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Reply to Sebi

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Replyto sebi911

  1. 1. C Rajesh Rampal 57 Vaishali, Pitampura Delhi 110034 9013975711 Sh. Upendra Kumar Sinha IAS Chairman Security and Exchange Board of India Mumbai Complaint -Online grievance mechanism of SEBI - SEBIE/DH15/0000911/1 Dear Mr. Sinha, I would like to bring to your notice once again the extremely lax, irresponsible and lackadaisical manner in which the online grievance mechanism of SEBI i.e. is working. • We lodged a complaint against Merchant Banker Bajaj Capital Ltd. SEBI Regn. No. MB INM000010544 on 23rd April 2015 under SEBI reference SEBIE/DH15/0000911/1-for details refer to • Bajaj Capital themselves replied to our complaint giving reference of the complaint SEBIE/DH15/0000911/1 vide their letter dated 25th April 2015 and that appears in ANNEXURE I for your perusal. Bajaj Capital Ltd. In their letter of 25th April failed to answer any issue raised by us in our complaint SEBIE/DH15/0000911/1 and the reply and certain new issues have been filed in complaint no SEBIE/DH15/0001040/1 on June 1st 2015- can also be seen at sebiedh1500010401-49435946 • SEBI transferred the complaint to NSE on 27th May 2015 giving the reference SEBIE/DH15/0000911/1 and mentioning that our complaint was against JUST TRADE SECURITIES LIMITED a dealer on NSE. We have never ever heard the name of this Company. • On 27th May 2015 we sent an email explaining the reasons that this action on part of SEBI was wrong to Sh Gyan Bhushan, P. Saran, Sh, U.K. Sinha and to NSE. This can be seen per Annexure II of this letter. We had mentioned in this email categorically that we had serious apprehensions that the complaint was going to be mishandled with malafide intent. • On 11th June 2015 we got an SMS and an email from SEBI stating that the case was closed as JUST SECURITIES LTD did not have a trading account for us. We have no dealings on the NSE for that matter. Please see Annexure III • We also downloaded a mail from NSE and that appears in Annexure IV and it mentions that JUST TRADING Ltd. Has no account with us. • Our complaint is against Bajaj Capital SEBI Regn. No. MB INM000010544 and Bajaj Capital has responded to our complaint themselves vide thier letter per ANNEXURE I. Under such circumstances How can SEBI or NSE rule that our complaint is against JUST TRADE SECIRITIES LTD a company never heard of by us and dispose of the case. Both SEBI and
  2. 2. NSE have made a mockery of Investor grievances. The Dealing Officer has acted irresponsibly and presumably with malafide intent and it is imperative 1. That an explanation be called from the Dealing Officer in this matter, who instead of protecting Investors Interest is playing games with Investors Complaints. 2. The complaint needs to be looked into detail by a responsible Dealing Officer, more so since we have lodged another complaint against the same Bajaj Capital Ltd. SEBI Regn. No. MB INM000010544- SEBIE/DH15/0001040/1 . In fact there may be another complaint very soon against the same Bajaj Capital Ltd. It may not be out of place to mention that we have several complaints pending with SEBI as detailed herunder and hope they are alo not going to be toyed with as was done with SEBIE/DH15/0000911/1. Reference Against Filed on SEBIE/DH15/0000911/1 Bajaj Capital Ltd MB INM000010544 23rd April 2015 SEBIE/DH15/0001040/1 Bajaj Capital Ltd MB INM000010544 1st , June, 2015 SEBIE/DH15/0000912/1 Registrar LinkIntime India Pvt. Ltd. & Premier Ltd 23rd April 2015 SEBIE/DH15/0000916/1 Registrar LinkIntime India Pvt. Ltd. & Plethico Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 23rd April 2015 SEBI works in accordance with a limited parameter defined by law but it needs to widen its horizon and needs to ask for more powers and for that matter the Laws need to be changed and also SEBI's approach to Investor grievances. A note on suggestions for SEBI's role and the modus operandi of how Promoters have fooled the Central Government and taken Investors for a ride appears in ANNEXURE V. We hope necessary action shall be taken in earnest else there shall be several court cases due to SEBI's limited work horizons and style of handling Investor grievances. The previous UPA Government did indeed make some fatal judgements in favour of unscrupoulous promoters who used short term funds to fund dubious Assets outside India whose value is suspect and now these Public limited Companies quoted on Stock exchanges are in doldrums. Had SEBI acted on the alarm raised by Public Deposit FD Holders things would never have gone out of hand. Best regards Rajesh Rampal Shreya Rampal Renu Rampal Priya Rampal CC. PMO, South Block, New Delhi CCI. Honourable Finance Minsiter North Block, New Delhi Sh Arun Jetley CCII. Finance Secretary Sh Rajiv Mehrishi IAS CCIII. Honourable Law Minister, Sh. D.V. Sadanand Gowda, Shastri Bhavan CCIV. Secretary Ministry of Law and Justice, Legislation. Dr Sanjay Singh, Shastri Bhavan CCV. Secretary DIPP. MOC. Sh. Amitabh Kant
