The Digital Marketer's Framework

Founder, CEO, Author at SparkToro
May. 22, 2017

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The Digital Marketer's Framework

  1. Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish | The Digital Marketer’s Framework A structured process to help make unbiased, strategic marketing investments for your brand
  2. The Problem
  3. When You’re Used to Hammers… Every Problem Looks Like a Nail.
  4. Let’s Say This is Our Project: Via
  5. If You Do Paid Search:
  6. If You Do Paid Social:
  7. If You’re a Content Marketer:
  8. If You’re a Brand Marketer: Scientifically, the best tasting, most ethical, most unique beef available in the US.
  9. If You’re a CRO Specialist: Test Headline Test CTA Test Photo
  10. If You Do SEO:
  11. Applying & Refining a Formula is What Made Us Better at Our Jobs…
  12. But, That Doesn’t Mean It’s Right for Every Company, Product, or Endeavor.
  13. The Solution
  14. Step Back…
  15. Throw Out the Venn Diagram
  16. Use a Blank Slate
  17. The Goal
  18. An Ordered List of Channels & Tactics toAttempt
  19. How You’ll Invest in Each Dinners w/ Influencers in the Food WorldTactic: Goal: 1-2 posts on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, Snapchat, and/or their blog per attendee Process: 1) Identify mid-tier influencers in each city 2) Find shared connections for intros 3) Arrange meal to be highly photogenic 4) Hire pro photographer & send shots to each
  20. How You’ll Measure Those Investments Brand growth via socialGoal: Share counts, mentions, # of accounts mentioning, reach, and social follower growth Metrics: Podcast CoverageGoal: # of Podcasts, audience sizes, # of searches for brand, # of visits to podcast-promoted URL Metrics:
  21. How You’ll Determine When toAdd/Remove Channels or Tactics Dinners w/ Influencers in the Food WorldTactic: Experiment: 4 cities, minimum 2 dinners, minimum 6 influencers per dinner Must Be True to Continue: Influencer posts reach 500 engagements per city (likes, comments, RTs, etc)AND posts & engagements are 80%+ positive
  22. How You’ll Compare Your Results to the Competition Dinners w/ Influencers in the Food WorldTactic: Competitive Metrics: ID events from competitors (direct or indirect) & measure: engagement rate on social platforms per attendee, press coverage, new links, & branded search growth
  23. Pro Tool: Google Trends New (ish) in GG Trends: filter by geography! Via
  24. Let Me Guess What You’re Thinking…
  25. But Rand… I’m a specialist. This process could be self-defeating.
  26. #1: You’ll Earn Trust by Conducting an Unbiased Evaluation
  27. #2: You’ll Only Work on Projects Where You Can Deliver Great Results
  28. #3: You Upgrade Your Perceived Value (this is how marketers become CMOs, &agencies become strategic partners instead of outsourced workers)
  29. The Framework
  30. Audience Problem Market Existing Solutions Channels Position Message
  31. Audience Problem Market Existing Solutions Channels Position Message
  32. WhoAre You Trying to Influence? Demographics (age, gender, income, marital status, ethnicity) Psychographics (activities, personality & values, attitudes) Geographics (local, regional, national, density, distribution) Behavioral (benefits, usage rates, patterns, use cases)
  33. I kinda hate personas…
  34. But, I love working with real customers & customer targets Kim teaches cooking classes? She’s a perfect customer, and a real person I can talk to.
  35. Pro Tool: TwitterAnalytics Via
  36. Pro Tool: Clearbit Via
  37. Audience Problem Market Existing Solutions Channels Position Message
  38. What Problem(s)Are You Solving? Enable people to participate in crowdfunding of meat from animals too large for single families Give home cooks the same access to more ethical, better tasting beef that professional chefs have Be the source discerning meat eaters can trust List from more specific to more abstract (this will help w/ messaging, positioning, and channels later)
  39. Audience Problem Market Existing Solutions Channels Position Message
  40. Are You Growing a New Market? Or Capturing an Existing One? Low volume for non- branded keywords means Crowd Cow almost certainly needs to grow the market Via
  41. Audience Problem Market Existing Solutions Channels Position Message
  42. How Does ThisAudience Make Decisions/Solve This Today?
  43. Pro Tip: Interviews Don’t Ask: “What do you read & who do you follow to learn more about steak?” Do Ask: “Can I see how you browse Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & your daily news/hobby websites?”
  44. Pro Tool: FullContact Via
  45. Pro Tool: Typeform Via
  46. You can see my marketing survey for Moz’s audience here
  47. Pro Tool: Nuzzel Via Yup! You can see what any Nuzzel user’s feed looks like by visiting their URL
  48. Pro Tool: Klear Via
  49. Pro Tool: Klear
  50. Audience Problem Market Existing Solutions Channels Position Message
  51. What Channels Have YourAudience’sAttention Today?
  52. Pro Tool: SimilarWeb’s Traffic Sources Via
  53. Search
  54. Pro Tip: Look for KW volume around the “problem,” not the “solution” Via Crowd cow is a solution to these problems.
  55. Social Networks
  56. Pro Tool: Via
  57. Social(ish) Content Networks
  58. Email Newsletters / Subscriptions
  59. Pro Tool: Discover by Revue Via
  60. TV & Video
  61. Radio
  62. Podcasts
  63. Pro Tool: ListenNotes
  64. Print Media
  65. Books
  66. Outdoor
  67. Web Publications
  68. Blogs
  69. Pro Tool: Fresh Web Explorer Via
  70. Influencers
  71. Pro Tool: Buzzsumo Via
  72. Events & Conferences
  73. Industry & Trade Publications
  74. NewsAggregators
  75. Forums & Discussion Boards
  76. Audience Problem Market Existing Solutions Channels Position Message
  77. What Do We Stand For &Against?
  78. Pro Tip: Ask “How Will We Make Enemies?”
  79. Audience Problem Market Existing Solutions Channels Position Message
  80. Simple, Memorable, Compelling Via Bob’s Red Mill
  81. Pro Tip: Not a Slogan,AnAssociation Via Team Tiffany
  82. Pro Tip: Emotions > Benefits > Features Via
  83. ProTip:All MarketingShould(Subtly)Reinforcethe Message SEO Snippets PPC Ads Big Content CommentsTweets Photos Landing Pages UI & UX Brand Name Facebook Posts Emails Product Names Videos Visual Branding Outreach Onboarding Press & PR The Brand Promise
  84. Audience Problem Market Existing Solutions Channels Position Message
  85. Which Potential Channels… Connect our audience to our message? Fit our timeframe for returns? Have low competition vs. potential reach? Match our strengths & experience? Fit our budget & team parameters?
  86. Prioritize Based On: Relative Odds of Success Skills & Personnel Match ROI (CLTV / Cost of CustomerAcquisition) Potential Impact Budget Requirements
  87. Real Life Application
  88. Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish | Rock It!