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Resilience: 4 key skills - Practical ideas for school nurses (and interested others)


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Our 19th webinar focuses on four practical skills we can support and promote in children and young people in order to support them in becoming more emotionally and mentally resilient. We look at this particularly through the lens of the role of the school nurse, but these ideas could be readily adapted for use by anyone working with children and young people or who is a parent or carer.

The four key skills we consider are communication skills, problem solving skills, healthy coping skills and understanding emotions. We share practical ideas for developing each skill.

The session was developed and is led by Dr Pooky Knightsmith. You can see our full archive and access the slides to accompany this session here:

You are welcome to share and screen this session however you choose in order to help promote children and young people's wellbeing.

Published in: Education
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Resilience: 4 key skills - Practical ideas for school nurses (and interested others)

  1. 1. Resilience 4 key skills Practical ideas for school nurses Dr Pooky Knightsmith @PookyH
  2. 2. Bouncebackability
  3. 3. | @charliewtrust | @pookyh
  4. 4. Communication Skills
  5. 5. What? How?
  6. 6. Use of language Different means Best response?
  7. 7. Problem Solving Skills
  8. 8. Instant Answers Over Timetabled
  9. 9. Enable autonomy Imagine & explore Downtime
  10. 10. Healthy Coping Skills
  11. 11. Healthy Coping Skills
  12. 12. Individual Trial & Error
  13. 13. Practise when calm Expose to a range Pupils share ideas
  14. 14. Understanding Emotions
  15. 15. Healthy? Help Needed?
  16. 16. Name feelings Role model Scales / colours
  17. 17. When we get it right, we get it very right…
  18. 18. I wouldn’t change it. Not a moment. Yes, it was hard but it made me who I am – and I’m strong now; I’ve got all the tools I need.
  19. 19. @PookyH
  20. 20. Online Learning: >online learning