  3. 3. ANNXURE I
  4. 4. ANN ANNEXURE II From: To: CC:;; Subject: SEBI transfers SEBIE/DH15/0000911/1 to NSE!!! Date: Wed, 27 May 2015 15:51:54 +0530 Rajesh Rampal 57 Vaishali, Pitampura Delhi 110034 9013975711 Sh. Gyan Bhushan Executive Director Office of Investor Assistance and Education (OIAE) SEBI Mumbai Dear Sh.Gyan Bhushan, •We lodged a complaint on bearing reference no. SEBIE/DH15/0000911/1 on 23rd April 2015. This complaint was against registered Merchant Banker Bajaj Capital Ltd. SEBI Regn. No. MB INM000010544. •We have not heard anything from SEBI despite the fact that more than 30 days have passed. •The greater irony is that the Scores site shows now that the case is being dealt with by National Stock Exchange Ltd under reference SEBIE/DH15/0000911/1 •NSE in turn writes to me quoting the same reference SEBIE/DH15/0000911/1 and asks me to submit documents relating to JUST TRADE SECURITIES LIMITED. We have never heard of Just Trade ever. NSE email below this mail. We have informed NSE that this does not pertain to us. •Please do investigate this matter expeditiously as we have apprehensions on the way this complaint is being dealt with. In fact we have another complaint to make against the same Entity -Bajaj Capital Ltd. Best regards Rajesh Rampal Renu Shreya Priya =============================================================== ==================== EMAIL FROM NSE Date: Tue, 26 May 2015 15:10:21 +0530 From: To:
  5. 5. Subject: Complaint received Dear Sir/Madam, We acknowledge receipt of your complaint dated 26-May-2015 against JUST TRADE SECURITIES LIMITED regarding Execution of Trades Without Consent. Your SCORES reference number received by us is SEBIE/DH15/0000911/1 Your complaint ID is 1505241269300061. It is noted that you have not provided the following documents. CM: Execution of Trades Without Consent 1) Demat transaction statement 2) Correpondence if any, with the trading member 3) Contract notes 4) Ledger balance 5) Margin Statement 6) Statement of Accounts 7) Proof of Payment You are requested to upload the above documents and update all details such as mobile number, facts of the case, etc. in order for faster processing of your complaint. Kindly ignore the mail if all details available with you have been provided. Your user ID and password has been sent to your email ID- You may update/upload details by logging in through your user ID. Yours faithfully, Investor Services Cell For National Stock Exchange of India Limited
  6. 6. ANNEXURE III AnnN Details from on 12th June 2015 -SMS & Email received on 11th June 2015 regarding complaint SEBIE/DH15/0000911/1 Registration Number : SEBIE/DH15/0000911/1 Name of Complainant : Rajesh Rampal Date of Receipt : 23 Apr 2015 Current Status : Case disposed of Case Resolved by : Dealing Officer, SEBI Remarks : In view of the replies from the Merchant Banker and Exchange the complaint is being closed. Status Date : 11 Jun 2015 Attached Document : View Attachment
  7. 7. ANNEXURE IV INVESTOR SERVICES CELL Ref. No. 1505241269300061 May 28, 2015 Mr Rajesh Rampal 57 Vaishali Pitampura Delhi-110034 Dear Sir, Sub: Your Complaint against M/s Just Trade Securities Limited This is with reference to your complaint against the above mentioned trading member received through SEBI. In this regard, we are in receipt of a letter dated May 27, 2015 from the trading member stating that you do not hold a trading account with them. Copy of the response by the trading member is being forwarded to you. Also, we are in receipt of your email dated May 27, 2015 stating that your complaint is against M/s Bajaj Capital Ltd. In this regard, we wish to inform you that M/s Bajaj Capital Ltd. is not registered with us as a trading member. Further, , we wish to inform you that only disputes / matters arising out of trades executed on the Exchange through a trading member / registered sub-broker of a trading member are taken up by the Exchange for redressal. In view of the above, we regret our inability to pursue the matter further and your complaint is being treated as closed in our records. Further, you are requested to take up the matter with an appropriate forum. For further assistance, you may contact the undersigned on 011-49393033 / 23459133 or email to Yours faithfully, for National Stock Exchange of India Limited Gurleen Kaur Assistant Manager This Document is Digitally Signed Signer : Kaur Gurleen Tarvinder Date: Thu, May 28, 2015 17:26:56 GMT+05:30 Location: NSE
