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The devil medical

  1. 1. Rajesh Rampal Chartered Accountant 57, Vaishali, Pitampura Delhi 110088, India T: 0091-11-27318023, Mo: 919871124913 The Director, Army Medical Services Museum Keogh Barracks Ash Vale Aldershot GU12 5RQ Proposal for a Talk-Novemkber 2010 Respected Sir, I am a Chartered Accountant and have worked with the best corporate sector companies of India viz. DCM Ltd., GKN Driveline Ltd. (a GKN plc company), Insilco Ltd. (Degussa AG), Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd., Cable Corporation Ltd. (Uganda –East Africa) and ICRIER (Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations- (India’s Economic think tank). I am also an author having written a book –The Divine Stranglers –Story of Thugs and Thuggee Sleeman. I am in the process of writing several books at the moment namely • The Siege and Assault of Delhi 1857 –Management lessons from Battlefield. • Self Guide to Delhi 1857 areas • The Delhi Victoria Crosses and • The Original British sense of humour (based on my dealings with Late Mr Roy Flello Director Hardy Spicer Ltd. (GKN plc co) and Cynthia and Wilfred Preston.) I am also a member of the National Council for Restoration of National Values and a trustee on the Board of Baas Educational Trust which runs value based school in rural India. Proposed Talks on MS PowerPoint India and the United Kingdom have had a common history for nearly two centuries. To further strengthen the relations and understanding between our two nations by way of ‘people to people’ contact I intend to visit the U.K. to give talks on MS PowerPoint on • The Siege and Assault of Delhi 1857. Shall also cover all RAMC VC awards for India 1857. Field Marshall Lord Wolseley in his ‘Story of a Soldier's life’ This Siege of Delhi was the most memorable event in the history of the great mutiny ……the assault and capture of Delhi marked the turning point in the Mutiny…….and we all breathed more freely when Delhi fell. It was a splendid military achievement……. The story of the siege of Delhi sounds like an epic. It is not to be surpassed either in the mighty consequences that hung upon its issue, in the brilliancy of its daily incidents nor in examples of heroic daring on the part of the besiegers by any siege I know of in ancient or modern history. • Screening of a film called The Devil’s Wind lasting roughly 70 minutes. (I have the permission from Phillip Geddes, the Film Producer to screen the film in Public) Details below this email.
  2. 2. • And if interested then -Organised Crime in the garb of religion in 19th century India –Thuggee. This presentation has been given by me in India’s MI5- the IB and the National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Sciences with excellent feedback. This talk is however, more in line for police and related Organisations. The talks shall be extremely inter-active and to encourage participation I would also like to share e-books with the participants • 41 Years in India- from Subaltern to Commander in Chief by Field Marshall F. S. Roberts VC- relevant extracts from Delhi or other. (Lucknow –Day by Day by Adelaide Case, widow of Colonel Case of 32nd CLI.) • Two Native Narratives of the Mutiny in Delhi by Sir T. Metcalfe. (Narratives of Munshi Jeewan Lal and Mainuddin Khan) I have also guided several serving and former British Army/RN/RAF officers and civilians on 1857 areas. Their feedback is given below this mail for your kind reference. I would also like to hand over a copy of my book The Divine Stranglers – A Story of Thugs and Thuggee Sleeman and two Bollywood DVD’s ‘Junoon’ and ‘The Rising’ on 1857 as a gesture of goodwill and friendship to the Museum.( Public screening is subject to permission from film producers.) I am hopeful that the Museum would like to host these talks and will arrange the necessary equipment and a Lecture Hall per the audience expected. In case any clarifications are required I shall be glad to answer the same. Your affirmative reply in principle would help me in applying to the British High Commission in New Delhi for a Tourist visa. I plan to be in U.K. for the month of November. I shall be grateful if you were to also convey a tentative day, time and venue for the talk. With best wishes, Yours sincerely, Rajesh Rampal
  3. 3. The Devil’s Wind Produced by Phillip Geddes (Former BBC Producer and Writer) © Jason Askew Storming Kashmir Gate, Delhi, 14th September 1857. THE DEVILS’S WIND The first and largest ever revolt by a colonial population against British Imperial rule took place in India in 1857. The Rising, whether you call it the Sepoy Mutiny or the First war of Independence brought the British Colonial rule in India to a near collapse. This film traces the experience of two families – those of Phillip Geddes (A former BBC Producer and Writer) and Lieutenant General Sir Richard Shirreff, both of whose ancestors served and died during the events of 1857. During a trip to India in the summer of 2007, the two families tracked down, using historical records –the places and circumstances of their deaths- and filmed all the key sites of the 1857 campaign (including many never seen before). The result is a dramatic and exciting account of a tumultuous event in the history of both Britain and India. History truly comes alive………. The Siege of Delhi was the Raj’s Stalingrad…. on both sides the combatants were driven to the limits of physical and mental endurance. (William Dalrymple, The Last Mughal) Includes detailed interviews with Author William Dalrymple on causes of the Rising and on battle tactics and strategies by Lieutenant General Sir Richard Shirreff KCB, CBE, Commander Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (NATO Forces, Europe)
  4. 4. Feedback on Delhi 1857 Our entire holiday in India felt like a pilgrimage. It was brilliantly set up by you and we cannot thank you enough for your time and research. Your knowledge of your subject was most impressive. Nicky and Colonel Johnny Rogers (Kings Royal Hussars) You did us proud with your tour of the 1857 sites and we were all impressed with your knowledge and enthusiasm. You certainly exceeded our expectations. Sir Gerald Warner*, Catherine, Sir Michael Shaw* and Elisabeth (*Formerly from Foreign and Commonwealth office & from the Green Howards and Artillery.) We have been lucky to have had the expert support of Rajesh Rampal. He has undertaken valuable research for us and given us much advice. His understanding of the whole political and social context of all these events and of the current geographical layout of the sites of the military actions has been invaluable. Roy T. Eve O.B.E., D.L. (Publisher, Royal Green jackets Museum, Winchester) The best personal battlefield tour I’ve done. Loaded and such balanced perspectives Group Captain Ian Draper R.A.F., Former Naval and Air Defense Advisor, BHC, New Delhi Your encyclopaedic knowledge is awesome and you are a great story teller. When we stood at the Kashmir Gate you brought history alive for us Brigadier Clive Elderton, Former Defense Advisor BHC, New Delhi You were a good guide and an amusing companion Hugh Purcell, Former Managing Editor BBC. (Writer and Film maker) Rajesh, thanks for all your help and in appreciation of your wisdom and never ending knowledge I present my book ‘The Sapper VC’s’ and some others too. Colonel Gerald Napier (Former Chairman Royal Engineers Museum) Author of ‘Follow the Sapper’ and ‘Sapper VC’s. Your knowledge of Military History is quite Prodigious and you made it so interesting by showing us exactly where it happened. Colonel Guy Nicolson. Formerly from the KRRC. Lt General Sir Christopher Wallace (Former Director Royal Defense College) has acknowledged Rajesh Rampal in his books- Focus on Courage and Rifles and Kukris. Lt General Sir Richard Shirreff (GOC RAPID REACTION FORCE- EUROPE) has interviewed Rajesh Rampal in a Documentary titled ‘The Devils Wind’ on battle tactics.