YouTube Truview Advertising Program Full Presentation


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Quick Reach Media presents a comprehensive explanation of the 4 primary features of the TruView Advertising Program available from YouTube. A TruView Video Advertising Campaign is extremely affordable and MORE EFFECTIVE than local or regional TV!

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YouTube Truview Advertising Program Full Presentation

  1. 1. AdvertisingProgramOffered and Managed by
  2. 2. YouTube is the SECOND LARGEST search engine on earthYouTube is owned by GOOGLE60 seconds of VIDEO content is equal to 1.8 million words of text“For every minute that passes in real time, 60 hours of video are uploaded toYouTube OR 10 Years of video every day.”“YouTube gets 4,000,000,000 page views a day.”“The Beast with a Billion Eyes”Tap Into the Video Revolution TodayUse your Video Contentand the power of YouTube and Google Searchto get the results you want and grow your business!AdvertisingProgram
  3. 3. AdvertisingProgram
  4. 4. 1. IN-STREAM advertising placements2. IN-SLATE advertising placements3. IN-SEARCH advertising placements4. Additional Search Results and ViewsYour YouTube Video Advertising Campaignis distributed in 4 powerful and unique ways:AdvertisingProgram
  5. 5. Placement 1. IN-STREAM ADVERTISING PLACEMENTYour video will play immediatelyand BEFORE the video requestedby the viewer.Your “call to action” will appearover the view window enticingthe viewer to CLICK THRU toyour website!TV-type Ads That REALLY Get ResultsIn-stream ads display your video as an ad break before or duringYouTube videos. Viewers will click on your video ad to learn more.Then, they can click through to your link or call you directly.TrueViewAdvertisingProgram
  6. 6. Placement 2. IN-SLATE ADVERTISING PLACEMENTYour video will be displayed alongside search results and inside theviewing area of related videosaccording to the targeting of yourcampaign. Your call-to-action click adwill also appear ON TOP OF othervideos of related content. All 3 ofthese ad placements are part of theIn-Slate Display Network service.AdvertisingProgram
  7. 7. Placement 3. IN-SEARCH ADVERTISING PLACEMENTYour video ad will be displayed at theTOP of the search results for therelated keywords based upon yourcampaign management targeting!This type of ad placement is the mostdesirous, and on the primary GooglePay-Per-Click platforms would costmany times more, as that space iscrowded with a large number ofadvertisers. Your YouTube adcampaign will garner the samepowerful results at a fraction of thecosts - and deliver VIDEO to yourpotential customers round the clock!AdvertisingProgram
  8. 8. Placement 4. Additional FREE Results and Views!Your video will be uploadedand OPTIMIZED to achievethe maximum ORGANICsearch results as a FREEBONUS in this system.As you have probablynoticed, a properly optimizedvideo that resides on YouTubecan show up as a FREEORGANIC search result ontheir sister search engine, themain Google Search! You donot pay for these results orviews, and over time you willbenefit more and more fromyour video while thecompetition cannot.AdvertisingProgram
  9. 9. Thumbnail ImpressionsThumbnail Impressions are counted each time someone sees your video ad displays with your video thumbnail.When your ad is displayed, the user must click on the ad to start the video playback. This metric applies to thefollowing TrueView video formats: In-Search, In-Display & In-Slate.Our YouTube Video advertising service is a video-specific campaign management program featuring the TrueViewfamily of cost per view (CPV) video ad formats.With TrueView ads, you only pay when a viewer actively selects your video, or chooses to continue watching yourvideo when it first loads as they browse video content.Unlike cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand impressions pricing, you wont need to pay every time your ad is shown.While video content for TrueView ads must be hosted on YouTube, TrueView ads can appear on both YouTube andother publisher sites in the Google Display Network (Google Search) for desktop computers and mobile devices.Video ImpressionsVideo Impressions are counted ONLY for in-stream ads. In-stream is a format where your video ad begins playingbefore the selected video, WITHOUT a user clicking to watch the ad.For example, a user clicks on a link to watch a YouTube video. Before the video they select plays, a videoadvertisement will play. For this format, we count a video impression when the video ad before the user-selectedvideo content begins playing.Description of Views, Impressions and Web-clicksAdvertisingProgram
