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Pizza Corner

  1. 1. Group C2 DIL KA CORNERRam Kumar Venkatesh (PGP/16/159)Prabhu P (PGP/16/155)Irshad Anwar (PGP/16/149)Anand Ganesh Patil (PGP/16/128)Shyam Prasath B (PGP/16/171)Arkaprabha Debnath (PGP/16/133)Mohamed Anas (PGP/16/150)
  2. 2. HISTORY OF PIZZA CORNER First Pizza corner center opened in Chennai, 1996 by Fred Mouawad In 2004, a brand of Global Franchise Architects head quartered at Geneva Operates as dine-in restaurants, delivery outlets, express kiosks, express dine-ins All Pizza Corner restaurants are designed by Itorama & built by Interbuild Solutions Pizza Corner does not serve pork & beef Operates over 100 outlets in 5 countries India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar & China with 57 outlets in India Pizza Corner India Pvt Ltd is the franchise owner of Pizza Corner in the country MISSION PROVIDE WHOLESOME FOOD WITH THE VARIOUS DELICACIES,BELIEVE IN CREATING THE “WOW” EXPERIENCE IN EVERY GUEST BY SERVING AN INNOVATIVE RANGE OF DELICIOUS, HIGH QUALITY, MOUTH WATERING PIZZAS IN A FUN, FRIENDLY, AND COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT QUALITY POLICY To continuously improve ourselves, our TAG LINE standards & put our heart into what we BETTER PIZZA THROUGH do so we can improve the customer QUALITY & INNOVATION experience at any store worldwide
  3. 3. TYPES OF FOOD SERVICESAPPETIZERS Classic range of authentic Italian pizzas1.Garlic Bread for the pizza connoisseur in all of us!2.Cheese Garlic Bread Specialty pizzas designed for those3.Veg Fingers who want something a little different,4.Potato wedges a little spicy and full of flavour5.Hot Wings6.Chicken fingers SALADS Reminds you of what you have beenSANDWIZZA 1.Farm Fresh missing with a delightful feast of lost1.Garden Veggie 2.Hawaiin Veg culinary tastes2.Paneer Tikka 3.Smoked Grilled Chicken3.Chicken Tikka Fresh & delightful toppings, 100% pure4.Meaty Feast DESSERTS Mozzarella cheese and a crust that is crunchy on the outside & soft on the 1.Choco Nut Brownie inside 2.Molten Lava Cake PASTAS BEVERAGES 1.Zesty Mushroom & Tomato Pasta CONIZZA 1.Coca-Cola/Sprite/Fanta 2.Corn & Spinach 1.BBQ Cottage Cheese 2.Lemonade 3.Baked Chicken n Cheese 2.Garden Fresh 3.Mint Mojito 3.Popoye ConizzaTYPES OF FOOD VARIETIES 1. Vegetarian 2. Non-Vegetarian 4.Spicy Veggie
  4. 4. PIZZA CORNER OPERATING CENTRES IN KOZHIKODE KOZHIKODE: • 3rd largest city • 2nd largest urban • 2 Centers KOZHIKODE
  5. 5. Organizational Structure Area Coach Area Coach Store Manager Store Manager Assistant Store Assistant Store Manager Manager Shift Manager -1 Shift Manager - 1 Team Members -4 Team Members - 6KunnamangalamBranch Focus Mall Branch The Kunnamangalam outlet has 4 team members and 1 Shift ManagerFormal Training: On Job training:Trainings are given for New Joinees Learning during live work
  6. 6. STAKEHOLDERS OF PIZZA CORNER Employees • Satisfaction • Pay EMPLOYEES Customers • Quality service OWNERS & STOCK CUSTOMERS • Value HOLDERS Creditors • Creditworthiness Management • EfficiencySUPPLIERS PIZZA CREDITORS • Effectiveness CORNER Government • Obedience to Laws • Fair Competition Worker pay • Benefits COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT Community • CSR GOVERNMENT Suppliers • Revenue from purchases Owners & Stockholders • Financial returns
  7. 7. PROCESS FLOW FOR PIZZA 0 min Saucing ApplyReceive the Slapping Cheese & (applying ofcall/order& (Prepare the Toppings magni billing pizza base) Orders sauce) 180 secs passed to 30 secs 30 secs 150 secs kitchen 470°F Cutting Shining Heating in Boxing (Veg & Non- (Apply Micro Oven Veg) Butter) 10 secs 10 secs 330 secs10 secs 20 regular pizzas 12 medium pizzas Delivery 6 large pizzas Bags 20 secs
