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My stylemyway

Innovative ideas for Architecture Hackathon, ARCHON powered by TechSharp - t# conducted across Bangalore, Pune and Russia - Prashanth B Panduranga

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My stylemyway

  1. 1. Where everybody is a fashion designer mySTYLEmyWAY Personalised Fashion industry TechSharp
  2. 2. mySTYLEmyWAY is a newest online entry into the world of fashion. They already have retail stores all over the world. mySTYLEmyWAY has created multiple data bases of dresses, shoes, hats, accessories and everything related to fashion. The data is extensive, it contains information such as different types of fabric, different types of style, different types of leather, each of the components of the dresses, shoes broken down in to the components, such as soles of shoes, patterns of shoes, patterns of dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, Shirts, T-Shirts, gown, robe, frock, vest, sari, hats, zip, tie etc. The idea is to let users choose amongst the various style available or create new styles/patterns and place an order to be built. Users can also submit hand drawn design photograph’s, or send in photos of design something they have seen etc. mySTYLEmyWAY has started gathering lot of data on what material works for what style and what doesn’t. There are also lot of data with respect to recommendations. When the user chooses a combination of material and style ,which can never be knit together, the application will indicate that the combination is not be possible, however these rules/intelligence can be overridden by the customer. They can send photos where the combination has been used together and mySTYLEmyWAY will correct itself. All of these processes cannot be done manually, and has to be completely automated. mySTYLEmyWAY will reach out to various makers to ensure that the chosen combination is manufactured to the customers content. Creating an initial design is the first part of the user journey, within hours (max 48 hours ) of time , mySTYLEmyWAY will produce a realistic virtual product analyzing the feasibility of the product etc and make that available for the user to try on. mySTYLEmyWAY intends to use Augmented Reality for the same. Example: if the product is a ring, then User can hold the hand in front of the mobile camera and the product will be super imposed on the finger. The overall effect is to see how the ring designed fits and looks on the hand. If the product was a shoe it would be similar, the user can point the mobile device towards the leg and the product would superimpose the shoes/sandals on to the leg. Alternatively, the user can go to a nearby mySTYLEmyWAY store. They want to develop a mirror with the augemented reality built in. User can select his design on the mirror and thus would be able to view his design in full length superimposed on to his body structure. Any deviation in sizes or fit can be adjusted on to the design and the order to be designed can be placed from any device. They intend to use 3D printing for lot of these features. Their biggest architectural challenge from mySTYLEmyWay’s perspective is the data. With any style, any pattern and any design in scope the volume of data is looking to be close to peta bytes. Not only the sheer volume of static data but processing through the data and adding intelligence to match the product, analyze feasibility of data etc. Being a company which is starting to capture the fashion market fresh, customer is the highest priority. And hence business continuity, customer care and support etc are also very important. Users take pride in their design, to get the dress, belt, glares, shoe, anything they design,they tweet, post it in facebook, pin it etc etc. This needs to be made easy and thus encouraged. Designing something takes time, the application should be capable of versioning the design. The designers would like to share their design to get comments suggestions, likes and more. They are also collaborating with 100’s of companies which can manufacture the products based on the product. They would like to create a service layer which would be make the integration easy. They would like the services/API to be quite flexible so that it could be used across multiple use cases. Information passed between the partners need to have a single source of truth.
  3. 3. mySTYLEmyWAY wants to implements the following features Desktop/Tablet Mobile Channels B2B Preview Social Media Integration Video 360 Degree Rotation Browsing Wish List Recommendations Internationalizatio n Customer Reviews Personalization Zoom Drop Ship Shipping Note Fulfilment Returns Pick & Ship Management Other Payment Services PayPal Payment Types Voucher Fraud Check Card Payment Service Conversion Analytics Shopping Analytics Marketing Analytics BI Reporting Analysis & Reporting Site & Content Analytics Feedback Goodwill Customer Support Order Maintenance Customer Management Order Capture Mirror/Other Figure 1: Features to be implemented Solution needs to incorporate all the above features. Additions: Use of disruptive technology: How do we size it? Methodology to use and reasons for the same What are the steps to be taken for Project architectural governance, monitoring? Define Application performance benchmarks !