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Netapp Storage


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Data is being generated at rates never before encountered. The explosion of data threatens to consume all of our IT resources: People, budget, power, cooling and data center floor space. Are your systems coping with your data now? Will they continue to deliver as the stress on data centers increases and IT budgets dwindle?
Imagine if you could be ahead of the data explosion by being proactive about your storage instead of reactive. Now you can be, with NetApp's approach to the designs and deployment of storage systems. With it, you can take advantage of NetApp's latest storage enhancements and take control of your storage. This will allow you to focus on gathering more insights from your data and deliver more value to your business.

NetApp's most advanced storage solutions are NetApp Virtualization & scale out. By taking control of your existing storage platform with either solution, you get:
• Immortal Storage system
• Infinite scalability
• Best possible ROI from existing environment

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Netapp Storage

  1. 1. NetApp Unified Storage PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  2. 2. Why Storage? • Data availability. • Increase in server performance. • Storing Multiple application in single platform. • Data security. PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  3. 3. About NetApp?  It’s a large, publicly held company, with over $4 billion in revenue and over 11000 employees worldwide.  offers a broad portfolio of solutions to help you store, maintain, protect and serve data now and into the future.  offices around the world, and an ecosystem of world-class partners around the globe to support your product, services, and support needs. PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  4. 4. What NetApp Brings into table?  Unified Architecture with SAN & NAS access from the same Pair of Controllers from DAY ONE.  Single Operating Environment & Single Management GUI (Systems Manager) for all NetApp Storage Arrays.  Scale up & Scale out from DAY ONE.  Block Based De-Duplication & File De-Duplication from DAY ONE, form the same pair of Controllers.  Built in Snapshot, RAID DP (Dual Drive Failure Protection), Primary De-Duplication, Thin Provisioning, Compression.  Sync, Async storage based replication from the same software.  Virtualize third party storage arrays, using the same NetApp controllers & enjoy the software & storage efficiency benefits.  Non-Disruptive Upgrade Operations to higher Controllers. PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  5. 5. Typical Approach: Multiple Product Lines iSCSI Fibre Channel Departmental NAS Enterprise SAN Departmental SAN Enterprise NAS LANEthernet Cost  Complexity  Access IP FCP PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  6. 6. What Does NetApp Enable? NAS (File) SAN (Block) Departmental NAS Enterprise SAN Departmental SAN Enterprise NAS LAN Fibre Channel Ethernet iSCSI Integrated  Simple  Flexible FCoE PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  7. 7. Benefits of NetApp’s Unified Approach NetApp® High-End SAN Low/Midrange SAN NAS Disaster Recovery Archive & Compliance Backup Virtualization Industry Approach FAS & V Series Data ONTAP ® Different hardware Different software Different people Different processes Same hardware Same software Same people Same processes Flexibility Efficiency Agility Value PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  8. 8. NetApp Promise: True Unified Infrastructure Scalable Family of Unified Storage Devices Data ONTAP across all systems RAID-DP FlexVol End to end Deduplication SnapShot ‘Smart’ copies SnapLock Compliance …… SnapMirror & SnapVault MetroClusterUnified Availability, Provisioning and Data Protection Processes SnapManager Application Integration True Unified Application Integration Unified Primary Secondary Backup Compliance HA & DR SAN: FCP/FCoE iSCSI NAS: CIFS/NFS High-end FC Midrange FC Midrange SAS Low-end SATA Virtualization Unified Policy Based Data Management PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  9. 9. NetApp Unified Storage Portfolio The Industry’s Best Storage Platform for Future-Ready IT 1,440 Drives 6TB Flash Cache 1,440 Drives 16TB Flash Cache 600 Drives 1TB Flash Cache 1,200 Drives 3TB Flash Cache 960 Drives 2TB Flash Cache 240 Drives FAS3210 FAS6240 FAS6280 FAS3240 FAS6210 FAS3270 V3210 V6240 V3240 V6210 V3270  Truly unified  Most efficient  Extremely flexible & scalable  Unified Storage Architecture  FC-SAN, iSCSI, FCoE, NAS  Scalable Performance and Capacity  Multi-vendor array support (V-Series)  Data ONTAP® single interface across all  Data-in-place upgrades supported Performance Capacity FAS2240 FAS2040 144 Drives 136 Drives V6280 PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  10. 