  8. 8. PROCESS FLOW FOR CONIZZA 0 min Saucing Receive the Slapping Grilling the (applying of call/order& (Prepare the Pizza Dough magni billing pizza base) halves sauce) Orders 180 secs passed to 30 secs 30 secs kitchen 30 secs 470°F Shining Apply Cutting Heating in (Apply Cheese & (Veg & Non- Micro Oven Butter) Toppings Veg) 10 secs 330 secs 150 secs10 secs 20 regular pizzas 12 medium pizzas 6 large pizzas Delivery Boxing Bags 10 secs 20 secs
  9. 9. PROCESS FLOW FOR GARLIC BREADS Receive 0 min 470°F the Retrieval of Half Boxing Deliverycall/order Raw breads Baking Bags & billing Orders Process180 secs passed 30 secs 175 secs 10 secs 20 secs to kitchen S.No Performance Pizzas Conizzas Garlic Breads Total Measure 1 Cycle Time 180 sec 180 sec 180 sec NA 2 Flow Time 770 sec 800 sec 415 sec NA 3 Throughput 20 pizzas/hr 20 conizzas/hr 20 breads/hr 20 Items/hr 4 Daily No. of 30 5 10 45 orders received 5 Capacity 15% 2.5% 5% 22.5% Utilization( 10 hrs)
  10. 10. Resource Utilization Measures Reception Kitchen Oven (Order receiving/Billing) ChefNo of Pizzas/day 30 30 30Time taken for 1 pizza (in sec) 180 130 55No. of conizza/day 5 5 5Time taken for 1 conizza (in sec) 180 145 55No of Garlic bread/day 10 10 10Time taken for 1 garlic bread (in sec) 180 30 27.5Time Utilized (in sec) 8100 4925 2200Total Time available/day (in sec) 36000 36000 36000Utilization rate 22.5% 13.68% 6.11%
  11. 11. Supply Chain & Inventory Management Operating TimeVegetables 11 A.M. – 11 P.M. Prior OperationsProcured daily from the market  Prepare Making Table• 3 kilograms of tomato Preparation Time  Preparation of Boxes• 3 kilograms of onion 10 A.M. – 11 A.M.  Sanitation of delivery bags• 2 kilograms of Capsicum Daily Operations• 200 gms of butter Sales Raw materials needed for dailyDoughs  25-30 orders per day operations taken from store andProcured once in 15 days  Peak time: 6-10 P.M. kept in Walk-in-Cooler whereExpiry 24 hours the temperature is little lower.Regular: 8 boxes - 44 doughs Power Problem  Sanitation of Bags- 10 minsMedium: 10 boxes - 32 doughs • Irregular Power Supply  Chicken-12 hours expiryLarge: 6 boxes - 24 doughs • 15-20 minutes for Micro  Vegetables-12 hours expiry Oven to warm  FIFO method is followed in Chicken choosing the raw materials Procured once in 15 days from Bengaluru Specifications: Expiry time 45 days • Micro-Oven- Middle by Marshall  20 Kheema packets each of 500 gms • Potion cups are used for toppings • Thermal Bags are used for delivery
  12. 12. Quality Management Pizza Corner’s focus on quality is reflected in its tag line ‘Better pizza through quality and innovation’ Pizza corner maintains quality of products and services by exercising various quality control measures starting from storage of raw materials to delivery of services DEEP FREEZE • Doughs & Non-Veg toppings are stored in deep freeze under controlled temperature conditions • Expiry date of packages of raw materials which is usually 15 days from the date of manufacturing WALK IN COOLER • The daily needs of stock from inventory are brought in walk-in cooler • The temperature of walk-in cooler is higher than that of deep freeze (2-5°C) • The temperature chart provides guide to different temperature needs for different items
  13. 13. Quality ManagementTHAWING PROCESS• Thawing is a procedure, performed periodically on refrigerators and freezers to maintain their operating efficiency, leaving frozen food at a higher temperature prior to cooking• Doughs, Veg and Non-Veg toppings undergo thawing process when they are transferred to walk-in cooler from deep freeze MAKE LINE • Once doughs and toppings are taken out from deep freeze, they expire in 12 hours • The manager puts expiry time and date for each topping on the making line SANITATION • Delivery bags are properly sanitised during the preparation period for 10-15 minutes every day