  8. 8. ANNEXURE V Note on SEBI and unscrupolous Promoters - Flight of Capital from India Investors interest compromised Our new NDA government has launched a campaign world wide called MAKE IN INDIA. The first factor of Production required for any new project is Capital. Unscrupolous Companies (Plethico Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Omnitech Infosolutions Ltd - (and) Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd.) borrowed short term funds from Public under the terms of Section 58 of the Indian Companies Act 1956 and after approval from the Central Government. These Companies used these funds and other debt funds to acquire dubious assets abroad and have now failed to repay interest or Principal Deposits to Investors. There has been a flight of Capital from India by these Promoters and none of the Promoters have been booked so far unlike Subrato Roy of Sahara. Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, SEBI and all other Government agencies are silent spectators despite the stringent provisions of the Indian Comapnies Act 2013. In fact such Promoters have been aided by Brokers- Bajaj Capital Ltd who has misled the Public with misleading claims and false advertisements by Anupam Kher, a Bollywood celeberity. How will capital be raised for MAKE IN INDIA if it is allowed to fly from India and genuine Investors robbed of their savings under schemes approved by the Central Government. Indian Public Investor participation is a must for the MAKE IN INDIA story to happen. Capital formation and Investor protection go hand in hand. • Public Limited Companies quoted on the Stock Exchanges both NSE and BSE seek and get permission from Central Government to raise deposits under Section 58 of the Indian Companies Act 1956 prior to 2012. • After getting necessary permission from Central Government they invited Deposits from Public through Brokers • Deposits were received from the Public and these Companies used these Deposits and other debt funds to invest in dubious assets abroad. • The same companies were passing through a loss making phase but still managed to take funds abroad. • Now having no operational profits they have neither paid interest nor repaid deposits to the investors since years. All their cases are in Company Law Bench Mumbai or the Mumbai High Court. • The Brokers mainly Bajaj Capital Ltd. Resorted to unethical and misleading claims and advertisement and conned several Investors to invest in these dubious Companies. Anupam Kher was the main celebrity who advertised on behalf of Bajaj Capital. • SEBI does not register complaints against Corporates for non-payment of interest or Deposits due to the present law. Companies never reply to any queries. The members of the General Public are not allowed to visit or enter the MOCA and their officials never grant an audience nor pick the telephone e.g. Sh R.K. Pandey in MCOA is never available nor was the Ministries online grievance mechansim in place. Former Secretary Naved Masood or Jt. Secretary Manoj Kumar never replied nor responded to telephones or request for meetings. Bajaj Capital a SEBI aproved Merchant Banker and Broker in all these transactions now stands on the sidelines having a good laugh while his clients suffer. • The complaint of Investors in FD's in Corporates is the first indicator that things are NOT right with the Company (quoted on Stock Exchanges) yet SEBI refuses such complaints as they are not securities. This needs to be changed. Nor is any check carried out by MOCA/ROC's to ensure that the requirements of the Companies Act in terms of Public Deposit Borrowing Companies are being adhered to. • Had SEBI been authorised to register such grievances in the first place it would have raised a RED FLAG and GOI and other agencies would have monitored such Companies closely. Necessary changes need to be brought into the laws for this to happen. • Unscrupolous Promoters of the aforesaid Companies need to be transferred where they belong -behind bars with all the people who aided them in their objectives.