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Doc byyou

Innovative ideas for Architecture Hackathon, ARCHON powered by TechSharp - t# conducted across Bangalore, Pune and Russia - Prashanth B Panduranga

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Doc byyou

  1. 1. 24 X 7 extended care DocByYou Doctor care reconsidered TechSharp
  2. 2. DocByYou is an innovative Healthcare provider. They work on sensor devices, catered for the elderly. There have been devices, which by push of a button, elderly can send alerts and notifications to emergency services. Although, very useful, it requires manual intervention and when an elderly person falls, they should be able to locate the device and press the button. DocByYou has created a device which is built to be attached to say a belt, watch or similar stuff, which the elderly has it on, all the time. It is a highly sensitive fall detector, which not only detects the fall, but also notifies the emergency services. DocByYou has another device, which are pressure sensors. The device is like a second skin, and is worn as a knee cap and it identifies the pressure level. It identifies, if the elderly is walking, climbing the stairs etc. and the pressure level on the knee. It constantly sends data to DocByYou. The architecture needs to accommodate sending the data, storing the data and analyzing the same. Providing a technology stack and algorithm for sensors will fetch additional points. Many organizations are coming up with intelligent solutions to healthcare,such as mobile size ultrasound device, Glucose monitor, bio-degradable medicine with sensors, drug-to-drug interactions and other sensor devices. DocByYou wants to create a standard protocol, which any of the above companies can share their data with. DocByYou wants to provide recommendation to patients, to do so patient records are absolutely needed. For regular patients, doctors maintain their health records. Any allergies etc., given can be prevented by using the same and the right diagnosis can be determined using their historical data. The Device helps with patient’s activity, and fall detection. DocByYou intends to aggregate the data obtained by any of the devices mentioned above. This is the most challenging part. The idea is to enable any doctor, all relevant information, relating to the patient and from any device mentioned above to be used by any device (Cross channel) The recommendation is the next big challenge. DocByYou believes that provided all the historical data is available and the current data is present, recommendations can be made. DocByYou also has gathered a wiki of data and also wants to integrate various knowledge bases on diagnosis. However automating the recommendations is risky. DocByYou wants to crowd source the availability of doctors. Patients are most comfortable with the doctors they know, however when there is an emergency having any doctor available at that time is the most important thing. While aggregating the data DocByYou follows open standards such as OpenEMR(Electronic Medical Records), OpenEDC (Electronic Data Capture). Users who will use this service by DocByYou will provide their basic information and create an account. DocByYou will collect all the information available regarding the user and store it. It would include user devices etc. DocByYou will connect the device data, it will gather all the information and also match the diagnosis patterns. For Example: if somebody has fever and has an allergy for x, then medicine A, medicine B is not recommended. DocByYou works in various different countries. The data regulations are very rigid on health care. And the data cannot be shared across. Although DocByYou wants to store the data on the cloud, this data has to be retained in the same geographic location. Challenge is to provide a solution to the above.
  3. 3. 1. Create a website, which works cross channel. 2. Create a data base which holds all data. Note: Most of the data is unstructured. 3. Create an integration architecture which enables integration with various different partners, companies, etc. spreading awareness usually works best via Social media. So integration with social media is very important. 4. Sensor data communication, and constraints. Additions: Use of disruptive technology: How do we size it? Methodology to use and reasons for the same What are the steps to be taken for Project architectural governance, monitoring? Define Application performance benchmarks