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How do I implemented video advertising and what formats do I use in my campaigns. This presentation helps you on your way. You can always contact me as well ;)

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  • YouTubeoffersdifferent place wherecanadvertise. Depending on yourstrategy and media budget youcanchooseyour placements and seewhatbuying model fitsyou best. So inventorycanbeboughtthrough the Adwordssoauctionbased. If youwant a guarantee on volumes than the ratecard formats are recommended. Todaywegoing to focus on auctionbased.
  • So important basics thatyouneed to know whenstarting off. Wewillgivesomeexamples of the available formats and specificationslater on.
  • YouTubeoffersthree formats but How I do know which format to use. As youcustomers 3 questions. This will help yourecommendhim the campaign formats
  • Depending on the strategymarkerters set goals. Some formats willbe more effective in reaching the goal thanothers. It’s not exact science, youneed to test. We have studied about around 30 campaignthroughoutdifferentverticals and campaign goals whichhelped us get a better of on which format works the best for which marketing goal. For brandingwerecommendInStream and InDisplay. The last one couldbecompared to Display advertising. Obviously for conversion InSearchisrecommended. But it’s not exact science, youneed to test. Somewewillrunthrougheach of the formats in particularnow.
  • Thepresentationwillbeshared on slideshareso I am not going to botheryouwith all the specs. Most important part of about Instream format isthatyoucantargetis on demographics, topic, interestcategorieswhich are close to the profile of yourtarget audience. We do recommendadding call 2 action to improveCTR’s. Afterwardsyoucanredirect to the channel or a website.
  • If your goal wouldbe to boost the views on yourvideothisis the format. Be aware the averagecostislow but itrequires a consequent media budget to operate on a largerscale. Please note that in generalCTR’s are quite OK on the format sothinkwellwhereyou are going to redirectyourtraffic to.
  • Topics target the content of a specific page.Interests target the attributes of a specific person. –>Google use page topics as well as data from third-party companies to associate interests with a visitor’s anonymous cookie ID, taking into account how often people visit sites of those categories, among other factors.
  • Nowwehear a lot advertiser or userssaythatthey are annoyed by for exampleInStreamadvertisingsotheywillskipp. But the question isitreally the case? We have studies the figures of give or take 25 campaignswithdifferentcreatives over differentverticals. And we are justgoing to walkthroughsomeourfindings.
  • So do peoplereallyskipp the add? What formats had the highestskiprate. To find out wecompared all campaign and the formats on the averageview and wealso split the out on the length of the video. In generalyoucould argue thatmost people skip ads. It hard to compare on generic basis because, you are comparingcreatives and lengthsotoomany variables to drawproper conclusions. In generalyouseethatInStream formats have the lowestskipratecontrary to whatwewouldthink. You couldalsosuggestthatuserseitherclicked by accident on InDisplay or InSearch and weredissapointed by the results. That requiressupplementaryresearch.
  • Asmarketerwewouldthinkthatshortervideomaybeless intrusive for users. And maybesome of us wouldexpect the skipp rate to befairly high on longer ads. Now the thingthatstruck us in ourresearchwhatthat the skipp rate actuallydecreasewith the length of the video. So people did not mindwatching a long ad and something must have grabbedtheir attention. So the basis of a good spot shouldbe the story telling. Certainly for InStream formats
  • Then if you compare the format on pricing, InStream format is the cheapest and most effective. Even if youwould compare to ratecardoffer in the marketwhich are billed on CPM bases, YouTubeisreallycompetitive and offers a large reach for an interestingcosts. Obviouslyyou control the costsmuchbetterthroughcampaignoptimization.
  • Beside the performance of the ads and bidding, wealsorecommendlinking up youraccountsbecauseyouget a lot more possibilites and data to workwith.Linkingallows to buildremarketing scenarios. So retarget, people that have watchedyour ad and propose themanothervideo. Think about the possiblities of creating a senquence of videos on yourremarketing audience. Or use a Adwordsremarketinglist to targetyourvideo ad on?
  • Besides all the possibilitiesalso have loads of data to analyse. If you have a channel, visitthis url and check out all the possibilities to analyzeyour audience.By demographics, traffic sources thatgeneratedviews on yourvideos. Details on the performance of advertising format. And one of my favorites. Analyze the attention rate on the video and seewhere people drop off. This shouldallowyou to adjust and edityourvideo to improveview rates. So loads of stuff to improve the quality of yourvideo.
  • Final 2013-su5-knewledge-you tube

    1. 1. Best Practices & Insights
    2. 2. About usGérald CLAESSENSCEOgerald@knewledge.euWouter SCHIKHOFPerformance
    3. 3. YouTube home page in figuresSource: Google Internal Data, Golden Standard CIM – Google Confidential and ProprietaryUniversum 15+ North: 5,119,800Universum 15+ South: 2,264,100Universum 15+ National: 7,383,9002.3 MillionImpressions / day1 MillionUsers / dayon the YouTube Homepagein Belgium14%Reach of total 15+ population*
    4. 4. YouTube audienceCoverage By GenderWeeklyCoverage66%54% 46%Source: Metrixlab, research study November 2011 – Google Confidential and Proprietary :2000 Interviews T 15-5482%68%64%57%15-24 25-34 35-44 45-54
    5. 5. YouTube reach vs. TV in the NorthWeeklyreach(%)Weekly ReachT 15-54Google Confidential and PropietarySource : Metrixlab, research study November 2011 – 2000 Interviews T 15-54
    6. 6. YouTube reach vs. TV in the South81%73%65%58%54%42% 40%26% 25%17%Weeklyreach(%)Weekly ReachT 15-54Google Confidential and PropietarySource : Metrixlab, research study November 2011 – 2000 Interviews T 15-54
    7. 7. YouTube – Where do I advertise?Home page Search Page Watch PageStrategy Buying modelBrandingRatecard only Ratecard or Adwords(CPM vs. Cost per View)Ratecard or Adwords(CPM vs. Cost per view)Brand AwarenessConversionToday, we focus on auction based buying only!
