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Exclusive Marketing insights from the 2008 Barack Obama Presidential Campaign


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Learn exclusive insights about how the 2008 Barack Obama Presidential Campaign used transparent Cost-per-Lead advertising to build an engaged community.

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Exclusive Marketing insights from the 2008 Barack Obama Presidential Campaign

  1. 1. Exclusive Insights from the 2008 Barack Obama Presidential Campaign 10/19/2009
  2. 2. Agenda How the Online Advertising Market is Changing How Online Advertising Strategies are Changing Exclusive Insights from the 2008 Barack Obama Presidential Campaign
  3. 3. How the Online Advertising Market is Changing
  4. 4. market dynamics Performance Advertising Growing at Expense of CPM Models Performance “It’s no secret that CPM advertising “The Internet is more and more a delivers poor returns” Performance-driven model” - Sam Parry - Imran Khan Director of Online Membership & Activism Managing Director, J.P. Morgan Environmental Defense Fund
  5. 5. growth driven by CPC/CPL But there have been Problems with Search • Increasing Cost of Keywords: Difficult to generate ROI • Lack of transparency: How do search algorithms work? • Ability to monitor ROI: Tenuous link between clicks and conversions/sales “Google is potentially stretching for dollars …it has begun displaying more ads for some keywords.” -- John Aiken Majestic Research
  6. 6. market dynamics During the last slowdown, CPC grew; this Recession CPL growing Y Y T T Y Y G G R R O O W W T T H H CPM  CPC CPC  CPL eMarketer 2000 – 2011 Search Advertising Spend IAB PWC Internet Advertising Report IMF
  7. 7. CPL is the next stage in performance marketing Advantages of CPL “CPC pricing models are a placeholder for CPL” Pay only for qualified leads - Daniel Taylor Senior Research Analyst – No wasted clicks/impressions Yankee Group – ROI 3- 8X more than search “CPL advertising allows you to invest Transparent money where you actually drive results” - Kate Johnson – 2008 breakthrough year Personal Care Consumer Relationship Marketing Manager, Kimberly-Clark – Better optimization Greater ROI measurability “The movement to CPL is huge. With CPL, we can be brand focused and – Map lead directly to deliver ROI” sale/conversion - Michael Wunsch Director of Interactive Marketing LeapFrog Interactive
  8. 8. How Online Advertising Strategies are Changing
  9. 9. branding is no longer about broadcasting
  10. 10. instead it is all about engagement Loyalty Programs Email Newsletters Direct Mail Lists Community Sites/Twitter
  11. 11. the 2009 branding campaign Three Stages ACQUIRE ENGAGE BRAND interested consumers with email in relevant ways @ 11
  12. 12. acquire interested consumers Deploy mix of high ROI CPC/CPL advertising CPL guidelines – Generate marketing leads • Basic information • Unique to your brand • Leads never resold – Ensure complete transparency – Contextual • Capture lead in relevant environments
  13. 13. acquire interested consumers Start with low hanging fruit Collect basic information – Name – Email – Zip – Increase initial response rates Collect additional information over time
  14. 14. engage with email Long life time value: 3- 7 years Returns per email address: $118 Favored by marketers – Datran Media Survey • 80.4% of executives chose e-mail as best ROI • 63.2% placed customer acquisition as most important Favored by consumers – Epsilon survey • 56% of recipients of permission-based email from retail companies said they were more likely to make purchases
  15. 15. engage with email Branding and ROI not a Darwinian relationship Rather their relationship is symbiotic Convergence of branding and ROI – Email “On the front-end CPL advertising allows us to brand with better visuals than say, CPC “Our research shows that engaging advertising. On the back-end we can consumers in a relevant way through email communicate with consumers based on is far more effective for branding than a their preferences and improve branding Run of site CPM buy.” metrics.” Michael Wunsch - Kate Johnson Director of Interactive Marketing Personal Care Consumer Relationship Marketing LeapFrog Interactive Manager, Kimberly-Clark
  16. 16. brand in a relevant way Purchase Intent Research 16
  17. 17. Exclusive Insights from the 2008 Barack Obama Presidential Campaign
  18. 18. barack obama online advertising campaign Objectives Enhance Obama brand – Hope & Change Drive guaranteed returns – Generate guaranteed number of leads – Time period – in an election, a little late is too late Increase voter registrations Increase donations Build database to engage voters Do all of the above cost-effectively
  19. 19. What the Obama Campaign did Right Lessons For Brand Marketers
  20. 20. open minded Able to spot new trends and adopt new approaches We approached all political campaigns – John McCain – Hillary Clinton – John Edwards – Barack Obama
  21. 21. acquire Used High ROI Strategy Used high ROI vehicles Bulk of investment against CPC/CPL advertising – Spent more with Pontiflex in six weeks than on in the entire year
  22. 22. acquire Used High ROI Tactics Used CPL display banners – Deployed Pontiflex AdUnit X banners • User information captured within banner • No landing page Used co-registration creative – Reputed publishers Complete transparency 160 X 600 AdUnit X Banner
  23. 23. acquire Collected Basic Fields Collected basic fields to reduce drop off
  24. 24. acquire Kept Campaign Management Simple Single point of connection – Open: no restrictions on publishers Publisher 1 • Automated mundane tasks – IOs, traffic creative, etc. – Focused resources on adding value Publisher 2 Publisher 3
  25. 25. engage with email Communicated with database through regular email updates Regular cadence of emails Looked beyond the computer – Mobile devices – Text messages – iPhone app (over 30,000 messages) Continue to engage voters even after election –
  26. 26. brand in a relevant way Used email to direct users to a variety of venues Social Donations Niche sites
  27. 27. in summary ACQUIRE ENGAGE BRAND interested with email in relevant ways consumers @ Social 27
  28. 28. About Pontiflex
  29. 29. about pontiflex About Pontiflex Industry’s first open and transparent cost-per-lead (CPL) market Progress Explosive Revenue Growth; Major Clients: Obama Campaign, Kimberly Clark, eFax, Coldwater Creek, leapfrog Interactive and many others. Employees & Offices 22 employees; Brooklyn, New York & Pune, India Executive Team Involved in online advertising since its inception; Leadership roles at Amazon, IBM and Ogilvy
  30. 30. pontiflex Open – Work with any and all qualified publishers – Import publishers for free to Pontiflex and manage campaigns from a central point of connection Transparent – See where your offers are running – Optimize campaigns by source – Front end metrics – Backend metrics (open rates, click rates, etc)
  31. 31. Pontiflex enables real-time follow-up Optimize on the basis of follow-up email clicks/conversions/sales
  32. 32. Pontiflex AdLeads Single point of connection for campaign setup, management and optimization Makes CPL advertising as easy as search engine marketing – Manage entire campaigns using intuitive drop-down menus Using Pontiflex AdLeads is simple:
  33. 33. Pontiflex AdLeads Get an account at today and start transparent CPL advertising in less than 15 minutes
  34. 34. Thank You! Please feel free to call or email me: Jeff Gottesman 718.801.8491