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Self-esteem Top Tips


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Self-esteem Top Tips

Published in: Self Improvement
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Self-esteem Top Tips

  1. 1. When you hear negative comments in your head, mentally tell yourself to STOP. The negative voice inside you will soon get quieter! Here are some quick ideas:  Write a list of all the things you like about yourself, what your strengths are, remind yourself of the things you do well, compliments others have paid you, of small goals you have achieved.  Put post it notes around your home with positive sayings like ‘I am doing OK’, ‘I am doing my best & that is good enough’.  Remember that your body is yours! , no matter what shape or size it is.  Don’t compare yourself to other people.  Don’t put yourself down.  Get into the habit of thinking and saying positive things about you to yourself.  Accept compliments.  Know your positive qualities & remember things you are good at.  Be helpful & considerate to others.  Spend time with encouragers, not discouragers (especially family &friends): There may be people who although are close to you may encourage the negative beliefs and opinions that you have about yourself. It is important to identify these people and take action to prevent them from doing this, perhaps by becoming more assertive. Try to associate with people who will not put you down and reinforce these negatives.  Work: Work can provide you with a sense of identity, friendships, routine & of course a salary! Self Esteem Top Tips
  2. 2.  Positive Activities: This could be learning a language, singing or joining a gym! Try to find activities that will not challenge you too much to begin with so you feel you have achieved something & have a chance to build your confidence.  Get Active: Physical exercise is good for mental health. It has been shown to improve people’s image of themselves and sense of wellbeing.  Get your ZZzzzz’s: If you have trouble sleeping this can have a serious impact on how you feel about everything. Negative feelings are likely to be exaggerated & you might find you are irritable & less confident.  You are what you eat!: Eating a healthy diet has a positive impact on improving your mood, & your physical & mental health.  Assertive not aggressive: Being assertive does not mean you need to be aggressive or difficult, but it will help you to set clear boundaries. It means you value yourself & others & can communicate with mutual respect.  Body Language: To behave in an assertive way you should try to keep your body language open & confident & try to express your feelings if you have been upset.  You need to learn to begin to say ‘No’ to unreasonable requests, or tell people that you need more time or support with tasks that you find challenging. Self Esteem Top Tips