    8. 8. TrueView formats – The basics1. Only real views are billed (cost per view)2. Videos need to be uploaded on YouTube beforehand.3. Videos can redirect to:1. Your YouTube Channel2. Another webpage (through a click on the video or a call to action in a text box which can beadded)4. Trueview advertising is broadcast on:– Result pages of YouTube,– Placements / Pages of the Google Display Network,– Editor page outside of Google embedding YouTube videos (Facebook,…),– YouTube pages.
    9. 9. How to choose the right format?Ask your customer 3 questions1. What is the campaign goal?– Pure Branding– Launch a new Product / Brand…– Announce an event..– Buzz…engagement2. Where do the ads need to appear?3. What does your customer want the user to do after viewingthe video– Visit a webpage,– Sign up for the channel,– Share the video,– Convert / Buy…..
    10. 10. TrueView formats vs. campaign goalsTrueView formatsInStream InDisplay InSearchStrategy campaign goalBranding Max. impressionsMax. reach ( )BrandAwarenessDrive NB of viewDrive traffic ( )Conversion Influence to driveconversion
    11. 11. TrueView formats – InStream
    12. 12. TrueView formats – InStreamVideo (skippable preroll):• Targeting on topics, interestcategories and demographics• Options• keywords targeting• Banner (300 x250)• Banner (300x60)• Click redirects to the page onwhich the video is hostedRecommended:• Add Call 2 action (text formats)
    13. 13. TrueView formats – InStream1. Costs vs. Reach-> High NB of views-> Low cost (avg. CPV)2. Cost per View-> Pay entire views!(spot< 30 sec),-> Pay after 30 sec!(spot > 30 sec)3. CTR on the video OK, on avg: 1,8%1. Video almost never entirelyviewed (skip option),2. Requires an early call toaction!3. Imposed format ->requires frequency capping4. Requires large budgets!
    14. 14. TrueView formats – InDisplay
    15. 15. TrueView formats – InDisplayVideo (thumbnail) + adtext:• Topic or interest based targeting• Redirects:• YouTube Channel,• Watch Page or• Page on the Display networkBilling (CPV):• The ad is being billed once the userclicks on the ad to start the video.Recommended:• Add Call 2 action (text format)
    16. 16. TrueView formats - InDisplay1. Lots of impressions atlow cost . The equivalentCPM very low,2. Video is not forced on theuser,3. Videoad can also be shownoutside of YouTube(GDN) .1. Weak view ratecomparable to CTR onDisplay,2. Results into low Nb ofviews3. Relatively high CPV !
    17. 17. TrueView formats - InSearch
    18. 18. TrueView formats - InSearchVideo + adtext:• Keyword targeting• Click redirects to the page onwhich the video is hosted• Optional• Banner (640 x90)• Banner (300x70)Billing (CPV)• The ad is being billed once theusers starts to view the ad.Recommended:• Add Call 2 action (text formats)
    19. 19. TrueView formats - InSearch1. Relevance of the ad,2. Video is not forced onthe user,3. High volume ofimpressions ongeneric queries.1. Low volume onspecific queries ->low Nb of views2. Weak view rate dueto organic results3. YouTube only!
    20. 20. Is it really?To Skip or Not to Skip……
    21. 21. Average view rate per formatAverage view rate for videos – all lengthsAverage view rate for videos – shorter than 30 secThe majority ofusers skips onaverage at 7,5seconds
    22. 22. Average view rate per formatAverage view rate for videos – 30 secs till 1 min.Average view rate for videos – longer than 1 min.InStream &InDisplay:User skips thevideo early althoughhe has chosen towatch!
    23. 23. Price vs. Video lengthComparison of the CPM and video lengthComparison of the CPV and video length
    24. 24. Conclusions1. In general video ads are barely watched for 100%,2. Videos < 30 sec have a high skip rate  On average skip: 7,5 sec,3. The skip rate improves with the length of the video (especially forInStream),4. Forced format  inStream higher skip rate:– InDisplay and inSearch (users choose to watch) have in overall largerskip rates!5. Best performing format cost vs. skip rate  InStream6. Average CPM is similar or maybe a bit cheaper compared toother sites or ratecard offering video ads on CPM basis
    25. 25. By W. Edwards Deming“In God we trust, allothers bring data.”
    26. 26. YouTube AnalyticsLink Adwords to YouTube -> it opens a world of possibilities:• Remarketing – Multiple Scenarios such as:• Retarget people that have viewed your video ad with a Display campaign,• Use Adwords remarketing lists to target your video ad on• More data:• Number of unique viewers of a video• Reach per Frequency -> how many users have exposed the video x times,• Impressions of video -> How many time a one single user been proposed towatch the video,• Follow-On Views: how many videos have been watched because of your ad?• Follow-On Subscribers: how many of your viewers subscribed to yourchannel?• ….
    27. 27. YouTube  gather and analyze your video data
    28. 28. Follow us on Twitter @knewledgeThank You!