  14. 14. Service, Delivery @ PIZZA CORNER Offers & new products at competitive prizes give customers a great value for their money Guest Care Centre (GCC) and Commissaries are state of the art, facilitating adherence to International standards & service DELIVERY POLICY Pizza Corner operates own For NIT Calicut the call centres with a single At Kunnamangalam, the minimum order is ₹400 & delivery number in each free delivery radius is 4kms no minimum requirements city from the outlet for IIMK students My Pizza  ‘My Pizza’ provides Pizza’s for just ₹38  Appreciated by all consumers  Affordable
  15. 15. Service, Delivery @ PIZZA CORNER • Through INTERNET • Only available at select centers • Through PHONES • Door delivery • Call & Order • Party offers
  16. 16. Service, Delivery @ PIZZA CORNERFREE Pizzas if not delivered within 39 minutes from the time of ordering Minimum Order ₹150, Maximum liability ₹300 Valid only if the order placed falls within the delivery zones NOT valid on National Holidays NOT valid for orders exceeding 5 pizzas in a single billDelivery Guarantee applicable at the first barrier
  17. 17.  Pizza Corner Outlet at Kunnamangalam is operating asFacility based services where customer can visit the outlet, dine and enjoy the servicesField based services where any customer can call, order the food he/she wants suchthat the outlet does the door delivery Service Strategy The Customer The System People
  18. 18. Service System Design MatrixReceiving the orders through calls indicate Phone contacts with customers andFace to Face total customization with the customers who come for dine inPizza Corner at Kunnamangalam, Kozhikode operates more of a delivery outletthan a dine in restaurant
  19. 19. Pizza Corner LayoutWalk-in Slapping Making LineCooler 1 /Grilling Oven and Overhead Storage Area I Chimney Kitchen AreaWalk-inCooler 2 Shining, Cutting & Boxing Delivery Bike Parking Door Entry/ExitF Wr ai r Reception-Front Deskd eg he o u s Table Table e Fridge Table Table
  20. 20. Service Blue Print Customer arrives the Seen by Customer outlet Manager Receiving orders Billing of the orders Customer Pays for the bill Fail Orders passed to kitchen Point PIZZA delivered Boxing LINE OF VISIBILITY Slapping Process ContinuationNOT Seen by Customer but Shining & Cuttingnecessary to performance Saucing, Topping, Heating
  21. 21. Recommendations Increase Volume of Sales through Marketing• Less number of orders are acting as bottleneck here• 22.5% capacity of the store is being utilized• Increase the volume of daily sales through marketing & more promotions Expansion of Kitchen Area• Kitchen small in size• 2 chefs can work in the kitchen at a time• Expand the existing kitchen area Increase use of Technology• Advanced machinery and equipment will help Pizza Corner reduce the cycle time• Competitors use highly automated IT systems and equipment• Upgrade the existing systems to enable customers to order pizza online• Leverage these existing technologies and equipment to improve the efficiency
  22. 22. Recommendations Extra Oven for Vegetarian Food• 60% veg food items in total orders received• To maintaining purity of vegetarian food items• Operate another oven dedicated to veg food items in parallel Use of Power Generator• Frequent power outage in the area• No power back up• Overall delay in the process• Install power generator to make sure continuous functioning of the equipment• Will help to reduce the delivery time Establish Feedback Mechanism• To improve the quality of service• To understand the needs of customers and serve them better• Written feedback mechanism helps in tracking the actions taken on the feedback