10. Innovating to Deliver New Choices NetApp Engineering Goaled on Storage Efficiency Technologies With a roadmap for even more efficiency features over time RAID-DP® SnapVault® Thin Provisioning Deduplication Virtual Cloning Snapshot™ Cost/GB 1992 2010 Native FCoE Support Compression PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  11. 11. NetApp Technology Feature Benefits NetApp Feature Improve Service Levels Improve Efficiency Snapshot Rapid data recovery Uses a fraction of the space required by a full copy SnapMirror Increased availability Network bandwidth efficiency Flash Cache Improved performance SnapManager (for Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, Oracle, SAP, Virtual Infrastructure) High application availability Leverages Snapshot technology for efficient, consistent copies of data MetroCluster Improved system availability FlexClone Instantaneous copies available for Read/Write Able to create space efficient copies for Test, MIS, DWH etc. Data De-duplication & Compression Reduces amount of storage V-Series Unified Open Controller Supports storage from multiple vendors, extending NetApp efficiency Data Motion Able to move data for VM migrations faster Reduces downtime and improves flexibility MultiStore & FlexShare Provides secure multi-tenancy with QoS Transforms a physical storage system into multiple, logical storage systems PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  12. 12. Gartner Magic Quadrants Source: Gartner, Inc. Nov 2011 Magic Quadrant for Midrange and High-end Modular Disk Arrays Source: Gartner, Inc. March 2011 Magic Quadrant for Midrange and High-End NAS Solutions PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  13. 13. NetApp Industry References across India Energy GovernmentFinancial Tech TelcoMedia/InternetHealthcare Manufacturing Military Intelligence PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  14. 14. Technical Alliances Speed Deployment • Industry-leading Interoperability • Tested integrations – Open APIs – Saves deployment time PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  15. 15. NetApp Storage Efficiency Overview
  16. 16. Executive Summary  Managing Data Growth and Cost containment remains top-of-mind for IT executives in 2012-2013  Storage systems now represent largest expected IT expense  Only NetApp provides an industry-leading suite of storage efficiency capabilities that deliver savings across the data center  Savings include system acquisition, power, cooling, footprint and management costs  NetApp enables reclamation of storage capacity from your existing systems, regardless of vendor PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  17. 17. Agenda  Challenges and Opportunities  The NetApp Advantage  Driving Efficiency: – How We Do It:Toolkit – How We Deploy It – How We Measure It  Bottom-Line Impact  Getting Started
  18. 18. Efficiency Remains a Theme for CIOs "We're always working on efficiency and effectiveness and bringing new capabilities," says Avid Modjtabai, CIO at San Francisco-based Wells Fargo & Co., which merged with Wachovia Corp. just 11 months ago. "The economic downturn made more of a compelling case to accelerate those initiatives.“ Hedberg says HCSC was forced to "reduce the IT budget by substantial millions without sacrificing any quality of service delivery." His solution was to create teams within IT and set them loose to find ways to optimize costs and services.” "What we've seen is that there are a lot of optimization opportunities out there that can lead to innovation," [Hedberg] adds. "Part of optimizing what you have in place is removing complexity. It creates opportunities to make things easier for customers and staff." PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  19. 19. 2000 % of Total 2006 % of Total Growth Volume Servers 8.0 56.7% 20.9 67.9% 161% Data Storage Devices 1.1 7.8% 3.2 10.4% 191% Network Equipment 1.4 9.9% 3.0 9.7% 114% Midrange Servers 2.5 17.7% 2.2 7.1% -12% High-End Servers 1.1 7.8% 1.5 4.9% 36% Total 14.1 100% 30.8 100% 118% Data Center Power Consumption (Billion kWh) Storage Growth = Power Consumption  Significant energy used by data centers in U.S. (1.5% of total electricity consumption)  Under current efficiency trends, consumption could double in five years  Data storage represents the second highest and fastest growing power consumer Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency “Report to Congress on Server and Data Center Energy Efficiency” – Figure 2.2 PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  20. 