  10. 10. Our Team Will Expertly Manage Your Video Ad CampaignsPrimary Parameters for Campaign Management:Target Geography: You select the area for your ads to be seen (5 mile radius, etc.)Ages: You can select or exclude any age range, demographic, or program for all agesTopics: We manage key search words and phrases that will produce the highest viewsfor people searching for topics related to your product or service.Interests: As with Topics, your key words are managed in the areas of interest for yourVideo content. A dentist would want people to see their video who had searched for“teeth whitening” or “dental implant procedure”. A plumber would want to be viewed ifsomeone searched “How to fix a leaky faucet”.Video View Cost Targeting: By monitoring the campaign daily we can adjust thetargeted key words and phrases that produce the best results for the least cost per view.AdvertisingProgram
  11. 11. TOTAL IMPRESSIONSTHUMBVIDEOTOTAL VIDEO VIEWSWEBSITE CLICKSCAMPAIGN NAMECAMPAIGN PERIODCAMPAIGN BUDGETEvergreen - SuperiorWatched 25% or moreTrueViewCAMPAIGN REPORT10 DAYS$ 250CPV (Cost Per View)CPC (Clicks/budget)*427$0.58$0.1587,297VIDEO / Viewership Breakdown:Watched 50% or moreWatched 75% or moreWatched 100%Notes:CPV –Well under the budgeted $0.30View Conversions over 25%Total Impressions extremely high13%10%8%11,09776,200163822%$0.003CPI (Impressions/Budget)*Brought to you by ~26%VIEW CONVERSIONSReport prepared for:_Superior Products___Littleton, CO____Each campaign is charged ONLY for VIEWS of 30 seconds+All WEBSITE CLICKS and IMPRESSIONS are FREE* - there is no charge for clicks or impressionsSample Report
  12. 12. Conversion Tracking with Landing Page and Call TrackingCall Tracking & RecordingWith Landing Page Option_____________________________You will achieve best results bydirecting your YouTube prospects to aspecific landing page designed to createMORE INTEREST AND ACTION!Incentives or discounts for immediateresponse are also very effective tactics.This works optimally when yourbusiness requires a new customer tocall in. It creates the best situation youcould hope for-potential customersinteracting with your staff and/or salesforce, with an opportunity to ask for theappointment or order.Our UNLIMITED MINUTES tracking linescome with the very best recording andanalytics interface in the business-designed to keep you on top of yourcampaign results in REAL TIME.AdvertisingProgramSample Landing Page with Call Tracking Line
  13. 13. Pricing & OptionsVideo Production: $ 499.00 Per HD Video Includes:Up to 1 Minute / Script Development/ Professional Voice-overOn-screen Graphics / Royalty-paid Music / YouTube OptimizationVideo Tagging: $ 200.00-Your Video with New Intro Sting and Custom End-TaggingCall Tracking Line: $ 35.00 Per Campaign-includes Unlimited Minutes, Real-Time Reports and Analytics AccessNEW CLIENT SPECIAL -- Save $300Test Campaign + Video Production + MVS Platform = $999.00Test Campaigns: $ 500 + $99* = $ 599.00Custom Campaigns: $ 1,000 and up + $99* = $ 1,099.00 and up* Campaign set-up and initialization chargeAdvertisingProgram
  14. 14. Website ClicksThe website clicks column displays the number of times users click through from your ad to your website. Theclicks are free of charge for you - since you are ONLY charged for the view.Video Played ToA measure of what percentage of your video users watch. For example: Video Played To 25% means that userswatched at least 25% of your video.Average Cost Per ViewThe average amount you pay each time someone views your ad. The average CPV is defined by the total cost of allad views divided by the number of views. We manage the bid cost per view to achieve the greatest campaigntargeting and views for the least cost in any geography, demographic, topic, interest or keyword phrase.AdvertisingProgramViewsThe views column displays the number of times your ads in your campaigns were viewed by a user. A view occurswhen user watches your video (for at least 30 seconds). For TrueView video ads, the views on your video ad will alsocount toward your public YouTube view count.Video Campaign Information - FAQ