />
  32. #6: Optimize Your Profiles, Pics + Bios<br />I’ve tested/optimized my profile picture (background color matters!), my bio (a bunch of times – accuracy and hint of what’s to come helps) and my URL ( probably does better)<br />http:/<br />
  33. #7: Treat Your On-Site Shares as CRO<br />Via one of the web’s most brilliant data porn blogs:<br />
  34. Overwhelmed by sharing!!<br />Every post on has 23 unique links to share across 7 channels<br />
  35. SEARCH<br />Isn’t Just “SEO” Anymore<br />
  36. SOCIAL<br />Influences Further than You Think<br />
  37. Combine + Conquer or Risk Losing to Those Who Do<br />News/Media/PR<br />SEO<br />Email<br />Research/White Papers<br />Blogs + Blogging<br />Infographics<br />Comment Marketing<br />Social Networks<br />Online Video<br />INBOUND MARKETING!(Find Your Audience Organically on the Web)<br />Webinars<br />Forums<br />Document Sharing<br />Social Bookmarking<br />Word of Mouth<br />Podcasting<br />Direct/Referring Links<br />Type-In Traffic<br />Q+A Sites<br />
  38. Q+A<br />Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder, SEOmoz<br /><ul><li> Twitter: @randfish
  39. Blog:
  40. Email:</li></ul>You can now try SEOmoz PRO Free!<br /><br />