20. Understanding Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)  Created by the Green Grid (~2 years ago)  Promoted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  Quickly becoming the standard metric for green IT  Average PUE = 2.0 ( closer to 1 the better) PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  21. 21. Achieve Your Storage Efficiency Goals  Obtain 50% lower capacity requirements without sacrificing performance or resiliency  Achieve 100% or greater utilization  Obtain 50% or greater reduction in power, cooling, and space requirements  Manage twice as much data without increasing personnel  Maximize the value of existing storage systems PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  22. 22. The NetApp Advantage PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  23. 23. 180TB 60 Drives 4,320TB 1,440 Drives 6TB Flash Cache 4,320TB 1,440 Drives 16TB Flash Cache 1,800TB 600 Drives 1TB Flash Cache 3,600TB 1,200 Drives 3TB Flash Cache 2,880TB 960 Drives 2TB Flash Cache 720TB 240 Drives Industry’s Best Storage Platform for Future-Ready IT  Truly unified  Most efficient  Extremely flexible FAS/V3210 FAS/V6240 FAS/V6280 FAS/V3240 FAS/V6210 FAS/V3270 FAS2220 Unified Storage Architecture 432TB 144 Drives FAS2240 FAS2240 PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  24. 24. HDD (ABC) Cont - A1 S O F T W A R E Cont - A2 FAS - 2240 HDD (ABC) Cont - B1 S O F T W A R E Cont - B2 FAS - 3240 PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  25. 25. HDD (ABC) Cont - A1 S O F T W A R E Cont - A2 FAS - 2240 HDD (ABC) Cont - B1 S O F T W A R E Cont - B2 FAS - 3240 R E P L I C A T I O N PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  26. 26. HDD Cont - 1 Cont - 2 S O F T W A R E Cont - 1 Cont - 2 HDD Cont - 1 S O F T W A R E Cont - 2 Cont - 3 Cont - 4 Cont - 5 Cont - 6 PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  27. 27. V-Series Open Storage Controllers V6200 and V3200 Models Supporting Disk Arrays from Major Storage Vendors V-Series builds on your current storage investment to satisfy unmet needs V6280 4,320TBV6240 4,320TBV6210 3,600TB V3270 2,880TBV3240 1,800TBV3210 720TB PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  28. 28. Industry-Leading Systems Portfolio: Truly Unified Protocols Broad System Portfolio Flash Cache SSD FlexCache® Cost/Performance Unified Management Same tools and processes: learn once, run everywhere Integrated data management Integrated data protection One Architecture for Many Workloads FC FCoE iSCSI NFS CIFS PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  29. 29. Compounding Effect of Storage Efficiency Unchecked Data Growth Storage Costs Capacity Requirements The Effect of NetApp® Storage Efficiency Snapshot™ Technology SATA Drives / PAMII RAID-DP® Thin Provisioning Virtual Copies Thin Replication Deduplication PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  30. 30. Toolkit: Storage Efficiency Requires Both Hardware and Software Approaches Storage Hardware  Delivers increased storage density and better software performance to maximize capacity utilization Storage Software  Delivers storage virtualization, data reduction, and data protection that minimize data capacity, footprint, and management needs Native Capabilities  100% organic suite of capabilities, many of which come as a standard part of every NetApp® system without extra license costs PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  31. 31. Architected to Work in Demanding Heterogeneous Environments iSCSI Fibre Channel SAN DepartmentalEnterprise NAS Enterprise Departmental Disk RAID Group Aggregate FCoE NFS, CIFS LAN Vo l Controller virtualizes and pools heterogeneous storage Multiprotocol controller consolidates NAS and SAN storage  CIFS, NFS  iSCSI, FCP Single, simple management interface for heterogeneous storage Scale out  Performance  Capacity NetApp® Systems PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  32. 32. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 FC Baseline FC + PAM II For more information, visit SPEC® and SPECsfs2008® are trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. Toolkit: Hardware Efficiency Reduce CapEx, OpEx With SATA and PAMII 224 FC drives 64TB 56 FC drives 16TB FC Baseline Configuration FC + PAM II Configuration Throughput (k-ops/sec) ResponseTime(ms) BETTER WORSE Benchmarked FAS3160 Configs SPECsfs2008 Performance  Purchase price is 50% lower for FC + PAM II compared to Fibre Channel baseline  FC + PAM II configuration yields 67% power savings and 67% space savings 75% More Capacity PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  33. 