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Hdfc bank 4 u


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Hdfc bank 4 u

  1. 1. HDFC BANK 4 U THE BANK THAT UNDERSTANDS YOUR WORLD A true story I am sorry but I can only call it a story and the end is still not over!!! / ??? Dear Friends , This is what happened to me when I opened a Bank account with HDFC Bank .You ask my opinion to recommend a Bank -My recommendation -bank anywhere but HDFC Bank.You are free to recommend in public interest this site to your friends or send these pages by e mail to your friends to caution them. Let me also clarify here that I am not the only customer in exasperation with HDFC Bank but there are several others as well. Let me add that in my 22 years of experience as a Chartered Accountant and having dealt with a number of Banks Canara ,SBI,RBI,BOB,BOA,PNB,ANZ Grindlays,SBI OBU Bahrain,BOB Uganda and several FI’s as ICICI,IDBI,LIC,UTI and evenInternational Finance Corporation (Washington) and East African Development Bank and evenlocal Banks in Uganda ,Kenya ,Tanzania and Zaire or Congo I have never had the opportunity to observe or evenhear anything close to what appears below .It is no joke but you can have a big laugh at the Bank that understands your needs.I have worked with DCM ,GKN Invel Transmissions Ltd. ,Insilco Ltd. (Degussa AG venture),Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd ,Cable Corporation Ltd. Rajesh Rampal =========================================================================== Rajesh Rampal 57 ,Vaishali Pitampura Delhi-110088 Mr. Muskan Singh Manager HDFC Bank
  2. 2. Pitampura Branch Delhi 110088 Dear Mr. Singh , Account NO 1581000011229 My experience with HDFC Bank –The First Transaction I had the privilege of opening a Saving Bank Account as a valued customer (?) of youresteemed Bank (?) on March 21st 2002 by issue of a cheque no 595624 dated 20th March 2002 drawn on Punjab National Bank (Pitampura) for Rs 50,000 (Rupees fifty thousand only). The cheque was issued favouring HDFCBank-A/cRajesh Rampal and was crossed A/c Payee only. The pay in slip duly acknowledged by your teller with the aforesaid particulars appears as Exhibit A to this letter. Photocopy of my Bank account of Punjab National Bank A/c No 33232 on which the Cheque No 595624 was drawn and shown as debited for Rs 50,000 (Rupees Fifty Thousand only) on 21st March 2002 is appearing under Exhibit B to this letter for your ready reference. I can requisition the paid cheque from my Bank PNB. Pitampura, if you so require. On March 30th 2002 I had the unique honourand privilege to use your Bank’s exclusive Banking on the Net Facility to find out my balance at app. 8 .00 P.M. and found that my account balance was Rs 5,000 only!Exhibit C On 31st March 2002 Sunday (Bank Holiday) I went to the ATM (HDFC Bank Pitampura) to use the facility to withdraw cash for my daughters admission to a course for which the last date was the 31st March 2002 and could not draw the requisite cash .Even on April 1st 2002 I found the balance to be Rs 5,000 (Exhibit D) only !Again on April 1st 2002 I could not draw the desired cash through the ATM or by a Self cheque*(details below) as your Bank was closed for Public Dealing on account of Year end closing and hence even a visit to the Bank did not fructify. Despite all this I still had nurtured hopes that corrective action would get taken on April 1st 2002 year closing but all my hopes and dreams were shattered beyond repair on April 2nd 2002. I could not ensure my daughters admission for a crash course . Moreover I could not even withdraw enough cash to pay for my youngerdaughter’s schoolfees of Rs 6,490/- (Rupees Six thousand,fourhundred and ninety only) nor could I pay for some furniture which went back undelivered since I was in no position to issue a cheque or pay cash as per terms of delivery and had to bear freight expenses in cash and now I have to pay cash before delivery per the revised terms with the Supplier. Even my niece who came for her first visit to our place after her marriage with her Husband had to go back without the traditional sagan.The monthly payments at Month end had already wiped our cash balance clean . In exasperation to this technology of Banking on the Net and an ATM card transaction I decided at long last to use the traditional and time tested method of using a Self cheque drawn on HDFC bank (Cheque No*. 038951 dated 31st March 2002 for Rs 6490/-) and withdrawing cash on April 2nd 2002 Exhibit E. As a valued customer(!) of your Bank my head hangs in shame to describe what transpired at this juncture –the cheque was returned unpaid due to insufficient funds !. The humiliation , embarrassment and insult was complete The mental anguish suffered by my family unbearable since March 30th 2002. My parents,both senior citizens were shocked beyond description. My children were beyond consolation.All my daughters life’s efforts came to a naught just because of HDFC Bank and the whole family was helpless and silent spectators and cursed the day when we opened an account with HDFC Bank 21st March 2002. Please let me know the correct status ofmy account at the earliest .When you take corrective action please confirm a value date credit for 21st March 2002 to ensure correct interest credit to my Savings account,needless for me to add it is required for correct assessment ofmy Income –tax liability and for filing a correct Tax Return. The value date credit will also work out a correct weighted average balance for the quarter and for future reference.