33. Toolkit: Software Efficiencies Snapshot™ Copies Point-in-time copies that write only changed blocks. Minimal performance penalty. Virtual Copies (FlexClone® ) Near-zero-space, instant “virtual” copies. Only subsequent changes in cloned data set get stored. Thin Provisioning (FlexVol® ) Create flexible volumes that appear to be a certain size but are really a much smaller pool. RAID 6 Protection (RAID-DP® ) Helps protect against double disk failure with little performance penalty. Deduplication Removes data redundancies in primary and secondary storage. Save up to 95% Save up to 46% Save up to 33% Save over 80% Save over 80% Thin Replication (SnapVault® /SnapMirror® ) Make data copies for disaster recovery and backup using a minimal amount of space. Save up to 95% PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  34. 34.  Disk Mirroring  1:1 relationship between mirrored pairs  Up to 2x performance penalty on writes  2x capacity penalty  RAID-DP®  2:x relationship between parity and data  <5% read/write penalty (best in class)  Up to 46% capacity savings! Toolkit: RAID-6 Protection (RAID-DP) PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  35. 35. Toolkit: Efficient Snapshot Copies  Snapshot copies consume minimal storage space, since only changes to the active file system are written, unlike other approaches that require at least double the storage space.  With NetApp, data is protected by Snapshot copies without the requirement to purchase excessive amounts of disk storage. NetApp® Storage System Snapshot™ Copies PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  36. 36. Toolkit: NetApp Deduplication  Removes redundant data blocks from volumes, regardless of application or protocol  Market leader: 70,000+ licenses and almost 1 EB deployed  Users often recoup 50% or more of their capacity  Only NetApp offers deduplication for primary, secondary, and archival storage tiers 35% 30% 30% 25% 10% 25% 60% 70%Vm w are H yper-V File Services SharepointEm ailArchival D ocum entArchival Source C ode Archival Audio/Video Files Deduplication Savings PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  37. 37. Toolkit: Thin Provisioning Before App 1 Allocated Allocated Allocated Used App 2 App 3 After App 1 Used Used UsedApp 3 Pooled Storage App 2 Allocated SAN or NAS Used Used  Create flexible volumes that virtually allocate storage  Unique in enabling*: Release of excess capacity back to volumes Native creation of “thin” volumes from existing capacity Automatic capacity additions  Average increase in utilization of 33% and often over 100%  Automated via Provisioning Manager *Gartner Research: “All Thin Provisioning Is Not Created Equal”, 12/2009 PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  38. 38. Toolkit: Virtual Volume Copies: FlexClone  FlexClone® creates temporary, writable, and instantaneous copies of data sets  Creates a virtual “clone” copy of the primary data set and stores only changes  Reduces application dev/test costs by as much as 80%  Helps customers avoid making an average of 14 copies of production data 6TB Database 30TB Storage 5 full copies Without FlexClone Production Storage Test & Dev Storage 6TB Database With FlexClone 8TB Storage 1 copy, 4 clones Production Storage Test & Dev Storage PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  39. 39. Toolkit: Virtual File /LUN Copies:FlexClone  Ideal for Virtual Server and Desktop Environments – Rapid server provisioning – Scaling of virtual desktops  Benefits – 100% space efficient – Dramatic cost savings – Provisioning in minutes – Easily extends virtual infrastructure  Rapid Clone Utility (RCU) – GUI-based tool that rapidly creates one to thousands of VMware® Virtual Machines – VMware vCenter plug-in – Import into VMware View Manager PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  40. 40. Toolkit: Thin Replication  SnapMirror and SnapVault simplify disk-based disaster recovery and backup  Can reduce storage at replication target by up to 90%  Can cut backup windows by up to 90%  Enables virtual restores of full, point-in-time data at granular levels that others cannot provide  Deduplication of the primary data offers further space reductions “Thin” Transfers Secondary System Primary Systems SnapVault® Stored Copies SnapMirror® Stored Copy PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  41. 41. Deploying and Measuring Efficiency Deployment  Reclaim capacity and increase utilization of gear on the floor  Applicable to SAN and NAS implementations Measurement  Assess and profile potential gains  Monitor and tune real-time gains with NetApp core management tools  Measure accomplished gains in self-service reports PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  42. 42. Deployment: Your Current Footprint NetApp® V-Series Open Storage Controllers  Use with existing SAN storage – EMC, HP, HDS, Sun, etc.  