  3. 3. Also let me know the e-mail Address ofyour Chairman Mr.Jagdish Capoor , the Managing Director Mr.Aditya Puri and also of Mr Deepak Parekh . Copies of this letter are being mailed to them at your Registered office in Mumbai.I also request you to let me know the Name and Address ofyour Bank’s Statutory Auditors. During the last two days I had the chance to share my anguish with some friends and was shocked to know that they had equally horrifying stories to tell about HDFC Bank. One of them has suggested to launch a web site for such horror stories where accountholders ofHDFC Bank can exchange their experiences specially since my experience is not an isolated one! I shall be forced to take appropriate further action in case I am not satisfied with your reply and at the earliest. Yours shockingly, completely bewildered.and in complete exasperation I remain unfortunately still yourvalued customer(?) Rajesh Rampal April 2, 2002 Enclosures. Exhibit A, B, C ,D and E as stated above. The Exhibits have not been scanned but their veracity is certified by me and has of course been agreed to by HDFC Bank. Copies-Managing Director- Mr.Aditya Puri Chairman- Mr.Jagdish Capoor and Mr Deepak Parekh –Chairman HDFC Group. PS.: Telebanking would have been of no help because of obvious reasons The above letter was delivered and acknowledged by the Branch Manager after completely understanding the issues at 1.05 P.M. ============================================================== AT 6.OO P.M. ON APRIL 2ND 2002 I AM INFORMED THAT MY BALANCE IS INDEED RS 50,000/- !!!!! ANOTHER SHOCK FROM HDFC BANK ON 11TH APRIL 2002 –THEY SEND MEA BALANCE CONFIRMATION REQUEST SHOWING THE BALANCE AS RS 5,000/- AS AT 31STMARCH 2002 AND STATING EMPHATICALLY THAT IF THE BALANCE IS NOT CONFIRMED WITHIN 30 DAYS THE BALANCE SHALL BE CONSTRUED TO BE CORRECT !!!!!!!!!THE ENVELOPE OR THE ENCLOSED LETER AND PAMPHLET DO NOT BEAR ANY ADDRESS BUT DO STATE AN EMAIL
  4. 4. ADDRESS -I IMMEDIATELY RESPOND ON APRIL 11TH 2002 ITSELF AND AGAIN ON APRIL 18TH 2002 .I ALSO INFORM MY BRANCH MANAGER ON TELEPHONE . ============================================================== COPIES OF E MAIL DATED APRIL 18TH AND APRIL 11TH 2002 SENT TO HDFC BANK ADDRESS BOTH STILL UNANSWERED TILL JUNE2,2002. ==================================================================== ========= Dear Sir, As expected I never received any response to my email dated April 11 2002.The email is given below for your ready reference again . Rajesh Rampal ----- Original Message ----- From: Rajesh Rampal To: Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2002 3:54 PM Subject: Statement of Accounts-1581000011229 customer id 2544882 Dear Sir, Thank you for yourstatement of account which is totally incorrect as at 31st March 2002.I am replying since you state "contents of this statement will be considered correct if no error is reported within 30 days of receipt of statement" I hope you have the correct balance as at 31st March 2002 by now. Will you be really delighted to get some suggestions ? Yours surprisingly, Rajesh Rampal ============================================================== COPY OF LETTER SENT BY E MAIL TO MANAGING DIRECTOR WITH A COPY TO CHAIRMAN ON 18TH APRIL 2002 –STILL UNANSWERED TILL JUNE 2,2002 ----- Original Message ----- From: Rajesh Rampal To: Cc: Sent: Thursday, April 18, 2002 2:45 PM Subject: Customer Feedback-Hands on Approach Rajesh Rampal Chartered Accountant 57 Vaishali Pitampura Delhi 110088
  5. 5. Tel :7318023 & April 18th 2002. Mr. Aditya Puri Managing Director HDFC Bank Mumbai Dear Mr.Puri, Subject –Customer Feedback Congratulations for the excellent results posted by your Bank for the year ended 31st March 2002. In its endeavour to promote profits and to expand the customer base the Bank has lost touch with its basic claim ‘We understand your world’. A Bank has to be careful with its customer’s money and recording such transactions as even one mistake can ruin careers, cause immense hardships and even loss of life. Trust and faith is the basic relationship that bind a customer and a Bank. Based on my first transaction experience with HDFC Bank and two other Account holders’ experience I wish to bring to your kind notice the following salient points relating to your Bank’s functioning  Internal controls and Checks are lacking.  Operations maybe ISO 9001-2000 certified but is worse than any Bank.  Corrective action on system failure seems to lack.  Communication gaps are extremely wide within the Bank.  Year Closing is just a formality.  Employees are complacent and not proactive.  Responsiveness to written communication is absent (even internet).  Employees perception of Management’s Mission or Vision goals is lacking.  Employee’s knowledge of Banks products is superficial- Inexperienced staff.  Even senior staff does not comprehend the business of Banking.
  6. 6. Corrective action on these weak areas would go a long way in strengthening the Banks Systems Control and procedures . Employee training is another very weak area. Please refer below this letter or to for details of my first transaction with HDFC Bank. The exhibits are not there but their veracity has been checked . I am planning to visit Mumbai from 24th April 2002 for two days and would like to apprise you personally on these issues since I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg and needs prompt corrective action .I am sure you will respond positively and spare some minutes of your valuable time to interact on these issues . I do look forward to a long term and positive relationship with the Bank. Yours Sincerely, Rajesh Rampal P.S. –I have worked with DCM Ltd.(1980-86), GKN Invel Transmissions Ltd. –a GKN plc co(1986-1989), Insilco Ltd. –DegussaA.G. of F.R.G. Co.(1989-1991), Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd(1991-1996) and a stint abroad. ========================================================= HDFC BANK SENDS IN A LETTER ASSURING MINIMISING (!!!!) OF SUCH INSTANCES ON MAY 7TH 2002 .HOWEVER SEVERAL ISSUES RAISED IN MY LETTER DATED APRIL 2ND 2002 REMAIN UNANSWERED . ========================================================== HDFC BANK HDFC Bank .Ltd. Hindustan Times House 5th Floor ,18-20 K.G.Marg New Delhi –110001 4th May 2002 Mr Rajesh Rampal 57 Vaishali Pitampura Delhi 110034 Dear Mr.Rampal,
  7. 7. This is with reference to your letter dated April 02,2002 and the subsequent visit to your residence at 57 Vaishali ,Pitampura Delhi on April 02, 2002 regarding the problems faced by you At the outset, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to you. We have credited your account (no 1581000011229) with Rs 45,000 with a transaction date of March 21,2002. We have noted your valuable feedback and would like to assure you that we are taking adequate measures to ensure the instances mentioned above are minimised. Once again we are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused to you and thank you for your patience. Thanking You Yours sincerely, Navin Puri Regional Business Manager