Reduce costs with NetApp storage efficiency features – FlexVol® thin provisioning – Thin replication – Snapshot TM copies – FlexClone® virtual copies – Deduplication  Flexibility to simultaneously handle block-based data and provide file services iSCSIFibre Channel NetApp V-Series DepartmentEnterprise SAN Enterprise NAS Department Dedicated Ethernet Existing SAN Storage LAN PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  43. 43. Deployment: Efficiency For Any Protocol Disk Drive Data ONTAP® Logical View RAID Group Aggregate FlexVol LUN  NetApp® LUNs are data objects with block disk attributes, created within FlexVol® volumes.  All NetApp storage- efficiency features apply equally in SAN and NAS environments.  With NetApp’s unified architecture, a single system can provide SAN and NAS capabilities, and easily be reconfigured for changing business needs. SATA RAID-DP Thin Provisioning Thin Replication Snapshot Copies Virtual Copies Deduplication Abstraction Layer Efficiency Feature PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  44. 44. Deployment: Make Your Current Footprint Storage Efficient NetApp® V-Series Open Storage Controllers  Use with existing SAN storage  Reduce costs with NetApp storage efficiency features  Flexibility to simultaneously handle block-based data and provide file services iSCSIFibre Channel NetApp V-Series DepartmentEnterprise SAN Enterprise NAS Department Dedicated Ethernet Existing SAN Storage LAN Thin provisioning Thin replication Snapshot TM FlexClone® Deduplication PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  45. 45. Measurement: Setting a Baseline  SANscreen® detailed view into several key storage efficiency dashboards, including storage capacity and utilization.  SANscreen also shows detailed tiering strategies as well as exactly which application and depts are using each tier of storage. PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  46. 46. Measurement: Manage and Automate Provisioning Manager  Active storage efficiency management – Deeper insight into space-savings policies  Space breakout and reports showing savings achieved  Best-practice configurations for SAN and NAS environments PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  47. 47. Measurement: Report and Benchmark  My AutoSupport: Web tool used to evaluate system metrics using system data  Storage efficiency section shows cost and capacity savings PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  48. 48. Bottom Line Impact PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  49. 49. Achieve Your Storage Efficiency Goals Partner With Us To Achieve:  Obtain 50% lower capacity requirements without sacrificing performance or resiliency  Achieve 100% or greater utilization  Obtain 50% or greater reduction in power, cooling, and space requirements  Manage twice as much data without increasing personnel  Maximize the value of existing storage systems PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  50. 50. Storage Efficiency Creates TCO Savings for Key Applications Application Environments  39% lower TCO for Oracle®  55% lower TCO for SAP®  30% lower TCO for Exchange  38% lower TCO for VMware®  44% lower TCO for file services  35% lower TCO for archive Source: Oliver Wyman and Forrester TCO studies, 2006-2008 PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  51. 51. NetApp Uses 50% Less Power, Cooling, and Space Half the Power Half the Cooling Load Heat (BTU/Hr)/Usable TB 51% NetApp Competition Possible range based on environment-specific factors/typical environments. NetApp® Competition Power (VA)/Usable TB 52% Source: Oliver Wyman Study: “Making Green IT a Reality.” November 2007 Competitors: EMC Clariion and HP EVA. 300 200 100 0 900 600 300 0 Half the Space NetApp Competition Total rack units /10TB 53% 20 10 5 0 15 PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  52. 52. Virtualization Guarantee* Program  50% less with NetApp® systems  35% less on your existing systems  Implement our standard best practices  Use our industry-leading features – Thin provisioning – Deduplication – RAID-DP® (not required for V-Series) – NetApp Snapshot™ copies  Use NetApp V-Series for your existing systems  Have us help you install  If you don’t use less storage, get the capacity shortfall at no additional charge *For terms and conditions, go to 50 “During the research phase of your next storage purchasing cycle, ask each vendor if it offers a capacity savings or utilization guarantee.” Gartner Inc. Nov. 2008 April Adams Capacity Savings and Storage Utilization Guarantees: What's Included, and Are They Worth Considering? How to Participate Use NetApp for your virtual environments, and we guarantee* you will use less storage PRIME INFOSERV LLP
  53. 53. Reach us @ +91 9830017040, +91 91637 00997, PRIME INFOSERV LLP